Movement Table

One of the obvious gaps in the information about vintage Citizens is a comprehensive summary of the movements they used in their model range. Conversely, a table showing the movements used in Seiko’s has been available for some time, and is a great tool for seeing how the movements were developed over time and what were the key dates in the history of the brand.

A movement table is invaluable for collectors in identifying old watches correctly, since it can show, for example: jewel count; whether or not day and date windows will be present; and what speed the watch runs at – beats per hour. After a fair bit of research, particularly gathering reliable reference material, I have been able to put together a movement table, covering the period 1931 to 1977. Importantly, it’s work in progress since new information will be added as it becomes available – the table has had several revisions so far.

The table is laid out in chronological order, earliest first. And I’ve tried to cover the models used with each movement so that key dial markings are available as well as movement number or name.

And finally, you can find at the end of the table a page on how to date a particular model where there is a serial number stamped on the case back – Citizen started to do this more consistently from about 1960.

If you have any information that could be added, or which would amend the existing table, please let me know, I am more than happy to revise it!

Access a .pdf version of the Table, which can be downloaded and printed via the Blogroll link on the right side of this page

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  1. Brian Thomas says:

    I’ve checked your table for an ladies watch I bought (for mother) in 1972, but can’t identify the movement. I’m particularly interested because 40 years on it still keeps remarkable time.

    It’s a Day/Date automatic bracelet watch and the markings on the back are as follows:

    Para water
    Stainless steel

    The face reads:
    21 Jewels

    Any help gratefully received



    • sweephand says:

      Hi Brian – I’m pleased to tell you that your watch is in the Movement Table in fact, although your question has alerted me to an error it! For which I must thank you :)

      What makes yours difficult to find in the Table is that from your description the dial does not have the model name on it – it’s a ‘Cosmostar V2′. You’ll find it on page 8 of the Table – the error I’ve made (just a typo I think) is that I’ve put the movement number as 6900 when it should be 6600.

      The Cosmostar V2 automatics – there was an earlier Cosmostar hand winding model too – was first made in 1970 and is a fine little movement. It runs at 28,800 beats per hour, so it’s a ‘high beat’ model reflecting a good quality movement that will be capable of very good time-keeping.

      Thanks for providing all the information from the case back, this is what the numbers mean:
      4-6602256-K is the case number, and on this one the 6602 tells us the movement number (the movement number should also be stamped on the movement itself, near the balance wheel),
      64-3572 is the watch model number,
      GN-4-S is a code for the type of case, to aid in servicing, and is typical of a waterproof (‘Parawater’) model,
      01100889 is the serial number and this tells us that it was the 889th watch to be made in November 1970.

      I have a catalog from 1971 which shows a number of Cosmostar V2 models, but not yours I’m afraid.

      I’m impressed but not that surprised that the watch has run well for 40+ years – has it been used and serviced regularly in that time?

      Best regards,

      • sweephand says:

        A little addendum – just noticed as well that I hadn’t noted in the Movement Table that the Cosmostars were made as automatics and hand winding, so that’s another edit for the next revision. That will not have helped you to find your watch Brian, apologies for that. I’m wondering now whether the hand winder may have been the 6900 movement – I have one of those so I must check.

        Piecing together the data on vintage Citizens is one of the reasons I enjoy collecting them!

      • Paul Holland says:

        Hi Brian,

        Thankyou for a most informative site, I believe I have a Cosmostar v2 details are
        on the face it says
        21 Jewels

        It has a blue face, day and date

        …and it runs like a dream

        Melbourne Australia

        …happy to send you a few shots

        • sweephand says:

          Hi Paul,

          glad you have found the blog useful. Brian’s story about his mother’s watch was a testament to the reliability and quality of Citizen’s high beat movements.

          I have a couple of the Cosmostars, an automatic ‘V2′ (see here: and a hand wind version ‘Cosmostar Date’ – don’t see so many of these. Here’s a page from the 1973 catalog, showing some of the V2 models, including one with the same case number (4-660102) as yours:



    • Vahid Rahimi says:

      Hi Brian
      This is Vahid. today i searched my mum watches on internet and found this page. i read your story. it was amazing. when my mum started her working in 1976, she bought this watch with her first salary. follow me in and share your story with me. cheers, Vahid :)

  2. Brian Thomas says:


    Many thanks. I already checked the table earlier and decided it must be a Cosmostar. Thanks for the confirmation. To answer your question. No, it has never been serviced. Mother did replace the original bracelet with an expanding one (Spiedel) after it failed. Unfortunately she threw it away!

    I’m just amazed it still keeps such remarkable time. I’ve monitored it now for the last three days against my ‘atomic’ clock. It’s within a couple of seconds…fairly gobsmacking I think you’ll agree.

    I shall have to get it serviced soon. There is a problem with the winding crown, and the Hardlex crystal is badly etched. So much so, I wonder what she was doing with it all those years!

    Much obliged


  3. Brian Thomas says:


    Yes, she wore it since 1972 every day and only replaced it a couple of years ago with a Tissot Quartz job. Looks nice but not a ‘real’ watch..

    That reminds me. I bought my kid sister a similar-looking Seiko at the same time, I wonder if she still has it? She wasn’t keen on the style I remember her saying some years ago. I shall have to try and retrieve it!

  4. sweephand says:


    thanks for the information about your mother’s watch – it is incredible to think that it has run faultlessly and is still so accurate for 35+ years of daily use & without a service! The usual advice with higher beat watches is to service them regularly and more frequently, perhaps once every three to five years because of the likelihood of increased wear caused by the higher speed……

  5. Alisa says:

    Hey mate, great site.

    I have a ladies gold-plated Citizen watch, the markings on the back are as follows:
    4-0I0035 YO

    Can you please tell me ANYTHING about it? :)

    Thanks, Alisa

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Alisa, thanks for your comment and question. Unfortunately vintage ladies’ watches are poorly documented, and it’s very difficult to find anything much about them. Although I don’t have a reference for your particular model, from the case number (4-010035) and the model number (66-2753) my best guess is that yours is likely to use the 0150 or 0153 movement, or something very similar from that movement group. I’ve got the 0153 listed in the Movement Table, but only as a 21 jewel model – it was also made with 17 jewels, which I’ve yet to add to the Table. How many jewels are shown the dial of yours?

      The 0150/3 is a hand wind movement, and was first produced around 1975. The serial number of yours shows production in September 1977.

      This link will take you to an on-line movement archive showing the 0153, which also refers to the other movement numbers in that ‘family':

      Hope this is of some use.

  6. chemmy samudra says:

    hi sir.. i want to know about citizen alarm date diver 1971.. how can i know some information about movement, no of production, year of production etc?
    best regards,
    chemmy samudra

  7. sweephand says:

    Hi Chemmy, thanks for your question. I’ve done a reply on the Hand Winders page,


  8. robert says:

    hi steven,
    i believe i have an early lower end quarts “citizen tachymeter”, not on your table – which is very nice by the way – cant seem to cross referance, if you have an idea please let me know , thanks ROB C. (my best guess is sept. 1971, and 5877th made ??)
    as on back plate:
    6100 – S15877 SMG
    GN – 4 – S > 5
    ( MOVEMENT # 6100A

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Robert – I’m afraid my Movement Table doesn’t include any quartz models, my collection and research has only covered mechanical, electro-mechanical and tuning fork watches up to the late 1970’s when quartz technology took off.

      I think the serial number on yours is ‘0080325′, which would indicate production in August 1980 (I don’t know how long the 6100 movement was in production, so could even be 1990). I don’t think it will be as early as 1970/71 since quartz watches at that time were still new and were seen as ‘high end’, with high prices to match. Once mass production was established prices came down quickly, and a mass market was established.

      Hope this is of some use – for info here is a link to the technical guide for the 6100 movement:


  9. muhammad saleem says:

    when does this citizen watch establish model no 4-281101 KT 10403115 GN-4-S 71-2558

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Muhammad – I’m afraid I haven’t got any references for that model and case number. It may be more recent than the period I cover. Have you any pics you could link to?


      • waseem says:

        i have a citizen watch 4-822447 TA
        Can you please tell me about this model and also the price.

        • sweephand says:

          Hi Waseem – your watch uses the 21 jewel 8200 automatic movement, which Citizen first produced in 1975 and still makes today. If it has an ‘eagle’ on the dial then it is on of the Eagle 7 models. Because the 8200 watches have been made over more than 30 years, it’s hard to date them. It was made in the month of October, but it could be 1979, 1989 or even 1999! In good condition these are sound and reliable movements, but unfortunately they do not sell for very much. It is probably best to search on eBay to see what prices they fetch.


  10. E. Zs. says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I’ve found a watch at my grandma’s. I asked her, but she doesn’t knows when she has brought it.
    It’s an automatic ladies watch, 21 jewels.
    Here is its number:
    4-169131 SMB

    Zsófi from Hungary

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Zsofi,

      I’m sorry for such a slow reply, but I’ve been on holiday for a week in a remote part of Scotland where I could not get full internet access.

      Although it would be good to see a photo of your grandma’s watch, it looks like it is from December 1976. This is identified from the first three numbers in the serial number (6126611) – ‘6’ for 1976, and ’12’ for December. Although I haven’t got an exact reference for your model, the model number (74-2015) is very similar to other ladies’ watches from that time, which used the 21 jewelled 6600 or 6900 movements.


  11. David Rodríguez Villalobos says:

    I have a Citizen watch, the markings on the back are as follows:
    Citizen Watch Co.
    4-821386 K

    Can you please tell me anything about it?
    Thanks, David

    • sweephand says:

      Hi David – from the case back information you have provided, I would think your watch is from January 1978 and uses the 8210 Miyota automatic movement with 21 jewels. This movement runs at 21,600 beats per hour and was one of the first to use the Miyota name when it was introduced in 1977. It’s possible that it is from 1988, but I would need to see a picture of it to be more sure. The meaning of the different numbers on the case back are:
      4-821386 K: Case number
      80100817: Serial Number – this is how we calculate the production date
      GN-4W-S: Case type – should be a screw on type I think – which helps watch repairers when they do a service / repair
      51-1919: Model Number

      Can you post a link to a photo? If not can you describe the dial markings,


      • David Rodríguez Villalobos says:

        Hello Stephen, thanks for your quick answer, of course, here’s a picture, this was my grandfather’s watch and my mom gave me a couple of weeks ago, it works perfectly.



        • sweephand says:

          Thanks for the photo David – I think it is from 1978. The later ones often had an eagle symbol on the dial. Does that date fit with when your grandfather bought it do you think? I’m not surprised it is still running well, the 8200 moveemnts are very reliable – Citizen have used them since the mid-1970s to now, so they must be good!

  12. Marko Hyvönen says:


    I just bought from Ebay Seven Star V2. Well, it´s not arrived jet, but i examined the photos from description and noticed that there is cal.7790. Is it right movement to Seven Star V2? I tought that there should be one of 52xx or 54xx…? I also tought that 7790 runs 28.800 but it seems to be 21.600…?
    Thank you for your efforts!

    Regards, Marko from Finland (with poor english :D)

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Marko – your English is fine, and a whole lot better than my Finnish!!

      The Seven Star V2’s do use the 72xx movements, the earlier Seven Stars (i.e. no ‘V2′) used the 52xx movements. Do you think the movement could be the 7290? That would be correct for the V2 model, it’s a very nice movement with hacking and hand winding and beats at 21,600bph. Also the jewel count for the 7290 is 21 or 23 – a 7790 would have 22, 24 or 26 jewels and is part of the Leopard line of watches.

      Can you post a link to pics of the watch? That would be great if possible :)


  13. Marko Hyvönen says:

    Hello and thanks for the reply!

    Here are the photos from description:
    :D Well, i don´t know how to attach photos from my pc to here… hope this link is still available…
    If this link doesn´t work, then you have to trust what i tell you :D
    So, there IS cal.7790 or i´m blind… Jewel count are 24. Even the dial says 24 jewels. I really hope that link works, so you can see it by yourself…

    Regards, Marko

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Marko, thanks for the link, it worked fine :) And I’ve now double checked my reference material, and it is indeed a 7790 – since I did the Movement Table I’ve got hold of another of Citizen’s original parts guides, and this one lists the 7790 running at 21,600 with 22, 24 or 26 jewels. The other 77xx movements are high beat and have a fine adjuster on the balance, and are found in the Leopards. I’d not noticed this until your comment made me look at it again! So I can now update the Movement Table to include this model, so I am very grateful that you contacted me.

      The watch you’ve bought looks to be in original condition, so a nice buy for that price.

      Thanks again,

  14. Marko Hyvönen says:

    Hello, Stephen!

    Thank you very much for that information! I was skeptical about S-S V2. But seller has very good feedback in Ebay, so my doubts was unnecessary. I touhght that there´s wrong movement for S-S V2. Now i know that i was wrong, Thank you for this once more!!!
    I have some Citizen issues more, but i´ll write about them later…

    ps. I´m very pleased for the price. I wonder why i was the only bidder…?

    Kind Regards, Marko

    • sweephand says:

      Thanks again to you Marko – without your question I might not have spotted the gap in the Movement Table, at least not for a while yet. Not too many people collect vintage Citizens, and a brown dial is not so popular, so I’m not surprised about the price, nor that you were the only bidder.


