This Week’s Featured Watch #70 – the Date Flake

The Date Flake is one of the more obscure hand winding models – first produced in 1964 it uses the same thin movement as the better known Diamond Flake, which was the thinnest Japanese watch when it was introduced in 1962 ( . Citizen also introduced a Diamond Flake Date in 1964, so there is scope here for confusion! The key differences are that the Diamond Flake uses the 0700/0701/0702 movement with either 25 or 31 jewels, the Diamond Flake Date uses the 2700 movement with 25 jewels, and the Date Flake uses the 2710 movement with 22 jewels. The lower jewel count indicates a slightly lower grade of watch and this is also reflected in the steel movement, whereas the Diamond Flake models have gold plated movements. Original retail prices supported this with the stainless steel models selling for ¥9,000, ¥11,000 and ¥8,000 respectively.

This stainless steel example is from 1968. The silvery white dial has simple black centred hour batons and hands, very similar in design to the Chrono Master models:

The back has the model name and the older style case / model number (DAFS2901), along with a June 1968 serial number and a water proof case type code of OR-D-2:

The back is very flat, to help keep the overall thickness to a minimum. From the side the case is clearly slimline:

No applied Citizen logo on these watches, but an elegant cursive script is used:

This final shot shows the design of the hands more clearly:

The watch runs at 18,000 beats per hour and is keeping very good time. A classicly simple design, it is a compact 36mm across (excluding the crown) and is very easy to wear.

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Restorations by Brian, aka 31 Jewels, Page 1…… Part 2

I’ve now added a full report on Brian’s restoration of Mikko’s Alarm Date to the new page. Mikko has now had two watches fully sorted by Brian, so the one page features both of these. I first published the report on the Custom V2 at the end of April 2015,  so that is Part 1. Scroll down to the end of that to find Part 2 on the Alarm Date:

I must thank Mikko for writing the report and his photos, and Brian of course for his commentary to Mikko and excellent photos. I hope you find this detailed account of Brian’s work interesting – it fascinates me and I am completely impressed with the skill and care Brian applies to his work. Another of my pieces is going to him soon, and I hope it will be the subject of another of these superb reports in due course.

Please do not reproduce any of these pages elsewhere, although I am very happy for you to post links to them here if you wish :)

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Black and White Pair

Well, black and silver really :) These two Cosmotrons use the 4840 electro-mechanical movement. They are the same model, but the dials have differences – the black one from 1971 is marked ‘transistorized’ whilst the silver one from 1970 is marked ‘electronic’. And the fill colour of the Cosmotron logo is different – there is also a blue dialled version with green. The hour and minute hands are a frame design, i.e. see through centres, and the contrast of the bright orange second hand is a great highlight:

A great pair imho :)

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Latest Addition to the Speedy Restoration Page

Another Speedy (67-9313) is now added to the restoration page :)  This is is a white dialled version…..

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New Restorations Page Updated

Following publication of Brian’s restoration of Mikko’s very nice Custom V2, we noticed some interesting things about the case number on his and other examples. So I’ve now added a note to the article, which explains what our little bit of research uncovered…..

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New Restorations Page Published

A bit later than I’d planned, but the new restorations page – ‘Restorations by Brian, aka 31 Jewels’-  is now uploaded.

Since there will be more restoration work to be added to the blog, undertaken by master watch maker Brian, this is Page 1, and features Mikko’s interesting and rare diver style Custom V2. There’s another of Mikko’s watches to be added to the page in the future, so we can call it ‘Mikko’s Page’ :) :

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New Restoration Stories on the Way

Restoration of the 8110A chronograph, in the form of the 67-9313 ‘Speedy’, by Brian (31 Jewels) is featured on a special page –  –  and his stunning work on my 1958 Auto is also shown here:

I think it’s great to see this kind of thing, so I am pleased to say that there’s more on the way :)  Initially Brian’s work on a Custom V2, an Alarm Date and, later, high beat Leopards will be featured.

Watch this space! :)

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