Some More Chronograph Catalog Scans

With many thanks again to Anthony, I now have more scans of several Challenge Timer models from Citizen’s old catalogs. These are especially good for checking ‘correctness’ of examples for sale, things like the colour of day and date wheels, original bracelets and straps, and dial and hand combinations. I’ll add these to the reference page with some commentary but in the meantime here are the scans for your information. First, from 1974:


This image includes a rare (non-chronograph) 6501 automatic, with rotating inner bezel. I was surprised to see that the original price was more than the Challenge Timers. These original black straps are extremely rare these days – I have only seen one or two examples of them on Yahoo Japan.

Now, from 1975, with the 67-9119 shown on its familiar bracelet with black panels:


Nest is from 1976, and with the same models as 1975. But I’ve included it because there is one interesting difference (and it’s not the position they are in on the page). Can anyone spot what it is?


With the 1977 catalog featuring the same modes as ’75 and ’76, let’s move on to 1978, and here we have the ‘Speedies’:


And finally, five years later in 1983, we see two examples of the Walter Wolf special edition, one in a titanium case. And look at those prices!:




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Original Bracelet for the 67-9313 ‘Speedy’ – Finally Nailed It!

With many thanks to fellow collector Anthony, the original bracelet for the 67-9313 Chronograph, nick-named the Speedy, has been identified :) For the first time I have a good scan from Anthony which clearly shows the bracelet………


And this image, from a 1978 catalog, does confirm that the bracelet Steve and I thought was original with our white dialled versions is indeed the correct one – here’s the post about it from August 2015 :

So finally this question has been answered and I can add the catalog pic to the chronograph page. Thanks again Anthony :)

One odd thing about the catalog image is that the push-buttons on the black dialled model are shorter than the white, and the crown looks smaller too. However, according to my case parts catalog from 1977 the part numbers for the two models are exactly  the same…..

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Up to Date!

After some delays with replies to comments, I think I’ve now responded to everything – please let me know if I have missed something :)

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Apologies for Inaction!

Had builders in last week doing some work on the house so I’ve not been able to spend time on the blog. Apologies to people waiting for a response to their comments – I should be able to get to them soon :)

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A Small Addition to the Chronograph Page

With thanks to a comment by ‘Art Van Deco’, I’ve added a second case number for the 67-9020 gold plated Challenge Timer (‘bullhead’). With his help I have been able to confirm that this model came with two case numbers – 4-901193 and 4-901029 – so I have added the second one to the article:

Thanks Art, it’s always good to add more information that other enthusiasts can provide :)

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Update to ‘Want an Original Citizen Bullhead? – A Quick Buying Guide’

I’ve made an addition to the ‘bullhead’ Buying Guide page, since I have spotted a few examples that look rather good, but in fact are not all that they seem, in my opinion anyway! Such an example sold recently for over £300 (i.e. well over $450)….

The issue I’ve now included in the Buying Guide is a tip on how to spot whether a case has been re-finished, particularly where heavy polishing has been employed and a lot of metal has been removed. I’ve included a couple of pics to help explain it – see Section 3 of the article entitled ‘Other Points to Consider’:

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The Mysteries of Citizen’s Model Numbers

Mikko, Marko and myself are currently doing some work on Citizen’s six digit model number, i.e. in the format of 12-3456. This format was first used towards the end of the 1960s. We are trying to see if there is (any) logic to this system by collating information from our own collections and reference material that is available to us. I suppose it keeps us off the streets at night! :)

One immediate issue, which I noted some time ago, is that quite a number of models don’t have a model number at all – just a case number. It is a puzzle, at least for now, why Citizen chose not to give some watches a model number….as an example this pic shows some of the chronographs, two of which don’t have model numbers:

So, watch this space, and feel free to offer any ideas about the model number ‘system’!

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