  15. Hunter says:

    Stephen, nice blog and I must say it motivated me to take a much harder look at vintage Citizens. I have worn a Blue Angels Navihawk (the first series) for over a decade. How wonderful to see the heritage behind it.

    Anyway, I have bought three cal. 6600 — 28800 ladies watches for my wife with one going to my mother-in-law. All are amazing works of engineering! One thing though. The crystals are getting hard to source. I am considering having two made from sapphire since even the Citizen repair centers I have contacted do not have them. Discontinued…

    One of the watches is a Cosmostar V2 with a black dial and day/date feature. Actually, all of them have them but this one is simply stunning. Case back reads:

    Para Water
    Stainless Steel

    The cost for these watches was less than $20 each. Two of them were $5. I would say you would be very hard pressed to find this kind of quality for 20 times the price.

    Perhaps you might consider putting up a page on the blog about spare parts? A source in Japan that might be better than the US? I gather that this particular Cosmostar V2 might not have been exported but am unsure.

    Keep up the good work!

    El Cazador

    • sweephand says:

      Hi El Cazador, sorry for late reply, I’m away from pc at the moment and my mobile connection hasn’t been good. Will reply properly in the next couple of days.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Hunter,
      sorry again for not doing a full reply sooner, but now back at my pc so can get good access to the ‘net.

      I agree with you about the Cosmostar V2 models, they are fine, high beat movements and can be found in very good working & cosmetic condition at almost give away prices sometimes. There’s a great example on my blog if you haven’t seen it already:

      The earlier Cosmostars were hand wind, then the V2 versions were launched around 1970/1 – your example is from November 1971. The V2s were either date only or had date and day like yours.

      Your suggestion of a page about spares is a good one, but unfortunately it’s likely to be pretty well blank! Parts for vintage Citizens are hard to come by so donor watches are probably the best source. Sometimes Jules Borel in the USA carries some parts, but I’ve not tried them for the Cosmostars.

      Thanks for your comment and glad to see that your interest in vintage Citizens has been nurtured :)


  16. Martin Riggall says:

    very impressive site!
    Grateful if you could tell me anything about my late father-in-law’s watch (in nearly new condition and working well), and how to change the day (I can change the date by pulling the knob half-way out, but can’t figure out how to change the day).
    On the front:
    26 jewels
    722482 k
    On the back:
    4-720989 Y

    Many thanks

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Martin, thanks for your comment, much appreciated :)

      It’s great to see that your late father-in-law’s watch is in your possession and working well. The Leopards are a fine line of high beat watches, and yours is from July 1971. Although the date change is a ‘quick set’ mechanism as you know, the day is change is not – you could call it ‘semi-quick set’. To move it on, pull the crown all the way out to the time setting position and turn it, moving the hands forward. When the hands move through midnight, or thereabouts, the day will change. As soon as it changes, wind it back to about the 9 o’clock marker (may be slightly more) and the day should move and then click back into position, at that point wind forward through midnight again to the next day. Repeat this until you have the correct day, then set the date. The day is set first since the date moves on as you go back and forth between 12 o’clock and 9 o’clock.

      Hope this is clear,


  17. Hunter says:

    Try moving the hands to after one and then winding it back to eight. You should see the day move back a bit and then show the same day. Wind it forward past one. Day should change as will date.

  18. Martin Riggall says:

    Thanks both; that’s sorted.

  19. Russell Shone says:

    Hello there – an internet search has brought up this fascinating site and enormous credit to you for the painstaking work you have done in detailing the history of and advising on vintage watches.

    I’m afraid I know absolutely nothing about watches at all – I don’t even wear one (I know, the blasphemy…) – and have no real understanding of the questions I would now like to be asking.

    I have inherited a Citizen Titanium gents watch which is probably termed vintage (I think it is 30+ years old but have no better sense other than that.) It has a gold (plating?effect?) design running through the (stainless steel?) strap to give a silver-gold effect, as well as gold detailing and dials on the watch face. There are tachymeter numbers running around the outer edge of the internal watch face – there are 3 mini dials in the centre [a 7 day, 24 hour and I think 30 mins (?) one.]

    On the last panel before the clasp it says “TITANIUM” – with “stainless steel” on the reverse of the actual clasp.

    The text from the back of the watch is as follows:

    BASE METAL YP (is this the case material and what does it mean?)
    4-S81527 HST (Is this something to do with calibre and case no?)
    120864 (is this a serial no?)

    It isn’t working – but whether that simply means it will never work again or could be made to work if you knew what to do to it – I wallow in my chronometrical ignorance…

    I would love to find out anything I can about it – what exactly it is made of – whether the details from the back can identify a year of manufacture or a name or style or anything about it – if it could even be made to work.

    I would be very obliged if you or any of your blog readers can provide any illumination – or direct me anywhere else where I could find out more.

    with best wishes and thanks

    Russell Shone, UK

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Russell,
      thanks for your comments about my blog, much appreciated. My wingman :) Hunter has provided answers to your questions – I agree that ‘YP’ will refer to the gold tone plating. Although often described as gold plating the actual content is often not gold at all but gives that look. From your description the watch would seem to be a quartz chronograph – i.e. it has smaller ‘sub-dials’ which can record elapsed time.

      The serial number (120864) is how we can date the watch, with the first digit giving the year. However, we need to know which decade the watch is from – I would guess this type of watch would be from 1991 (I think 1981 would be too early). Although the case number (4-S81527) may provide a clue to the movement, as Hunter says, the dial code probably printed below the 6 o’clock marker will provide the movement reference most clearly. It could be that all this watch needs is a new battery if that has not been tried already.


  20. Hunter says:


    BASE METAL YP (is this the case material and what does it mean?)

    Yes. It is not solid stainless steel. It is probably brass or some other combination of cheaper metals. Not uncommon. YP is probably Yellow (Gold) Plate.

    4-S81527 HST (Is this something to do with calibre and case no?)

    This is the case model number. With that, you can order glass, gaskets, crowns, etc. Boley lists a number of other parts like handsThe caliber number is probably in very small print on the dial. See Boley’s page here:

    120864 (is this a serial no?)




  21. Amol Tajave says:

    I was searching thro’ the internet for my watch details, when I saw your blog and found it quite interesting. I wanted some information about my watch (like its current price, make, model number). My dad gave me this watch and said he had purchased it around 1984. The watch details are as follows:

    On the front:
    An golden colored Eagle logo with 7 written on it, with red background.
    Below the eagle – 21 jewels
    Japan 6650-763677 KA

    On the back:
    Water Resist
    4-663772 K

    • sweephand says:

      Hi, I’m afraid I haven’t got access to my pc for a couple of days, so will reply as soon as I can,

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Amol,
      sorry for the delay, but I’m back at my pc now so can reply properly to your enquiry.

      The watch you have (and it’s good to see it has been in your family since the 1980s) is a Citizen ‘Eagle 7′. As far as I know the Eagle 7 line began in the early 1980s, and became Citizen’s standard automatic mechanical watch for a long time. By that time quartz watches had become very affordable and popular, so Citizen were not making many mechanical models. The Eagle 7 was their competitor to the Seiko 5, so it was a sound, reliable and affordable watch. The ‘7’ in the name refers to the features built into the watch – I’ve not seen these all confirmed but they might be: (1) water resistant, (2) shock resistant, (3) day and (4) date, (5) glass crystal, (6) hand wind-able, (7) ….??? can’t think what this one might be, unless it’s ‘automatic’.

      The Eagle 7’s usually have the 8200 movement in them, which was first launched in about 1975, but I have read somewhere that other movements were also used. And yours looks to be one of these since the dial code (6650-763677) and case number (4-663772) suggest it has a 6xxx movement in it. I’m not sure which it might be from the numbers, since there were several 6xxx movements including some in ladies watches. It could be a 6501 movement since that has the same features as the 8200. In the end we can only be certain if you could take case back off and take a look, there should be a movement number stamped near the balance wheel.

      The first part of the serial number (50400433) gives us the production date, and since your dad remembers buying it ‘around 1984′, it looks to actually have been made in April 1985.

      I’m afraid the Eagle 7’s do not have a great deal of value these days, partly because they were sold in large numbers and are often found on eBay – that’s probably the best place to search to get an idea of what yours might be worth.

      I hope this is helpful,

  22. Dennis Ball says:

    Hi Stephen
    Could you give me any details about my watch. My dad bought it for me in 1976. the numbers on the back are 0200
    4-020511 SMT
    21 jewels. Any info much appreciated.


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Dennis – it’s good to see that you still have the watch your father bought you over 35 years ago :) Is it still running ok?

      From the information you have given, your watch is a hand winding model with the 0200 ‘Homer’ movement in it. This movement was first produced as far back as 1960 and was Citizen’s mainstream hand winding movement, used in a variety of models right through to around 1980. Made with 17, 19 or 21 jewels, it is a sound and reliable movement which was the base for a range of watches, including high end ones, which you can see in the 02 ‘Family Tree’ I’ve done:

      As to the numbers on the case back of yours:
      4-020511 – is the case number, the first part of which relates to the movement (the ‘SMT’ mark may be a code for the factory where the watch as made, but I’m not sure about that)
      63-4093 – is the model number. 63-40xx numbers appear to be 0200 Homer models, and of course yours is also clearly marked ‘0200’ anyway
      41053017 – is the serial number, from which we can get the production date. Your dad bought it in 1976, so we know it’s from the 1970s, therefore it was made in 1974 (from the first digit ‘4’), and was made in October of that year (from the next two digits ’10’)

      I’ve done a couple of ‘featured’ watches posts about the Homer range on my blog which provide more info. This one in particular:, whilst this one is about the Homer model used for by the Japanese railways, which reflects their quality and reliability:

      Hope this is helpful,

  23. Alan says:

    Citizen Chronograph wr100. On the back is: Citizen Watch co.
    Wather resist
    8 N 1 9 5 4
    -> 10

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Alan,
      these look to be the markings of a quartz chronograph – do you have a question about it? Bear in mind my speciality is pre-1980 mechanicals, but I will try and answer any question!

  24. Pinaki says:

    on the dial – citizen automatic , 21 jewels , N-8200-R48634-Y and a golden eagle 7 applied symbol .

    on the case back – CITIZEN WATCH CO, WATER RESIST, STAINLESS, 4-039203 RC, 150944, GN-4W-S .

    What I am perplexed about is that the watch does not have any “country of origin” (like japan etc) marked anywhere on the outside . Did citizen really sold such a piece without any country markings ?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Pinaki,
      a few of my older hand winders don’t have ‘Japan’ on their dials, but the vast majority of my watch dials are signed Japan, then the dial code. Some older models just have Japan on them. I’m not so familiar with the Eagle 7 models since they are more recent, but I noticed this one looks only to have the dial code, like yours:

      So I don’t think it’s anything to worry about if otherwise the watch appears to be correct,


  25. Pinaki says:

    Ah , yeah ! Mine have the “citizen” written in the exact same fashion and an identical “eagle 7″ symbol . It does run perfectly and keeps right time . Heartfelt thanks for your quick attention & helpful reply .
    Pinaki .

  26. says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I have my grandmothers old citizen watch the front just say:
    Quartz and citizen ón the backside og the glass cover. It show day and date.

    The backside
    Water resistent base metal top stainless steel back
    Citizen watch co
    4-04088 ISMK

    Any information you could possibly supply would be appreciated we are curious about how old it really is, as none of us remember her without it (she passed away yeats back unfortunately).

    Merry xmas


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Sachia,
      I’m afraid I don’t have much data on quartz models and there is very little information on the internet. I can tell you something about the age of the watch though – it is either from November 1980 or 1990 I should think. The serial number (0111319) tells us this. The zero at the start gives the year it was made – so 1980 or 1990 – then the following two numbers give us the month of production, so that was November (’11’). The watch couldn’t be earlier than 1980 since quartz watches weren’t available in 1970, and I guess from your description that it was not later than 1990.

      The other numbers on the back are the case number: 4-040881 and the model number – 48-1327. ‘GN-4W-S’ is the case type, which helps when a watch repairer does a service, and ‘GP’ is the case material code, i.e. gold plate.

      I hope this is helpful, sorry I can’t pin the production date down any more than this.

      Happy Christmas,

  27. Rebecca Frank says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I obtained a watch for my neighborhood fair for a buck, seriously. $1 When I got home, I examined it more closely and saw it was a legitimate Citizen watch, and it was different than most watches I’ve seen. It is a ladies’ watch, hexagonal, and has a black dial and I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. Can you help me?

    On the front it says:


    (tiny print on the bottom)
    JAPAN MOVT-5920-N3337-KA

    on the back

    Citizen Watch co.
    base metal YP
    5920-S45555 HSB
    (arrow) >5

    • Rebecca Frank says:

      oh, and it also comes with 2 extension links that definitely came with the watch. I just really curious about this watch. Thanks so much!! :)

      • sweephand says:

        Hi Rebecca, sounds like a good deal for just $1 :) Unfortunately my area is mainly mechanical watches so I have not got reference material on more recent quartz models, and there is very little information available on them. You’re right that this is a legit Citizen, and from the few models for sale with the same movement – the 5920 – it looks to date from the late 1990s. The serial number on yours (786026) gives a production date of August 1997 (from the ‘7’ and ‘8’ at the start of the number). The other numbers are the model number – 5920-S455555 and the dial number under the 6 o’clock marker. ‘YP’ is ‘yellow plate’ relating to the gold tone finish over a base metal case. Not sure about the arrow & 5 but that could be showing where to lever the back off for battery replacement. I think ‘HSB’ will be the factory code.

