When Black is…..Brown

Citizen pioneered the use of black coatings on light alloy cases in the early 1970s. I’d noticed one or two images where the coating looked to be brown. I saw one example for sale a while back which was advertised as a ‘brownie’ (Citizen called their black coated watches ‘blackies’) but I thought this may have been a result of wear. However, I recently got hold of a Cosmotron from late 1974, in good condition, and this has a dark brown finish, rather than black:

It does appear to be the original finish. I shall keep a look out for other examples…..


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Posting Interlude!

Been busy over the last week with a new PC – said goodbye to good old Win XP and switched to Win 8.1….not entirely without its challenges! So I’m afraid there has been a lack of posts as a result, but should be back on track very soon :)

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A Blog Worth Visiting

I’ve added a blog to the Blogroll today, which is certainly worth a visit. Called ‘the Watch Bloke’ it’s run by Duncan who services, repairs and restores vintage watches. His posts are very informative with great pictures of his work.

Duncan’s latest post is of particular interest here, since he shows the fitting of a new crystal and bezel insert on a 62-6198 150m diver:


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Happy New Year

Thank you all for visiting and following my blog in 2014. I hope you have a peaceful and prosperous 2015.  Best wishes from Team Speedy! :)

Happy watch hunting! :)


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This Week’s Featured Watch #66 – Deluxe, 19 Jewels, Stainless Steel

My last acquisition of 2014 arrived on Christmas Eve – shipping from Japan was quicker than much of UK domestic mail ;)  – and it’s turned out to be rather nice. With a limited budget I saw a Deluxe on Yahoo Japan, but with not so good pictures it was hard to see just what condition it was in. So I took a gamble and got the piece for a low price, only to find that the seller’s pics hadn’t done it justice:

The Deluxe was Citizen’s first really successful watch, with sales worth over ¥100,000 following its launch in 1958. I went for this 19 jewel version because it is in a stainless steel case, whilst many of the examples for sale are gold plated or gold filled.

Despite the low price I paid it is running perfectly, with no time re-setting needed for days so far. The movement is in good condition, and the notch on the balance adjuster is just about centred, indicating a movement that is running well:

The inside of the back is marked, so the watch has been serviced – at some time:

The serial number is stamped inside the back and gives a production date of September 1961:

This is a nice example, running very well and doing just what a good watch should do – telling the time accurately. More information on the Deluxe here: http://sweep-hand.org/the-deluxe/

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Happy Christmas!

I hope you have a very happy Christmas, and I wish you all the best for a peaceful 2015.

It’s a white Christmas for me :)

Thank you for visiting and following my blog.

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Citizen’s Para Water Logo

Citizen was the first company in Japan to launch a watch with a water resistant case, in 1959. In those days such cases were marked ‘Water Proof’, whilst Citizen generally used ‘Para Water’ instead, in line with their ‘Para Shock’  in place of ‘Shock Proof’.  Although Citizen in the main simply printed Para Water on their dials, they did design a logo to go with the term, and was used in literature – ads and technical manuals for example –  and on tags.  I’ve not seen too many tags, but managed to er…tag..this one recently:

The logo is a nice depiction of a scuba diver, and this is occasionally seen printed on some export model dials. Here it is in print, from a mid-1960s technical manual:

The tag measures about 24mm across, seems to be made of a light alloy or maybe aluminium. It’s nice to get hold of these little extras now and again :)

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