Vintage Divers – more information on the way….

Following my recent amendments to the vintage divers page, I have now received some invaluable information from Mikko (whose comments can be found in response to my last post: .

I hope to do some more work on the page over the next few days, so will post here when it’s done.

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Diver Page Update

Although I have searched a number times Paul (‘1386paul’) has now managed to find a pic on the web of the rarest version of the 62-6198 150m diver. It has an orange dial and blue bezel, and is now recorded on the diver page.

Thanks again Paul :)

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Chrono Master Lug Widths

I realised that my Chrono Master has a lug width of 20mm, which was relatively rare in the late 1960s when 18mm was very much the standard. After some further study of catalog images, I reckon that the models that were sold only on leather straps had 18mm lugs, whilst the ones which had a bracelet option had 20mm lugs.

I’ve now added this info to the Chrono Master page. It’s been ‘Amendment Day’ today! :)

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Diver Page – Further Amendment

I was bit too quick off the mark with my earlier amendment since Paul has given some more info. As a result I’ve been able to add two dial variants for the 52-0110 and a bezel variant for the 62-6198.

Thanks again Paul.

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Diver Page Amended

With thanks to Paul (aka ‘1386paul’) who is something of an expert on Citizen’s vintage divers, I have made two amendments to the Diver Page. First was to remove an image of a Crystal Date model which had a wrong, and much later, bezel fitted.

Second, I’ve removed the reference to (and pic of) a 52-0110 model with no lume to the right of the date window. Paul has advised that he’s never seen another example so it does not appear to be correct.

I really appreciate Paul taking the time to let me know – I want my reference material to be as accurate as possible :)

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The Chrono Masters – New Page Updated and Finalised

I have now uploaded the whole of the updated and expanded Chrono Masters page. It now includes all the automatic models and the electro-mechanical version. I hope I’ve corrected all mistakes, but please let me know if you spot anything, or if you have more / different information about these excellent watches.

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The Chrono Masters – New Page Published

My article on Citizen’s marvellous Chrono Master range of high end watches has been available for some time via a link in my Blogroll. I am now in the process of hosting it on a page right here :)

I have completed Part 1 of the article, on the hand winding models, and that is now uploaded and can be found in the list of pages in the header of the home page – here’s a direct link:

As I move it to its new location I am also updating and adding to it. I hope to get Part 2, on the automatic models, uploaded over the next few days. Please let me know if you see any typos or errors – I don’t always spot them even after re-reading it 10 times!! :)

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