        Hope this helps a bit!


  28. says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Thank you so much for your time and help. Not that old, but doesnt really matter, its still beautiful and “so my gran” :) Will take it to someone who can clean it up.

    Just in time for a happy new year to you.


  29. miguel rocha martins says:

    hello, could anyone can tell me where can i find the glass top ( sorry i dont know the name in english) for my old citizen gn 4 s water resistent 4 096819 TA. It s my grandfather watch and i think it s from the 70´s. The watch its full operational but the glass is cracked.

    thank you


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Miguel, sorry for slow response, but I have been away on a family visit for a few days. Good to see that you have your grand father’s watch – does it have a serial number and a model number on the back? The serial number will be 7 or 8 numbers and the model number would have 2 numbers, then a ‘-‘ then four more numbers, e.g. 62-6198. We might be able to get a production date from the serial number if you are interested in that. The glass top is called a ‘crystal’ usually, but watch glass is fine :) The part number for it is a 54-80088 but it would be very difficult to find one. I would think a good watch maker should be able to fit a new one though especially if it’s a standard round one.


  30. Andy says:

    Stephen, great blog and Happy New year.
    I found a watch in a recent clean up and am trying to figure out how it came into my possession, having a good date would be a help. I have read pretty much all there is to read about dating Citizens and am still confused as to which numbers identify the watch. Is the first number the case number or calibre, was hoping you could help.
    Citizen Newmaster 21 jewels
    4-020618 SM

    Wound it gently, it keeps perfect time for about 24hrs before stopping.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Andy, thanks and best wishes for the New Year to you too.

      You probably know that your Newmaster uses the 21 jewel 020 Homer movement which was in production from 1960 to the early 1980s. Yours is the later style so I reckon it is from September 1981 (the first part of the serial number – 197010 gives us this date, ‘1’ for the year and ‘9’ for September). To get the year of production you need to know the decade it comes from of course. I don’t think it is as early as 1971 since my reference material doesn’t show this style of dial at that time and the ones I’ve seen like this are usually from the late 1970s. Also yours has the shorter six digit serial number which is later, earlier models typically have eight digit numbers. Does 1981 seem about right to you?

      The other numbers are the case number – 4-020618, which also references the movement used, but this is not always so. ‘SM’ probably refers to the factory where the watch was made, whilst ’63-4018′ is the model number.

      Good to hear that the watch runs well and keeps good time, not unusual in my experience with this movement, no doubt this is why it had a production run of over 20 years.


      • Andy says:

        Thank you, 1981 could be right, will ask around the family.
        You identify 197010 as the serial number and that is where my confusion came from. I have found other Newmasters with the same serial number: is an example and one for clearance by Thai customs which has the same case and model number as well (no picture unfortunately)
        Guessing that Serial number is more a manufacturing stamp rather than a sequential listing?
        Anyway we have a decade to start hunting in, thanks for that.

        • sweephand says:

          Hi Andy – one of the joys of collecting and researching vintage Citizens is that new information comes to light from time to time :) This is interesting in that I’ve never seen models with the same serial number before, which has got me thinking….

          Is your watch marked ‘parawater’ on the back like the one for sale on eBay? If so then the production date is earlier than 1981, since manufacturers had to change from ‘water proof’ (‘parawater’ in Citizen’s case) to ‘water resistant’ in the early 1970s. Your information also revises my view that this Newmaster dial design was later than the early ’70s. I’ll do some more looking around – here’s one with a conventional serial number (looks to be from 1970), but with the same model numbers as yours:


        • sweephand says:

          Hi Andy, I’ve now found another example, this time with a ‘serial’ number of ‘197212’:

          So I’m thinking now that this type of serial # provides the full year of production, i.e. 1972. This would make yours 1970 of course.


      • Andy says:

        Stephen, 1970 made more sense than 1980. My father visited Hong Kong in the early 70’s and this is just what a ten year old would want. The case is marked Parawater, as per the first photo, so maybe we have both discovered something. I will go with the number being the production date of October 1970.
        Interesting that the Malaysian blog example has the same case number alph suffix of SM.
        Anyway, thanks again.

  31. Liz says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Cool blog and happy new year! I have a Citizen stainless steel watch with a hexagonal dial, and after a quick look at your handy dandy Movement Table I am guessing it is a later version of the awesomely named Cosmotron. Can you confirm? The info on the watch is as follows:
    On the dial:

    21 Jewels

    On the back:
    4-661672 Y
    51110019 (so November 1975 or 1985?)
    SF-1-[what looks like a teeny tiny x with a circle around it]

    My camera battery just bit it, otherwise I’d attach a pic, it’s a lovely watch and keeps time pretty well!

    Thanks in advance,

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Liz, thank you, and all the best for 2013 :)

      Yours is not a Cosmotron, but a Cosmostar – another cool name though! It’s a Cosmostar V2 in fact, from November 1975. The 6600 movement in it is a fine piece of engineering, with a high beat (28,800 per hour) and in good condition they are very accurate and reliable. ‘4-661672′ is the case number, ’64-9198′ is the model number and ‘SF-1-X’ is the case type (SF means ‘square flange’). I think the x with a circle round it means it is a one piece case that can’t be opened by taking the back off – does it look like it doesn’t have a separate back that can be removed?

      Your query has had me checking the movement table, and I’ve realised there’s an error – the 6600 movements are automatics and I’ve got them down as hand wind. Must amend that!

      Hope this helps, and if you get your battery charged a pic would be nice :) (You can’t attach pics to a comment, but you can post a link to an image)


      • Liz says:

        Thank you Stephen!

        Very interesting, I’ve been wondering for a while now when it was made, and I’m impressed that it still runs as well as it does. I bought it at a pawn shop because I loved the cool-looking, chunky hex case, but had no idea at the time if it was reliable or not.

        The first two or three days I had it on it was much too fast, but after about a week of constant wear it found accuracy. Now it is occasionally a minute slow, maybe every two weeks. I’ve scrutinized the case and it looks to me like the back is in fact a separate piece, as there is a discernible and grime-harboring crevice between it and the rest. Also maybe the X is a K. I will definitely post a link to a picture once I get a new battery (which apparently has truly bitten it).

        Thanks again for all the info, so cool to know more about it!

        • sweephand says:

          Hi Liz,
          interesting what you say about wearing a watch for a few days to let it settle down. I’ve had the same experience with some of mine, so it’s well worth trying this before reaching any conclusions. Less than 5 seconds a day variation is pretty darn good for a 35+ year old watch! That would be the kind of specification for a high grade watch in its day, and there are many new mechanicals which will be specified to run a good deal less accurately than that.

          Sorry to hear your battery has died altogether :( Hope you can get a picture since it’s an interesting case design on yours.


  32. Liz says:

    Stephen, I will definitely get a picture to you, that is a promise! Just can’t say how long it will take…busy busy! Thanks again for the information, and for putting so much time (literally!) into your blog.

    • sweephand says:

      OK Liz, thanks :)


      • Liz says:

        Hi Stephen! Hope you’re well. As promised, here are three pics of my watch:

        The day space is blank because it’s in the middle of moving, but it’s in German, so SON – MON – DIE – MIT and so forth.

        • sweephand says:

          Hi Liz, great to hear from you – I’m fine thank you and hope you are too. Thanks for the pictures, they are excellent and the watch looks to be in very good condition. Also looks like the original bracelet which is nice to have. Congrats on a cool find, and I hope the watch continues to run reliably and accurately for you,

          All the best,

  33. Drayy says:

    Hi Stephen,
    I have Citizen Watch with Date and Day in front. in the back there
    CITIZEN watch co.
    water resist
    6100-G00678 Y
    Japan => 12

    Please, tell everything about that.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Drayy,
      I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to help very much since my knowledge is mainly about the older mechanical models Citizen made up to the late 1970s. Yours is a later model I believe, with the 6100 quartz movement but a quick search of the internet didn’t come up with any images of your model. The information on back tells us the model number (including the movement): 6100-G00678Y. GN-4-S is the case type (probably a screw on type?) and 560148 is the serial number. We can determine the age of a watch from the serial number, but we need to know which decade it was made in. The first number – ‘5’ – tells us the watch was made in 1985 or 1995 but I can’t tell you which since I don’t have reference information on the very many quartz models Citizen has produced over the years.

      Sorry I cannot be of more help,

  34. edl says:

    Hi Stephen
    I have citizen watch with day and date, eagle with 7 in midlle it
    And in tha back it have this information :
    citizen watch co
    4-281292 KT

    have you got any information about this model, i can’t find it in movement table


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Edl,
      thanks for the info on your watch – what you have is an Eagle 7 from either June 1981 or June 1991 I would think. Because the Eagle 7’s were made over a long period it’s hard to pin it down any more than that I’m afraid, and I don’t have any reference material after 1977. I have concentrated on Citizen’s older vintage watches up to the late 1970s, but the movement in yours is listed in the Movement Table because it was first made around 1975. The Eagle 7’s use the 8200 automatic movement and you can find that on page 11 of the Table. That gives basic information about the movement used in the many different Eagle 7 models. In good condition these are very reliable movements, which have been used by Citizen from 1975 to the present day – it became their basic automatic mechanical movement when they moved into quartz based watches and has been their rival to the Seiko 5 line.

      Hope this helps,

  35. Vladimir says:

    Hi Stephen
    I have citizen watch with day and date,it’s automatic! Date on watch is written in arabic!
    And in the back it have this information :
    4-062591 smk
    have you got any information about this model, i can’t find it in movement table??

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Vladimir,

      I do know this model – the 51-1811. It’s a big watch using the 8200 movement which was introduced in 1975 – see page 11 of the Movement Table for a reference to the movement. Yours is from May 1980, and it should have an inner rotating ring turned by a second crown at the 10 o’clock position. Is this what you have?


  36. kurtnet says:

    Good Morning Stephen.
    Sory for my bad english..Hope u understand..
    Nice blog and got a lot of information..thanks..
    I got citizen watch given from old man..I want to know if my watch is fake or original..
    If original..I want to know some info as make me pride to wearing it. I already take note some info from your blog n make some calculation for myself and still didnt get it. Im new comer to the world of vintage im zero about this field. Realy need ur help.
    On the dial information:
    21 JEWELS
    (tiny print on the bottom at 6 clock)
    JAPAN 8200 825869 K (8200 i got from ur blog is movement but what is ‘K’?)
    have date and day (dual language,english and japans i think,confius japan@korea@chinese word) at 3 clock..Dial is shining blue sea..still running smooth but i think “needle second” running fast..

    On the back
    (circle round word)
    (middle word)
    4-822111 TA (what is “TA” means and 4-822111 is case number from your blog)
    90100382 (serial number and you say can detect the date of production,so from your calculation method, 9 is year,1979@1989@1999@2009? 01 is 19×9@2009..2009 is imposible right because no eagle @ leopard symbol..beside..citizen watch on 2009 production is more beautifull and versatile than mine)
    i dont know how to upload picture to show for you..hope you can help me from the given information. This is my 1st automatic watch and im not come from rich family. im not able to buy new one like this one and like other members.if my member joking around my watch,at least i can tell them some info about this watch..huhu…


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Kurtnet, your English is fine, and a million times better than my Malay!! :)

      Thank you for providing all the information from the marks on your watch. It sounds like a genuine one to me, as you say with the 8200 automatic movement that was first produced around 1975. They run at 21,600 beats per hour and use a rotor to wind the watch as you wear it that moves in one direction only – supposedly more efficient than moving in both directions as used in earlier watches. You should be able to wind it by hand too – useful if you need to get it running quickly if it’s not been worn for a while. Many of these were marked with the ‘Eagle’, and those tend to be the later models, so yours may be from 1979. If you want to check whether the days are Kanji, here’s a good thread which shows them:

      I don’t know what the letters mean – ‘K’ at the end of the dial code, and ‘TA’ after the case number. They may be codes to help watch repairers, or the TA may be a factory code. This is something I would like to find out too!

      It would be good to see a photo – I know it’s not possible for you to post a picture yourself, but if you can post a link that would work.

      Hope this helps a bit, and it’s good to hear you enjoy wearing the watch :)


  37. melissa says:

    I have a very old citizens watch base metal 2250-226275 TA 612073 39-500 is it real gold

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Melissa,
      I think your watch dates from the 1980s or 1990s. The serial number – 612073 – starts with a ‘6’ so I think it’s from 1986 or 1996. If it were real gold it would be marked ’18k’ or may be ’14k’. Since yours is marked ‘base metal’ it is gold plated.


  38. kurtnet says:

    Thanks a lots stepen.Its Kanji days…Hehe..
    1979?seriuosly?feel like dont want to believe it..hehehe..if that the case,then this baby is old enough than me..tq stephen.but can u make sure by taking a good look at the picture i upload for u,hope u can see clearly the details by what i meant by my previous message to you..i borrow my friend’s camera..a good one i guess to snap my watch for you.
    but im to give a link to you…
    can i just email my picture to you?if you want to upload the picture in ur blog also problem so that people can give their comment and what so giving u the picture hope that u can tell wether my watch is genuine or more thing i wanna know what type of variant my watch is?is it automatic,chronochrome,quartz or etc?

  39. kurtnet says:

    Thank you very much Mr.Stepen as you trying to identify my wacth.. Eventhough it’s not a great deal of money..For my ‘shoes’, this baby still have sentimental value based on the estimated date of birth.More age this watch, the more I am proud..Based on your explanation for my watch, its a best explanation and make me clearly about it.Thanks again

    Best regards,

  40. Сергей says:

    Hi, Stephen
    Could you comment on an error in the labeling:
    Crystals Seven, dial signed 21 jewels and number caliber 7200 is not correct, because no amount of jewelry in 7200, and it does not coincide with the caliber of the established model.
    within us is “right” for him 7290
    with respect,

  41. Сергей says:

    + Is revised over your tables and realized that in the crystal seven caliber 52 … I confused it with v2, but it still does not exclude errors marking)
    my apologies for the bad language

  42. Сергей says:

    Here is auction number 271148834137 on Ebay
    I’ve seen it seems to me no coincidence: the two “black” v2 behind was marked 7200, although they were sold in different countries and this coincidence is not possible, I think

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Sergei, thanks for the eBay number. I’ve had a look at it and I have some major concerns about it. Firstly, as far as I know only 52 movements were used in Crystal Sevens. The dial code is marked 7200 and the seller says it has the 7290 hacking movement in it, but the case number is 4-520190 which is from a watch with a 52 movement in it. The case and bezel look the same as my Seven Star V2 beater, case number 4-720253, see this post:

      Also the highlights on the main hands and the second hand have been re-painted. The Buy It Now price is high, even if were not a cobbled together watch. One to avoid I think!


  43. Сергей says:

    I did not think to buy them, I wonder why it was 7200)

  44. Oscar says:

    Hello Stephen,
    lately I found my uncle Citizen watch, but hardly could find any information on the web, so I wondering if you could help me with this one. Watch is with balck dial, automatic movement, tiny letter on dial reads 8200-R49291-Y
    on the back case there is more
    8200-R11628 RC

    Hope you will have some information on it.
    Thank you very much in advance
    Best regards

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Oscar, your uncle’s watch is one of the ‘Eagle 7′ models with the distinctive logo on the dial, which use the reliable 8200 auto movement, running at 21,600 beats per hour. The 8200 movement was first produced around 1975, and has been in production ever since. The Eagle 7 line was Citizen’s answer to the Seiko 5, being a sound and reliable but not too expensive watch. I think the Eagle 7’s first appeared in the 1980s, and numerous models were made over the years so they are difficult to date. Yours may be from 1990 (‘0′ at the start of the serial number), but it could even be 2000 – do you know if your uncle bought it new and approximately when? The model number is 8200-R11628 and I’ve found one example on the net with a black dial – is this the same as yours?:

      Here’s an example of the same model with a white dial, so it has a different dial code (the tiny number at the bottom of the dial):

      Hope this helps a little,


      • Oscar says:

        Hello Stephen,
        yes, that’s the same watch on the first link. Wow I can’t believe it, that’s really great, I had no idea about this watch. Uncle mentioned that he bought it new in early 2000s, but now it’s in quite frankly poor condition. Anyway thank you very much for your help Stephen. Keep up the good work!
        Best regards

  45. taifey says:

    Can u check this citizen watch..
    Watch co.
    4-280296 KT

    Also how much the price is? :)

  46. Nguyen Viet Hung says:

    Hi Stephen,

    What an useful website. I have learnt a lot through many of your information. My father just gave me a watch. He bought it in 1975 and he believes it is much older. It is still in good condition and gives exactly time although it has some scratches in its gilt case. Here is some information:


    21 jewels


    4-721039 Y

    I am very appreciate if you could discover more information about it. Thanks in advance


    N.V. Hung

  47. adamdarin says:

    hi..stephen..tnx for replying ..i cant sending photo of citizen eagle 7 emblem at dial side 9. with writen number by day n date..pls give me your email n i will post it n searching new ..regards

  48. Nguyen Viet Hung says:

    Hi Stephen,

    It is exactly the one I have. Thanks for the picture. However, the origin bracelet was broken and my father had to replace it by another one sometime. What a pity. It will be more wonderful with its origin bracelet. I will show this picture for my father.

    Thanks again for many efforts and time you spent for me

    (From Vietnam)

  49. sweephand says:

    You’re welcome, glad I could help :)


  50. jari says:

    I have few citizen watches that i would like to know more. Could you help me. Intrested mostly how old are these watches or new. Dont understand much on watches so ill just give all markings i found on watches

    First this is mens watch citizen automatic 21 jewels
    b-200-030840 sms markings on front
    In backcase Water resisrant all stainless steel citizen watch Co
    4-063104 smk
    G4-4-S 71-2078

    Second watch also mens watch markings on dial citizen 21 jewels parawater japan 6-187820 (not sure is it correct might miss few letters or numbers in the end)
    Backcase of it 4-180551 Sm

    And the third watch females watch citizen 17 jewels japan-5300-5324 iik and backcase markings
    Gb citizen 4-530691 S

    Thank you very much all rdy for all the help i can get.
    Regards Jari and Greetings from finland.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jari,
      thanks for the information on your watches. I’m not sure about the first one on your list, which I think is newer than the other two, so the movement and case numbers are not so helpful thanks to Citizen changing how they did them. Are there any other markings or emblems on the dial? I suspect it uses the 8200 movement since it is an auto with 221 jewels, but this has been used for decades so they are harder to date – if you can link to a picture that would be very helpful.

      The second one is more my era :) Since it is marked ‘parawater’ it can’t be later than the early 1970s, and the case number (4-180551) suggests that it’s a Homer hand winder movement with date. If that’s correct, it can’t be earlier than 1962, so with a serial number of 90104147 it is from January 1969. The style of model number – 63-1230 – also fits with the late 1960s.

      The third watch looks to be a hand winder using the 5300 movement which were first made in the mid 1970s. So the production date is likely to be 1980 from the first digit in the serial number. Is there a typo in the number? The next two digits would give the month, so is the ‘G’ incorrect?

      Hope this helps,


      • jari says:

        Thank you for your info on watches. Yes in third watch there was an error its not G (my bad sry ) it is 2060687

        I could send you some photos of watches if i find your email somewhere in this site. And in the first watch i cant find maybe some photos might help you identify something from photos. Third watch bracelet its not orginal for sure. It says made in finland :) ill try send you pjotos. And thank you very much. Wish there would more sites and people like this sobi could find info on other branf watches too. Those where only ones i have from citizen.

        Regards Jari

      • jari says:

        Hi stephen
        I did send the photos now via e-mail.
        Thank you again really helpfull.


        • sweephand says:

          Hi Jari, thanks for the photos. They have confirmed what I thought from your descriptions – the first one does have the 8200 automatic movement. It looks to be either from 1980 or 1990 – I’m afraid I can’t say definitely which it is since I don’t have any reference data for those years. The rotor is marked 8200A which was the first of citizen’s ‘Miyota’ movements.

          The second is a Homer 1810 movement since it has the date window – these were first made in 1962 and probably ended around 1975, so a production date of 1969 is exactly correct.

          The third watch is the date version of the 5300 movement, so will be the 5310 version, and this confirms it is from 1980.


      • jari says:

        Thank you stephen for your help. Got more info on my watches i could imagine. Was very helpful for me.
        I wish all good for you and your blog.

        Regards Jari

  51. jase says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I’ve found a watch at my father’s. But i don’t have any information it.

    Here is the markings on the back are as follows:

    The face reads:
    19 Jewels

    Can you please tell me anything about it?

    from korea

    • sweephand says:

      Hi jase,

      thanks for the information about your father’s watch. I have seen one other model with the ‘black cheetah’ markings, it also had ‘manhattan’ on the dial. To be honest I didn’t think it was a genuine Citizen since I had not heard of the model before, nor had I got any information about the movement, described as ‘5651’. It was a hand winding model, not listed in any of my reference material – that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a fake, it may be that I just haven’t found any information.

      Do you have any photos of the watch? It would be very helpful if I could see it. If not can you tell me what other markings are on it – for example whether it is marked waterproof or water resistant, and any other markings it has. Also, is there a dial code marked on the dial, usually printed right at the bottom, and rather small? And if you can get the back off, is there a movement number stamped near the hairspring / balance?

      If you have photos you can’t post them directly on my blog I’m afraid, but you can post a link to them if you upload them to something like Photobucket.

      Has your father had this watch from new, and do you know when he bought it? The serial number on yours is similar to the one other I’ve seen, which started with 73 & ended with 5650. The last numbers refer to the movement I guess, so the first numbers, 7202 probably give us a production date of February 1972.

      Sorry that I have more questions than answers at the moment!


  52. jase says:

    Hi Stephen, thanks for your quick and kindly answer. of course, here’s two pictures. and father bought new model, 1970s

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jase, thanks for the pictures and confirmation that your father bought the watch in the 1970s, which fits with a production date of 1972. This is also supported by the ‘waterproof’ marking, since this can only be from the early 1970s at the latest – after that watches had to be marked ‘water resistant’. Do you know where your father bought it, was it in Korea? I ask because at the moment my best guess is that this is an export model, even though it has a kanji day wheel made in a factory outside Japan – I say this because it’s marked ‘waterproof’ rather than ‘parawater’, and is marked HMC which I think indicates the factory, although I’m afraid I don’t which one.

      I’m still puzzled about the movement and why I can’t find any record of it – could you please confirm what the dial code is, I can’t quite see it clearly enough to be sure from the photo, and would you mind confirming whether it is hand wind only, or an automatic,


      • jase says:

        Hi stephen, thank u for your answer. I’m grateful your ardor to watch.
        From what i understand, my father bought it official store in Korea. And i found another marking located at the bottom center of dial(front). It is marked “JAPAN-M 7104-5650″
        Also this is an automatic.


        • sweephand says:

          Hi Jase,
          Thanks for the additional information. This is still rather a puzzle! The only other model I’ve seen is a hand winder, yet seems to have the same movement number as yours. Is it possible for you to remove the back and get a picture? (please don’t try without the correct tool since you may damage it). Here’s a photo of the movement I have seen before – to be honest it doesn’t look like a Citizen movement even though it is marked as such:

          The dial code on that looks to be in a similar format to yours, but is slightly different because it’s a different dial design:

          The Black Cheetah name is also a mystery – I have no record of that in my reference material. When I first saw the one in the images I’ve just posted, I thought it was not a genuine Citizen, and had been made to look something like the Citizen Leopard automatic models with their leaping cat logo:

          Please let me know if you can get a shot of the movement, the more close up the better :) If you can, there should be a movement number stamped near the balance / hairspring.


        • sweephand says:

          Hi Jase – I’ve been asking for help on identifying the movement from fellow collectors and watch makers. We think we may have found an answer, at least for the hand winding model in the pictures I posted. It looks like it might very well be a hand winding version of the 6500 automatic movement – this fits with the age of the watch. The design of the movement – position of the stem / balance wheel and drive train certainly look very alike, if you can imagine the auto winding gears removed from the top plate:

          I know you said your father’s watch is an automatic, and I wondered if you have a photo of the movement to compare/


  53. jase says:

    Dear Stephen,

    I apology for the late reply. Thanks for your e-mail. In addition, I appreciate your efforts to solve a puzzle. But I don’t have a corret tool to remove the back and get a picture. So asap I will go to the repair shop.
    I don’t know if it was worth the overhaul and necessary repairs. Of course, a subjective decision, but Is it well worth the expense? What is your oppinion?


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jase, no problem, it’s good of you to reply. Interested to see what is beneath that case back :)

      Although I don’t try to guess values, I don’t think yours will have a high value. I has a different kind of value to you of course, since it is your father’s watch. If you were planning to use it daily or frequently I think it would be worth getting it serviced.


  54. jase says:

    Hi Stephen, here’s a photo of the movement. It’s same movement that you posted other Black Cheetah model.

    So then, Do you still think that it was not a genuine Citizen?


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jase, thanks for the great pic, very helpful, and it confimrs that it is a hand winder, same as the other one. I’ve come to the view that these are very likely genuine models – I suppose I can’t be absolutely sure since I’ve seen no ‘official’ confirmation of it, nor is there any record of the movement (and I’ve done a lot of searching!). But the models I’ve seen, three in all, have had similar features and of course all use this mystery movement. The movement appears to be a hand winding version of the 6000/6500 automatic – you can see some more work on this puzzle on the Asian watch Forum where I have asked for other expert’s views:

      I don’t think I asked before, but did you or your watch repairer notice a movement number stamped near the balance wheel when you had the back off?

      Thanks for keeping in touch about this, it’s always fun and interesting to have a puzzle to work on :)


  55. jase says:

    Hi Stephen, Why does the watch starts working just shake it without a hand winding??

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jase – sometimes my hand winders will start ticking, but only for a short while, when I pick them up They’ll not keep running without winding them. Is that what you mean?


  56. yhazz legaspi says:

    hey guys i have an antique citizen watch basically made at the year 1905 17 jewels 4-163206smt , 6051905 ,65-2555 , water resistant sadly i dont know if it even works but do u think i can sell it ?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi, what you have is a ladies watch from May 1976 which has the 2302 movement in it. Although you can sell anything, even in good working condition one of these will not fetch much money since most collectors are after men’s watches. Although it’s a perfectly good time piece it is a basic model so it’s not got any special features that might be of interest.


  57. Svk says:

    I have a square automatic citizen watch which is very thin. There no date or day displays.
    Movement is marked 7021a 20 jewels and is very small, probably a ladies watch movement. The no on back is
    4-795238 ta
    Can you please help with more information?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Svk, sorry for a slow reply, been a busy day!

      I’m afraid I can’t help very much with information about your watch – unfortunately there is very little information about women’s models and I can’t find references to the 7021 movement. From the style of the case number (4-795238) and the model number (65-0030) my best guess is that your watch is from the 1970s or 1980s. The seven digit serial number (5110442) also suggests this period, and gives a production date of either November 1975 or November 1985.

      Sorry I can’t provide more info,


  58. Daniel says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the great resource but I cant seem to locate my movement on the table.
    Any help dating my Citizen would be much appreciated.
    The movement is marked 7933E
    and the caseback reads:
    7933-798791 J
    1073226 45-3145


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Dan, thanks for your comment. I’m afraid my collection and research covers Citizen’s vintage mechanical and electro-mechanical models, made up to the late 1970s. Since yours is a quartz model, and later than that period, it isn’t in the table. From the information you’ve provided I would think your watch is from either July 1981, or July 1991. The style of the serial number and model number (453145) suggests to me it may be from 1981,


  59. Daniel says:

    Of course, had I not been researching at 1am I may have realised that your research didnt cover any quartz watches.
    1981 is indeed correct, based on your suggestion I have found it in an archived catalogue.

    Many thanks!

  60. sweephand says:

    Hi Dan – good to hear you found information on your watch to confirm its production date,


  61. sergiosaurio says:

    Hello: I send my best wishes. You helped me a lot with my Bullhead.
    I have Citizen 21 J Automatic date with milanese strap. that I am not able to date…I presume is circa 1974?
    Back is writen: Citizen Watch Co 4-164296SMK 610000042 72-0178 JAPAN ALL STAINLESS TEEEL WATER RESISTANT. I so thank you. Regards from volcanic Patagonia, Argentina.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Sergio, good to hear from you again :) Your 21 jewel automatic is from October 1976, and uses the 8210 movement which is the date only version of the 8200 auto. These were first produced around 1975 so it was made quite early in the production run. 8200 movements have been used right through to the modern day. Do you have any photos you can post a link to?


  62. Mika says:

    Hello, could you assist me in finding some specific info about my citizen?

    It’s manual wind, the dial reads these lines “Citizen, 17 Jewels, Water Protected, Unbreakable Spring, Parashock” The watch has no second indicator, only minute and hour indicator, no date indicator either. Pearlescent dial with black numeral numbers that indicate hours.

    The backplate reads: “4-020189TA Waterprotected Stainless Steel” in a circular setup and in the middle of them is “63-5511 Citizen 20401035″

    The only thing I really could figure out was the date and manufacturing number from the serial.
    I’d really love to know which year this was produced, is it for men or women, what the exact model is, the original price maybe? And anything else you can find out about the watch.

    I tried looking at the movement chart but I failed to find any information there

    Thank you very much!

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Mika, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m sorry you couldn’t find information on your watch from the Movement Table – in fact you’ve highlighted through your question that I need to add something! From your description and the case number – 4-020189 – I can confirm your watch has a ‘Homer’ movement which was first produced in 1960. You can find that on page 2 of the Table, movement number is 0200/0201. Since yours is marked ‘Water Protected, Unbreakable Spring’, then I believe it’s an export model. It’s these dial markings I need to add to the Movement Table.

      You can find more information about your model in this post: This mentions the 02 Family Tree where I have added a reference to the model: Also if you follow the link in the post yo can find comments about this model and links to a few images too.

      Since yours has the later type of model number – 63-5511 – then yours can be dated to April 1972 via the first part of the serial number (20401035).

      Yours is a gents watch, and was an ‘entry ‘level’ hand winder, which would not have been very expensive when new. Although the Movement Table gives original prices in Japanese yen forthe 0200, I’m afraid I don’t know what they cost in other currencies.

      Finally, I’m surprised to hear that your watch has no second hand – I wonder if it has gone missing at some point. Have you any photos that you could post a link to (I’m afraid you can’t post images directly)?


  63. kamal says:

    Hi Stephen, I have just bought a citizen 7 watch on ebay, with day and date, see photos :

    And on the cover back it have this information :
    citizen watch co
    3127996 or 8127996 (I cant see exactly the first number on the picture)

    have you got any information about this model;
    Thanks for your help

  64. inot says:

    i bought father’s friend watch. citizen automatic 21jewels and there the eagle at under
    water resist
    4-282663 KT

    how old that watch ? thanks

  65. Cheryl Schun says:

    Hello Stephen,

    I stumbled upon your blog while browsing for info on citizen ladies watches. I’m looking for an automatic vintage one, which I found on a local dutch website called Marktplaats, it’s similar to ebay.

    However I am shocked that there are many fakes out there. So now I’m worried the one I have my eyes on is indeed a fake.

    So I thought maybe you can help me out? I have three pictures, that are not very sharp (which is a red alert I guess). Further the seller says the numbers at the back of the Citizen auto watch are 230178 gn-4w-s. It’s from around 1980 and water resistant.

    I’ve already asked the seller for more info this morning, but haven’t heard back yet.

    I’m looking forward to your reply!

    Many thanks,

    Cheryl Schun

  66. Cheryl Schun says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I’ve just heard back from the seller and on the back is also the following: 4-ro6306rc.

    Thank you,


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Cheryl, thanks for visiting my blog, and apologies for a slow reply. The most useful thing to help identify the watch and its movement is usually the case number, but this one looks to be an incorrect reading of it (i.e. 4-ro6306rc). It should consist of 4- then six numbers, maybe with a space and two letters after that. If the back is worn it may be hard for the seller to read the numbers correctly. So I’m not able to help much at the moment I’m afraid. Has the seller given any more info about the watch, e.g. what’s printed on the dial, number of jewels, and could you let me have a link to the pictures? Pictures will probably help most of all in fact :)


      • Cheryl says:

        Hi Stephen,

        Thank you for your reply.

        This is the link:

        Further information provider by the seller is that on the dial it says 21 jewels it has the eagle on it with a 7 surrounded in red.

        He said the letters at the bottom of the dial are too small to read… But I could have a look at it myself before I purchase, as the seller lives nearby. And he wouldn’t mind I tried the watch on before I buy it.

        I guess the number on the back should be 4-R06306 RC.

        I hope you can give me more information!

        Many thanks,


        • sweephand says:

          Hi Cheryl, thanks for the link. I think this is an original watch, but I’m not sure of the age. It’s more recent than the time period I am familiar with – I don’t think I’d describe it as ‘vintage’, in fact I’ve found similar models for sale on eBay described as new., e.g.

          These have a different style of model number from older watches which is why I didn’t recognise it. Because it’s more recent I’m not sure which movement is used – if it is big enough a case to use the same one as in the men’s Eagle 7’s then it will be an 8200, which a sound and reliable movement. The seller describes it as ‘mint’ but the pictures aren’t clear enough to verify that, so it’s definitely worth looking at before buying.

          Hope this helps,

      • Cheryl says:

        Thank you Stephen,

        My main concern was if the Citizen watch is in fact an authentic one.

        As for the age, it would be cooler if it’s from around the 80’s. But I wouldn’t mind if it’s a newer model. You reckon it’s from the 90’s or 2000?

        As for the price, I don’t know if it’s expensive or not for a slightly used Citizen watch. What do you think?

        And if the movement is different than the 8200 kind, is it still a good movement or are the newer ones used in these type of watches from less quality?

        Thank you again, this is really helpfull!


        • sweephand says:

          Hi Cheryl – I think the watch is more likely to be 1990s or 2000s. The movement should be a ‘Miyota’ and will be fine. It should hand wind as well as being an automatic, so check that works when you go to see it. Also you could ask to see the movement if the seller is prepared to take the back off. It should be signed ‘Citizen’ or ‘Miyota’ and look something like this:

          I’m not sure about the price – I’d offer less than the asking price though :)


  67. avajesh says:

    my watch shows:
    4-039645 SMT

    can you provide some information on this?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi avajesh, thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the information from the back of your watch. The case number is usually the most helpful part but yours (4-039645) is not one I am familiar with. Can I check that it is definitely 4-03, and not 4-02? Also, is it a hand winding watch and what are the markings on the dial? If you can post a link to photos of your watch it would be very useful in trying to provide more information. I’m sorry I’m asking questions rather than giving answers!!


      • avajeshh says:

        Thank you for considering my query.
        It is 4-03 i rechecked. It is a hand winding watch. on the dial there is an Eagle 7 logo. below that in small letters it is written JAPAN-P-8200-S86968T-SM

      • avajesh says:

        Hi sweephand,
        Thank you for it answering my query. is 4-03 i rechecked.It is a hand winding watch.
        On the dial there is an Eagle 7 logo, 21 jewels underthat, and in small letters this code is there:

        • sweephand says:

          Hi avajesh – thanks for the further information, which means that we can identify the watch as an Eagle 7 which uses the 8200 automatic movement. This movement was first produced in 1975 and has been used ever since. The Eagle 7 models were first produced in the 1980s I think, so yours is from February 1984 or it could be 1994. Unfortunately since the movement has been produced for many years it’s not possible to be absolutely certain in which year it was made.

          The case material code – BT – is one I’ve not come across before as far as I can remember. What is the colour / finish on the case? Is it black?

          Hope this helps,

    • sweephand says:

      thanks for the pics – I did my last message before I saw them :) ‘BT’ means black case, the T could mean a titanium bezel, but I’m not sure, Citizen’s codes are not always obvious!


  68. avajesh says:

    thankyou very much sweephand.. :)

  69. avajesh says:

    one more question, this watch goes 5 minutes fast every day. will there be any solution for this problem? i am affraid is this off-topic.

    • sweephand says:

      some regulation can be done by adjusting the balance spring, but 5 minutes is too much I think for that method. If your watch is running ok otherwise, it probably just needs a clean & service.


  70. S says:

    Hi there,
    I recently bought a ladies Citizen quartz watch and was wondering if you could help me age it?

    Markings are:
    6031-G02361 K
    JAPAN -> 12

    I’m guessing late 70s? Any info. at all would be great! :) Thanks!

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Sara, thanks for visiting my blog. Your watch uses the 6031 movement, and from the style of the markings on the back I think this is not as early as the late 1970s. I don’t know the production dates of the 6031 movement but I would guess that it is from 1988 or maybe 1998. I’m sorry I can’t be more precise, but there is little information around about quartz movements other than the very early and high end ones. Here’s a technical manual for the movement:


  71. Neek says:

    Can you please tell me the year of manufacture and anything else interesting about it…thanks

    Around the outer circle of the back of the watch reads: BASE METAL TOP, STAINLESS STEEL, WATERESISTANT

    and in the centre it reads:
    4 – 068784 SMT
    AV – 2044 GP

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Neek, thanks for visiting my blog. Your watch may be a bit later than the period I am most familiar with – can you tell me what’s on the dial, and is it a hand winder or an automatic?


  72. evelyn says:

    hi stephen ….I’m not sure but i think my citizen is fake here’s what is written at the back…CITIZEN WATCH CO. WATER RESIST BASE METAL 1032-R024102RC 573674 GN-0-S=>9 JAPAN
    this => is an arrow and in front is japan movement …please can you help thank you. evelyn

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Evelyn, thanks for visiting my blog. Your watch is more recent than the vintage models I know well, but there is a Citizen quartz movement numbered ‘1032’, and the models which use that have similar model
      numbers to yours. If you google ‘citizen quartz 1032′ you can find some examples which you can compare with your own. Hope this helps a bit!


  73. Venkatesh Kandula says:

    Sir, Can you send yours email ID & Face book ID please. If you have Face book Group Please add me in that group. Because i need yours help. I am a watch collector
    Venkatesh Kandula

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Venkatesh – I’m afraid I don’t do face book. If you have any questions about vintage Citizens please ask here and I’ll do my best to reply,


  74. Venkatesh Kandula says:

    Stephen Sir,
    CITIZEN AUTOMATIC, 21 Jewels,Dat & Date, P-8200 288961-KY
    On Back Cover : CITIZEN, Water Resist, Stainless 4-282060 KT 20200436 71-2831 GN-4-S
    Can you explain the details of this Watch please? Year ?

    • Venkatesh Kandula says:

      This is with 7 with in Eagle

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Venki, thanks for visiting my blog. You have one of the Eagle 7 automatics, which use the 8200 movement first produced around 1975. This movement became Citizen’s standard automatic, and has been used for many years, up to the present day in fact. The 8200 is a very sound and reliable movement with decent accuracy. The ‘Eagle 7′ line was started in the 1980s I think, and the serial number on yours (20200436) indicates is made in either February 1982 or February 1992. I can’t pin it down exactly I’m afraid. Here’s a page on the 8200 for more information:


  75. Venkatesh Kandula says:

    I have one more watch (Winding Type) in my collection That is not having any Name on Daile of that watch.
    Details on Machine (Movement): UNITAS, 15 Jewels, Swiss Made
    On Back Cover: Anti Magnetic Inca bloc / Stainless Steel back / Water Resistant

    Where i get this details please suggest me sir

  76. Lidia says:


    I have my mom’s citizen and I would like to know something about this watch and how I can recharge it

    In front:
    21 jewels

    In the back:
    Water resistent
    Base metal top
    Stainless steel back
    4-661923 TA

    Thank so much for your time!
    My mom pass away 10 years ago and I don’t have too much information about this watch but it means alot to me.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Lidia, thanks for visiting my blog, and for providing all the information shown on your watch. The movement in the watch is the 6600 which is a very good one first produced around 1970. They were made with no date, just date, and date and day windows and with either 17 or 21 jewels. The interesting part (for watch geeks anyway!) is that they are a high beat movement – this means they tick more quickly than a standard movement, giving greater accuracy. The 6600 in your beats at 28,800 beats per hour, i.e. 8 beats per second.

      The movement, as shown on the dial, is an automatic, but as far as I know it should also hand wind, so it should wind up and run by winding the crown. If that doesn’t start it up try ‘waving’ the watch from side to side for 30 seconds or so and see if it starts running. An automatic has a rotor – a weight that swings – which winds the watch when it’s worn. As long as the wearer is fairly active it should stay wound. Hopefully yours is not broken – if it doesn’t start up it may need cleaning and oiling if it’s otherwise ok.

      The markings on the back are:
      4-661923 – the case number
      8101072 – the serial number
      54-0340 – the model number
      GN-4-S – the case type, this one has a screw on case back
      GP – means that the case is gold plated

      The serial number gives us the production date from the first 3 digits – since these were made in the 1970s yours was most likely made in October 1978. I doubt that it would have been made in 1988. Does this give the watch the right kind of age do you think?

      Hope this is helpful,

  77. Lidia says:

    Wow you are amazing! Thank you!

    My watch works very good, I am from Costa Rica, where I think my mom bought it. I took it to cleaning and oiling and since that day works good, but sometime just stop, and I didn’t know how to recharged it propertly. Now is going to work better than ever!

    Thank you again!

  78. monika says:

    hi i have a citizen quartz watch
    base metal yp 2250-226658 y
    japan 10
    can you tell me something about this watch

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Monika, thanks for visiting my blog :)

      I’m afraid my field is older mechanical watches – I can tell you that yours is a quartz model using the 2250 movement. The serial number – 7020351 – gives the date of production, but I’m not sure which decade it was made in. My best guess is February 1987 – would that seem about right from what you know of the watch?


  79. Alex says:

    Hi this is great forum , just added it to favourites bar and share it with my friends … As many of you here I came a cross this blog when looking for some information about citizen women’s wrist watch can you please give me some information about this item :
    Citizen watch co.
    Base metal m
    6031-s46713 cws

  80. doug from cali says:

    I have A citizens watch also if anyone can tell me anything about it..

    4- 169131 SMD
    707 3516
    74 -2015

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Doug, thank you for visiting my blog. The numbers on the case back of your watch suggest that it has a 6900 automatic movement (date only I think). These are very nice high beat movements running at 28,800 beats per hour. The case number (4-169131) and the model number (74-2015) are correct for this sort of movement, and am I right that it is a ladies watch? Does the dial have any markings other than Citizen? This movement was used in models called ‘Cosmostars’ but that may not be present if it’s an export model.

      The serial number, 7073516, tells us it was made in July 1977 (i.e. ‘707’).


  81. robert murphy says:

    hi there dont no if you can help .
    i have a regency hand winding watch with a citizen 0200 series movement i think . it has 1801 on it . it also has a date window . on the back of it the name looks a golden colour . any information would welcome

    thanks robert

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Robert, thanks for visiting my blog. Interesting to hear about your watch – I’m not aware of the Regency brand using Citizen movements, but it’s possible that they did supply other companies. I have googled vintage Regency watches and I’ve seen a few marked ‘Swiss’ on the dial. How is the dial on yours marked? A Citizen 0200 movement with a date window would be marked 1801 so it does sound like a Citizen ‘Homer’ movement. Have you any photos of the watch, especially the movement? If so, although you can’t post them directly here, you can post a link to somewhere like Photobucket. Or I can email you so you can send them to me so I can post them.


      • MURPHY ROBERT says:

        hello Stephen thanks for the reply . here are some pictures for[image: Inline images 1][image: Inline images 2][image: Inline images 3] my regency watch

        thanks again robert

        • sweephand says:

          Hi Robert, sorry for a late reply – have been away for a couple of days. I’m afraid the links to your pics are not working. Would you like me to email you so you can send them to me for uploading?


  82. robert murphy says:

    hello Stephen i will try this way a link to photobucket

    thanks again robert

    • sweephand says:

      Thanks for the new link Robert, that works fine. And your watch definitely looks to have a Citizen movement in it. I have seen ‘Regency’ watches with Swiss movements in them, so it looks to me like they also used Citizen movements, marking them with their own name rather than ‘Homer’. I’ll have to try and find out more about the Regency brand, so far I have had little luck.


  83. Marko says:

    Hi, Robert and Stephen!
    I have Regency also, it´s with ETA cal.1080 and the case looks almost identical with Roberts one. There is “21” in case back of mine version, Robert have “14”. The Regency logo are identical in both watches, so they are from same company.
    What i found is that there are two company which have been made Regency-brand: Wilka Watch Co and Accurist SA. It´s hard to say, which one is behind this particural Regency, but my guess is Accurist. It´s more likely, that Accurist have been used Citizen movements than Wilka, which have made tens of different brands… But as i said, just guessing…


  84. AZIZ AZIZ says:

    Hi stephen…
    Need ur help 4 this details
    6100-G06498 k
    JAPAN 10

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Aziz, your watch is a quartz model, and is more recent than the vintage mechanical watches I am more familiar with. I noticed when I ‘googled’ about it that you can get replacement Miyota movements for them. I would guess that yours is probably from 1990.

      Sorry I can’t be of much help.


  85. AZIZ AZIZ says:

    Tq. Stephen

  86. AZIZ AZIZ says:

    Hi stephen..need ur advice 4 this 2 item, which one better?
    Seiko 5 17 jewel auto
    Citizen auto
    4-039050 HSE

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Abdul, first thing to say is that both the Seiko 7s26 movement used in the Seiko 5, and the Citizen (Miyota) 8200 movement in the NH4000 are sound and reliable, providing they are in good condition and have not been abused of course. Both movements have been produced for a long time so have proved themselves over the years. I know the 8200 can run very accurately too – I’ve seen quite a few posts on forums by owners who have fine tuned them to within a few seconds per day. Both movements run at 21,600 beats per hour and have day and date features. The 8200 can be hand wound as well as being an automatic, which I think is quite a nice feature when you want to get a watch up and running quickly without having to wave it around!

      Since both of these movements are good ones, it probably comes down to which one you like the look of most, what the condition and price are, and whether you really want the hand winding capability of the Citizen.

      Hope this helps,


  87. Akram says:

    Hello.. Please help me to find the date and the model of my vintage Citizen watch..
    It Says –
    4-038568 K

  88. Matthijs (Holland, Amsterdam) says:

    Hi there Stephen,

    Today i cleared and cleaned up my loft.
    I found an old Citizen watch from my father and stranded at your blog.
    Can u give me some info about it.

    The watch info is:
    Citizen Automatic 21 Jewels
    4-652371 TA
    Water Resistant

    Thanks in advance.

    Greatings Matthijs.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Matthijs, thank you for visiting my blog, and thanks for providing all the information from the case back on your father’s watch. What this tells us is that you have an automatic with black case and gold bezel (BLG) powered by Citizen’s 6501 movement. This movement was first produced in 1971, and only had a short production run into the mid-1970s when the development of quartz watches dramatically changed the watch world. The 21 jewel movement is a good quality one and runs at 21,600 beats per hour – the 6501 version has both day and date complications.

      4-652371 is the case number and 61-0283 is the model number, which would have been useful for the watch maker when servicing. GN-1-S is the case type, indicating that it has a screw on back. Use of water ‘resistant’ shows it is from after around 1970 when watch manufacturers had to stop using water ‘proof’ (Citizen usually used ‘parawater’ rather then waterproof).

      The first three digits of the serial number provide the production date, so yours was made in February 1974 (40201497). Did your father buy this one when it was new? How is the condition of the watch after spending time in the loft?….


      • Matthijs (Holland, Amsterdam) says:

        Hi again Stephen,

        Thanks again for all the info, and fast reaction.
        And your right its a black case with a gold bezel and a gold color clock-face, the number markers are placed in a square shape.
        He bought this one new.
        I now wear it almost 2 days and its still running on time
        pretty remarkable after almost 40 years :-)
        The knob is left sided of the watch, this is something i don’t see very often.(or maybe i just wont to make it more special)

        greatings for now.

        • sweephand says:

          You’re welcome Matthijs, always good to hear that an old citizen is back in use :) I’m surprised to hear it has a left side crown – that’s very unusual. Have you any photos? (you can’t post photos directly here but I can e-mail you if you want to send them to me, or you could upload them to somewhere like photobucket and post a link).


  89. Matthijs (Holland, Amsterdam) says:

    Hey Stephen,

    Here are some quick pics.

    I hope they are good.


  90. Hi! I have a NOS citizen seven star and on the dial it says 33 jewels, but the movement is 5270 calibre with 21 jewels! The watch is made in 69 and had all the stickers and price tag attached. Do you have any reasonable explanation, by any chance, about this? Thank you! :)

    • Hi Stephen! By the way, this is my site about vintage citizen watches, and this is my “answer” to this situation: I would really appreciate your opinion. Thank you!

      • sweephand says:

        Hi Doc, good to hear from you :) I’ve had a good look at your watch and my reference material – and I read your “answer” to the mystery of the 5270 21 jewel movement with a 33 jewel dial. My conclusion is a bit different though I’m afraid…

        Here’s what I think – and the info on the case back is useful in this assessment. The case number is 4-520068, and as it happens I have a scan from this model on one of my blog pages, although it has a different design from yours;
        You can see from this that the case number is for a Seven Star model, not a Crystal Seven. The model is a Seven Star Deluxe in fact with day and date window at 3 o’clock (I have a pic of that in a book, but I’ve not scanned it yet), which uses a 21 jewel 5270 movement. The dial design with a separate day window at 12 o’clock was used in the earlier Crystal Seven models up to 1968 as far as I’ve seen, so a production date of 1969 seems too late for that layout to me. So it looks to me that the NOS case and 5270 movement has been used with a NOS Crystal Seven dial and day/date wheels (I guess they would fit since it’s the same base movement) and although presented as an original NOS piece I doubt that this is correct.


        • Thank you do much! I hope one day i will know as much as you do about vintage citizen watches. You are my main inspiration and because of your excelent blog i started writting about my watches. One more question (then i will have to change my “answer”, when do you think the case and the movement met giving birth do this watch? Is there any chance to be build as this, or just a modern marriage put together a few years (months) ago?

        • Thanks Stephen! I mean, when do you think the dial and the date wheel were instaled? Was this the way it was manufactured or just a modern watch with vintage pieces?
          (Is is ok if i placed your anwer in my site?)

          • sweephand says:

            Good to see your blog, I will make a link to it if that’s ok with you :) No problem about you posting my answer on your site. I don’t know when the watch was put together, it could be any time I guess – where did you find it?


  91. I would love to have a link on your blog. It is an honor! (i will do the same, even though my blog is really small :) ) I have a few Citizen watches (i am only beginning to write about them) and this particular one i have it from ebay, from Singapore.

  92. Kaushal Rohit says:

    Hey, I have a citizen 21 jewels of my father.My father is still 54 so i think it should not be old can u also tell me the value of the watch.
    4-280351 KT

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Kaushal, thanks for visiting my blog. Your father’s watch is an automatic with Citizen’s 8200 movement, and is probably marked on the dial with the Eagle 7 logo. The 8200 automatics were produced from the mid 1970s right through the following 30 years so it’s not so easy getting the production year from the first digit of the serial number (10800015). As far as I know the Eagle 7 models were first produced in the 1980s – I think 1981 is probably too early, so I would say 1991 is most likely. There were a great many models made over the years with the 8200 movement so I’m afraid they do not have any great value these days. If you Google the model number (i.e. ‘vintage Citizen 71-1951′) you should find a few examples that have sold on eBay to give you an idea of value.


  93. Corey says:

    Hi Stephen !! Excellent work on your blog, I can’t imagine how much time you’ve put into it. So I have a new master 33 citizen watch. From what I’ve learned (from your blog ) it has the 1802 movement and the 7 digit number is 9087000 so it’d be an August 1969 watch ?? I’ll try to post some pics too if I am able. What I’m curious about though is if the dial is original ? I haven’t seen the new master 33 much in my research. Also what’re these watches worth ? The face shows new master 33 with citizen above it on the left and on the right it has 21 jewels with para water below it, but on the case back it has water proof. Just trying to learn what I can about it. Thanks again for all your work !! And happy new year !!!

  94. Corey says:

    I couldn’t get any pics on here … But if you need any extra info just let me know ☺️

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Corey, thanks for visiting my blog :) I’m afraid visitors can’t post pics directly, but if you have uploaded to somewhere like PhotoBucket you can post a link. Or I can email you and you could send them to me so I can post here – let me know if you would like me to do that.

      I have come across Newmaster 33 before so as far as I know it is a valid marking, and sounds like the dial markings are laid out correctly. I’ve seen Newmaster 22 and 23 too – I don’t know how many numbers like this were used, nor why! It would be good to see a pic of the dial to be sure. You’re right about the date – August 1969 – it couldn’t be 1959 since they weren’t made then and it isn’t 1979 since it’s marked ‘parawater’ (would be ‘water resistant’ in 1979). Does the back have a model number on it, for example 63-1396?


      • Corey says:

        Happy new year fellow watch afficianotos 😊 and yeah it does have a model number it’s 63-1019. An I’d be more than happy to email some pics if you want me too.

        • sweephand says:

          Thanks Corey – that looks like the correct model number, I’ll email you for pics :)

        • sweephand says:

          Here’s Corey’s watch, thanks for the pics :) – I think the second hand is a later replacement but otherwise all seems original:

          The movement is clearly a Homer, with 21 jewels:

          The case back shows the model number:

          This pic shows the dial markings a little better – the crown shaped marker at 12 o’clock is typical of these hand winding Newmasters:

          Thanks again Corey,

  95. Corey says:

    Thanks for all the info Stephen !! The watch is currently not running but with all I know about it now I think that I’ll see about getting it serviced and back up and going. It’s a nice vintage watch that I’ll be glad to use.

  96. sharon says:

    Hey, I bought a citizen 21 jewels eagle 7 .can you help me to know how old the watch ? also help me to find some info about that watch
    4-039611 K

  97. Frank says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog on Citizen Vintage watches! My dad just passed me a Citizen watch recently, it’s a hand-wound mechanical watch with no second hand. I’ve not been able to find anything about it on the Internet so far. The dial is gold with black Roman numerals and just the brand CITIZEN.

    The back says:

    4-167899 SMN

    Do you happen to have any information about this watch? Thank you for your help!

    Best regards,


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Frank, thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments – much appreciated :) I can tell you a little bit about your watch, or at least the movement in it, although it’s not one I know very well. As you have discovered, there is very little, if anything, on the internet about them. From the case number (4-167899) I can tell you that the movement used is the 6800 hand winder – this is a woman’s watch movement and was first made, as far as I know, in the early 1980s. The 6800 runs at 21,600 beats per hour and was made with 21 jewels – there may possibly have been other versions, perhaps with 17 jewels, but I don’t know for sure. Here’s a pic of the movement:

      The oval shape of this, and its relatively small size is an indication of it being used in ladies’ watches. Here’s an example of a case back, showing a similar case number to yours (the key bit is ‘167’):

      (pics from internet, with acknowledgement to owner [not known])

      The model number on yours – 76-2261 – is not much help in finding information, but it would have been useful in its day to watch makers when they were doing a service who could have used it to order parts. ‘GP’ indicates of course that yours is gold plated over a base metal case. As far as I know ‘SMN’ indicates the factory where the watch was made, but I don’t know what the codes stand for. The first three digits of the serial number – 1060845 – indicate the production date. I think June 1981 is most likely – I don’t think it would be June 1991, not least since by then Citizen were making a quartz model with a 6800 movement. I doubt that they would have two movements in production at the same time with the same number.

      Finally, these movements did have a second hand – do you think it may have gone missing in action at some time?


      • Frank says:

        Hi Stephen, thanks for the kind reply! Your information is indeed insightful! What surprises me most is that this is a movement for a lady’s watch, since the dial is quite big and measures 34mm across. Could it be possible that men’s watches were also produced using this movement? I’m looking at the caseback and notice that the backplate is indeed much smaller than the dial, suggesting that the movement is small. I have taken 2 photographs of both the front and back and they’re at:

        My dad bought this watch from an old watch dealer in the 90’s, so I’m not sure if it came with a second hand originally. The watch does not look like it has been damaged though, although it could have been serviced and the second hand removed.

        Best regards,


        • sweephand says:

          You’re welcome Frank – thanks for the links to your photos, always good to see pics :) You may be right that this is a man’s watch, I know Citizen have done this in other models, e.g.
          It would be usual to have a second hand with this movement. However, from your pic of the dial I’m not sure whether it has a hole in the centre of the hands where a second hand would fit, it looks like the centre of the minute hand is filled. Is there a dial code on yours? It’s normally right at the bottom of the dial, and may need a magnifier to read it. It would be good to see the movement, to make sure it’s an authentic 6800 model. Are you able to get the back off? Please don’t try without the right tool though, don’t want you to damage the case and / or back.


          • Frank says:

            Hi Stephen, thanks for your kind help! I just used a loupe to look at the dial code, and it reads: 0180-043933 SMS. The centre of the minute hand does look like it is filled with a round piece of metal, so not sure whether the minute hand should fit in there. I can’t get the back plate off yet as I don’t have the tools for it at the moment :)

            Best regards,


  98. Marko says:


    Stephen, have to tell, that i have bought a few watches from that seller and all of them have been dirty,as is that one in your link. Plating seems to be waisted, also… Well, i could buy watches for parts, but that´s all from that seller :D.

    Regards, Marko

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Marko – I’ve never bought from that seller, so good to see your cautionary comments, thank you. I posted the link for Frank because it was such a coincidence to find the exact same watch as his,

  99. Marko says:

    Hi, Stephen!

    That´s what i presumed, but i tought it´s better to warn, so that everyone should know that fact :D.
    And that´s really a coincidence to find such a “pair” :D.
    Stephen, i´ll send an e-mail to you little later, got a lot of things … :D

    Regards, Marko

    • sweephand says:

      Agreed Marko, thanks again for the warning – looking forward to your email :)


    • Frank says:

      Hi Marko, thanks for the heads-up! Yes the watch posted by the seller does seem to be a bit dirty. Mine looks like new and I would never have guessed its age until Stephen told me!

  100. hasan says:

    Hi stephen , I am from Jakarta indonesia , my name hasan , I bought a citizen 21 jewels eagle , .can you help me to know how old the watch ?
    thank you

  101. Marko says:

    Hi, Frank!

    Well, should be a duty of everyone to warn about that kind of the seller… It´s not the end of the world, if you pay $10 for that watch and if i recall right, there was a decent dial and so on, so it might be a good sparepart-watch :).
    It´s allways amazing to find those old watches in good shape, especially when you get the caseback off and look at the movement and you find shining marvel, even though it has been closed for e.g. 30-50 years and it still runs :D.
    Even though your watch are still working, i recommend you to get it to the watchmaker and let him do a basic-service for it, mechanical movements requires this to be done a time to time, for example between 2-10 years.
    Welcome to the wonder-world of the mechanical watches :D !

    Regards, Marko

  102. Gilbert Cardo says:

    hola me encontré con este gran post soy de Mexico .quería saber si me pudieras facilitar información de este modelo
    citizen watch co wáter resist base metal yp
    6650-074904 M

    • sweephand says:

      Hola Gilbert, gracias por visitar mi blog y tu amable comentario :) En 1968 Citizen empezado haciendo relojes en México, así que puede ser tuyo fue hecha en su país de origen. Lamentablemente no conozco el movimiento automático 6650 muy bien. Entiendo fue hecha en la década de 1980 y 1990 y fue utilizado a veces en ‘Eagel 7′ modelos así como relojes. Desde el número de serie de su reloj – 00800307 – creo que es a partir de agosto de 1990. ¿Crees que esto es correcto

      (Hello Gilbert, thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment :) In 1968 Citizen started making watches in Mexico, so may be yours was made in your home country. Unfortunately I do not know the 6650 automatic movement very well. I understand it was made in the 1980s and 1990s, and was sometimes used in ‘Eagle 7′ models as well as ladies watches. From the serial number on your watch – 00800307 – I would think it is from August 1990. Do you think this is correct?)


  103. Cameron says:

    Hi, can’t seem to download the file and can’t seem to find any info about my watch, any help would be great 9D5330 GN-D-S I’m pretty sure it’s not that old or valuable but I would like to know more about it. Cheers

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Cameron, thanks for visiting my blog – I’m not sure why you can’t download the file. Do the .pdf task bar appear when you mouse over the screen? The Movement Table mauy not help anyway if your watch is later than 1980, and the serial number format (9D5330) suggests it is later than that. Is there other information on the case back you can post, for example a model number (format of 12-3456) and or a case number (format of 4-123456)? Also, can you tell me what’s on the dial, especially if you can see a dial code at the bottom – it’ll be very samll near the 6 o’clock marker, and you may need a magnifier to read it.


  104. Cameron says:

    Hi, thanks for getting back to me, the only other thing on the back is 1102-S66587 HSB? On the watch face under the IV is JAPAN MOVT-1102-N96436-KA hope that helps, age and value would really help thanks so much.


  105. Cameron says:

    Thanks for your help Stephen, I know where to come if I get another one in the future. Cheers

  106. Nikitesh says:

    I’ve got an Citizen Automatic 7 eagle 21 jewels watch, I’m unable to find anything about it.
    The details behind the watch are as follows.
    Water Resist
    4-285662 KT
    21 201866
    This is my late grandfaters watch, it would mean a lot to me, if you can shed some details.
    Thank you.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Nikitesh, thanks for visiting my blog :) I’m afraid I don’t have information on your particular model – the model number is 71-2434. The ’71’ models used the 8200 automatic which was first made around 1975, and the ‘Eagle 7′ ones appeared in the 1980s. ‘4-285662′ is the case number, and GN-4-S is the case type, which refers to a waterproof case and crystal. The serial number helps to give a production date – is yours 201866 or 21201866? Either way it seems that yours was made in 1982. Would that fit with when your grand father might have bought it? Here’s some more info abut the 8200:


  107. Cristian Manea says:

    Hello Stephen, my name is Cristian Manea and would like to ask you if you please shed some light over these numbers? Like very much the watch and would like to know some more about it. I know it’s a Crystron. Thank you.
    4 – 853458Y
    44 – 6092
    GN -5 – U

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Cristian, thanks for visiting my blog :) Can you have a look at the dial on your watch, and is there a number printed at the bottom, under or at the side of the 6 o’clock marker? You my need a magnifier to read it. That would be helpful to identify what movement is inside.


  108. Cristian Manea says:

    Hi Stephen and thank you for your reply. It says JAPAN 85xx-851690Y (can’t see the what is after 85; if guessing, would say the third one is a 9). Thank you, Stephen, have a nice evening.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Cristian, thanks for the dial code info. Your watch is one of the earliest Crystron models – in its day it would have been an expensive piece as quartz technology was still new at that time. The movement is probably an 8565, which was first produced in 1978. The first three digits in the serial number give a production date of October 1978. I don’t think it would be 1988 since this movement would have been replaced by then as the technology was developed very quickly.

      44-6092 is the model number of your watch, but I couldn’t find any images of it. 4–853458Y is the case number, whilst GN-5-U is the case type.

      Here’s a nice page which gives more information, where you’ll see two versions of Citizen’s early quartz movements and a case back with a ’44’ model number:


  109. Cristian Manea says:

    Thank you, Stephen.

  110. Yuzzrizz says:

    I’ve got an Citizen Automatic 21 jewels watch, I’m unable to find anything about it.
    The details behind the watch are as follows.
    Water Resist
    4-280041 KT

    This is my late grandfaters watch, it would mean a lot to me, if you can share some details.
    Thank you.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Yuzzrizz, thank you for visiting my blog. Your late grandfather’s watch has the 8200 automatic movement inside, which was first produced around 1975. In good condition it is a reliable and accurate movement and has been produced by Citizen for over 30 years. I think your watch will have an ‘eagle 7′ motif on the dial? Is that correct? If so, with the model number 51-8093 and case number 4-280041 it is most probably from the early 1980s. The first three numbers of the serial number – 30401318 – give a more accurate production date, of April 1983. I hope this helps – there is a bit more information on the 8200 movement here:


  111. Dan says:

    Hi there, Just wanted some info on this watch I’ve inherited.

    On the back its reads:

    3620-945689 SMG

    On the front of the watch in very small print it reads:


    Any info would help thanks

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Dan, thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry for delay in replying, but the weather is very good here at the moment so I’ve not been in the house very much! From the info you’ve given, you have a quartz watch – my area of knowledge is mainly the older mechanical models so I’m not so familiar with the quartz models, and Citizen has made a great many of them over the years. I can tell you that the case number – 3620-945689 (and the dial code) – gives us the movement used, i.e. 3620. 36-7346 is the model number, but that doesn’t tell us very much! ‘YP’ – Yellow Plate – indicates it is a gold tone watch. Dating the watch is problematic since there is little reference material for the quartz models since they are not collected so much, unless they are high end or very early examples. The serial number – 40900120 – can give us the production date, but without knowing which decade the movement was made we have a problem. The best I can say is that it is from either September 1984 or 1994, I’m afraid I can’t say any more definitely than that,


  112. Hello,
    I found a citizen quartz watch and would like know more about it if possible. It doesn’t appear to be super old but I am not a collector. I recently bought a ‘lot’ of jewelry with intentions to recycle the beads and such. However, there were a few watches included that have stumped me. The ladies citizen quartz watch is silver with a white face. The band is silver and stretchy without a clasp.
    The face reads:
    mov’t Japan Dial Taiwan 2250-S33961Z SMS

    *I assume that the information above is in regards to the face design.

    The back reads:
    Citizen Watch Co.
    base metal CP
    –> 11

    According to the citizen official website – I think that the 2250 is the caliber but I do not see anything about jewels and have not opened the back. I fear that I might break it.

    Any info is appreciated!
    I too – can send pics!

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jennifer , thanks for visiting my blog. As Hunter explains in his response, my area is primarily mechanical watches prior to 1980 so I’m afraid I can’t help very much. The movement used in yours is the 2250, and given the dial says it is Taiwan made I would think (from the serial number – 8104645) it was made in 1998. The -> 11 mark indicates the point where the back can be prised off (i.e. the 11 o’clock position) whilst ‘CP’ indicates it is chrome plated


  113. Perhaps you haven’t read the site too much. Quartz watches aren’t covered here. Just mechanical.movements.

  114. Alicia says:


    I just found my grandpa’s Citizen gold watch & wondering if you can tell me the year/month it was produced. I can’t quite figure it out.
    I believe it is the Eagle 7 Automatic – has the eagle logo on the face & 21 Jewels with the numbers being:

    8200-R10583 RC

    Thank you!

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Alicia – thanks for visiting my blog. It is quite difficult to date the Eagle 7 watches, since the automatic movement they use has been msde by Citizen for well over 30 years. The Eagle 7 line was introduced in the 1980s, and I think yours is a later one given it has a later type of model number (8200-R10583). The first three digits of the serial number – 070344 – give the production date so I think yours is from July 1990.


  115. Gerry says:

    Hi Sweephand, got something you may find interesting (or not cos it’s a quartz?). Integra diver, e.l. dial,cal 6290, case number6290-L14859. serial 500027.It’s a mix of what looks like a miyota 2035 type movement sitting on an e.l. board. Can’t find any reference to it anywhere although the cal 6290 does (or did) exist. 20 bar rating so it was clearly intended to be taken seriously as a divers’ watch although it resembles a Casio rather than a citizen (black bezel). Know anything about it other than what I’ve just provided? :) I can supply snaps if you want, cheers, Gerry.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Gerry, thanks for visiting my blog – apologies for a slow reply but I was away from home for a few days. I’m not an expert on Citizen’s quartz movements I’m afraid, so I had a quick look around but couldn’t find any info on the 6290 movement. I found just one example, called an ‘Integra’ and ‘Ignis’, for sale in Japan:

      I would guess this is from the 1990s, but I’m afraid I can’t offer any more info.

      • Gerry says:

        Hi Stephen, thanks for the reply, that is indeed the same watch, you did better than me, I trawled the internet for ages and couldn’t find a darned thing. You’re correct with the dates (early 90’s) I found a couple of patents from Citizen for around this period. Apparently it would be around the time of the Timex Ironman which showed a marked increase in market share for that company and continues to be a feature in their offerings, Citizen obviously were looking at trends in the market at that time. Interestingly their first patent application for the ‘idea’ was around four or five years before. I think this particular watch was a market tester,they did follow it up with a later e.l. line including a diver (8210a) using a more integrated movement, the 6210 and non d/d 6230. Strangely these later movements had an earlier number,but that’s nothing unusual when investigating chronology. :) Not really your bag I understand but I hope of interest nonetheless. Many thanks, Gerry

        • sweephand says:

          Although it’s not my time period it’s interesting to see and hear about Citizen’s watches, especially the more unusual examples. Thanks for taking the time to post your comments.


          • Gerry. says:

            Hi Stephen thought you or maybe your readers might like to know I managed to get mine going again by transplanting a 6230 movement in place of the original 6290 (which was way beyond repair due to corrosion) so it’s up and running now. I bought two 6230’s as they’re only £10 each and they’re also now unavailable from Citizen/miyota so this one should be good for a long while to come! :) It’s not an easy job as there are dimensional differences and the dial had to be trimmed accurately to fit the new module , but the stem and crown do transplant so externally and functionally it’s identical . It’s a very rare watch so well worth the effort,but if anyone else out there has a non working one of these, don’t give up hope, it can be done. I’d post photo’s but can’t seem to find any way of doing it on your site. Thanks for your input. Interested to know about the Japanese site you found the photo on , do you have a link? Many thanks, Gerry.

            • sweephand says:

              Thanks for the update Gerry – sounds like you have had a very successful little project with the movement transplant :) The image is from a Yahoo Japan auction; here’s a link:


              • Gerry says:

                Brilliant Stephen, I’ll have a look, maybe a trip to babelfish is in order! Many thanks for your help. Kind regards, Gerry.

                • sweephand says:

                  You’re welcome Gerry, right clicking on the page should give the Google translate option.


                  • gerry says:

                    Cool! didn’t know you could do that. Something else I’ve learned. Thanks v.much Stephen. Reckon someone got a real bargain there,especially if it’s in working order,wonder if he’s discovered what it is yet ? It’s got a different dial to my example which seems not uncommon with limited run/market test watches. I’ve got a Tudor 7923, only a few are known to exist and every one I’ve seen has a slightly different dial, some say submariner,some say auto-rotor,some have the depth rating in metres,others in feet,some don’t have it at all! I’ve even seen a ‘red writing’ example like on the Rolex sub. Interesting stuff :) Cheers, Gerry.

  116. Delphine says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I´ve inherited a beautiful ladies watch from my grandmother and I would like to know more about it.

    The dial shape is oval. It says Citizen Quartz on the front with JAPAN 3220-306543-ES in tiny letters.
    On the backcase it says:
    3220-325664 YO
    JAPAN -> 6

    I would really appreciate your help :).

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Delphine, thanks for visiting my blog. I was away from home for a few days so couldn’t reply sooner. I’m not so familiar with quartz watches, but from the information you’ve given your watch uses a 3220 quartz movement. The model number is 3220-325664, and the back tells us that it is a gold tone model. As far as I know these were probably made in the 1990s, and the serial number on yours indicates production in January 1993 (from the first three numbers in the serial number – 3010495). Does that fit with when your grandmother may have acquired it? The ‘->6′ mark indicates where the back can be levered off (i.e. at the 6 o’clock position). Finally, here’s a link to the relevant instruction manual:


  117. chew says:

    i have come across few old citizen watch and kindly need your help on the dating…

    back case:


    front below 6o’clock marker:
    JAPAN-M 7854-8250

    Thanks for your help

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Chew, thanks for visiting my blog. The first of your three watches (model number DTRS-51804) is a ladies ‘Date Star’ model, and is the easiest to date since it has a serial number. This gives a production date of September 1968.

      The 53-8051 model is a hand winder, using the ’02’ Homer movement. Although this movement was first made in 1960, yours is most likely from the mid to late 1970s. Is it marked ‘water resistant’? This indicates production later than the early 1970s, and the examples I’ve seen have been marked ‘resistant’.

      The third one is tougher to date – I’d be interested to see a pic if you have posted one anywhere (you can’t post images directly here). The dial code suggest that there’s an 8200 movement inside. Is it an automatic or a hand winder? The 8200 movements have been used for a long time, so it could be from the late 1970s or 1980s.


  118. chew says:

    thanks for your reply… yup the first one is lady watch and second has “water resistant| anti magnetic| all stainless steel written,
    the third one has date and kanji day, 17 jewels, it is a hand winder and on the movement it is printed:


  119. Robert Kennedy says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I was wondering if you could help me with a vintage ladies’ Citizen watch that I inherited from my Grandmother’s estate.

    The back of the watch has the following information:
    Watch Co.
    4520-E50 145 TA
    7 Y 1 1 1 7

    The face of the watch has the following has the following printed on the bottom:
    Japan 4520-E50096-Y

    Any information you could provide would be much appreciated.

    Best regards,

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Robert, thanks for visiting my blog. Apologies for a slow reply, been very busy here with grandchildren over the last few days! Your Grandmother’s watch is an analogue quartz model with a 4520 movement, in a gold tone (‘YP’ = yellow plate) case. The case number and dial code both start with the movement number so all is consistent with the piece. The watch was made in December 1987 – the serial number (7Y1117) uses ‘Y’ for the month since the case back is too small to accommodate ’12’.

      Here is a link to a technical manual, which also refers to the serial number and how to interpret the letter within it:

      Hopes this of use to you,

  120. Suat AKBULUT says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Nice blog. I was wondering if you could help me about the following watch because i have no idea about it. How old is it, etc. Any info that you could provide is appreciated

    The back of the watch has the following information:

    4-281250 KT

    And inside, it says 21 Jewels & 8200A

    Thank you for your help,


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Suat, thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for your kind comment. As you know your watch has the automatic 8200 movement, which was first produced around 1975. This movement has been used and developed ever since, so it can be difficult to date these models. The model number (71-2574) and the case number (4-281250) suggest that it isn’t one of the later models, so I would think it is from June 1981. In the 1980s Citizen introduced the ‘Eagle 7′ range, so if yours has an Eagle 7 logo on the dial it could be from 1991. The first three digits in the serial number (10600162) give us the year and month of production, but we need to know the decade it was made in to determine the year. This post on my blog gives a bit more info on the 8200 movement:


  121. Robert Kennedy says:

    Stephen ~
    No apologies needed! I greatly appreciate the information and thank you for providing me with the link to the technical manual.

    You have been a tremendous help! Thank you.


  122. Micheal Duong says:

    i have an old citizen watch and kindly need your help on the dating…

    The back of the watch has the following information:

    CITIZEN watch Co.
    W. R. 10 bar
    ST. Steel
    F500-S055041 HSB
    GN- 4W -S


  123. piyush says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Nice blog.

    I have 300+ HMT Mechanical Watches which has engine 0230 or 0231

    The above two engines where made in India by HMT but originally were from Citizen movement number 020 or 0201

    I was wondering if you have Technical specification guide or servicing guide of 020 or 0201

    Any info that you could provide is appreciated

    Thank you for your help,

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Piyush, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I don’t have a servicing guide I’m afraid. I do have some ‘exploded’ diagrams of the movement, i.e. similar to this:

      – would scans of the diagrams help? Let me know if you would like them and I’ll get them done and email them to you (I have your email address)


  124. piyush says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Diagram will be good enough for me to understand the engines….Plz do mail me what you have.

    Thanx a lot for your help.


  125. piyush says:

    thank you so very much stephen

  126. Victor Eason says:

    Hi, I need help identifying my watch. I looked on your table but I don’t see a solid match. The face says Citizen 7 star V2 22 jewels. Face is blue and the time set knob (not sure what it’s called) is inset and on the lower right, not middle right. When you pull out the time set knob it only adjusts the time. to change the date, you push it in.The date is in both English and Japanese (either or, not at the same time). the back is a twist opening. It reads Citizen/STAINLESS STEEL/GN-4w-S/PARAWATER (in a circle around that edge. Then 7700, 4-770781TA, AUTOMATIC, 11000061.
    So, what exactly do I have? Also, the face crystal is a little scratched. Can this be replaced by a local watch repair or should I send it in to Citizen?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Victor, thanks for visiting my blog :) The movement in your watch is the 7790 – it is listed in the movement table, towards the bottom of page 9, and it was made with 22, 24 or 26 jewels. It was part of the 77 ‘family’ of movements most of which were high-beat (28,800 or 36,000 beats per hour) featured in the Leopard models. The Seven Star V2’s with this movement were the only 77 models not to have high-beat, it runs at 21,600 beats per hour. This movement has an usual (and unique to Citizen as far as I know) quick-set mechanism for both day and date. I don’t know whether you have discovered this yet, but if so you’ll know already that when the watch is held in the 12 o’clock high position the date is changed by pressing the crown. If the watch is then inverted to the 6 o’clock position the day can be changed (always change day and date when the watch is not going through the date change period, i.e. between 10.30pm to 3am). I’ve noticed that sometimes the day change doesn’t always not work too well with this mechanism, and if a gentle tap doesn’t correct that, a conventional day set can be done (moving back and forth between 8 and 12). The 78 Cosmotrons also use this mechanism, so for more info please look at the X8 Cosmotron page and scroll down to the ’78XX’ section where you can see the lever that moves when the watch is inverted to switch between date and day setting:

      As to the crystal, there is a replacement available for this model, made by Sternkreuz (a good quality manufacturer). The original Citizen part number is 54-50520, and Sternkreuz’s product number for it is XMF 307879. Your local watch maker might be able to get it and fit it for you. If not please get back to me since I could get one for you if you wish (it has to be specially ordered but is not expensive).


  127. jennel says:

    Hi good day. I’m jennel frm philipines
    I’m just curious about my watch

    The front mark:
    Water resistant

    Citizen watch co.
    Water resist
    Base metal
    1032-R31777 rc
    GN-O-S => 6

    Hope you can answer me.
    Thnks a lot.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jennel, thank you for visiting my blog. Unfortunately I can’t help very much since my area is the older mechanical watches and yours is a fairly modern quartz model. The quartz module in yours is the 1032, which is indicated by the model number. The serial number – 0N1097 – suggests to me a production date of November 2000. ‘GN-O-S’ is the case type, and ‘->6′ shows where the case back can be prised off (i.e. the 6 o’clock position).

      Sorry I can’t tell you any more about it,

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