Citizen Case Material Codes

I think I have finally got a comprehensive list of the codes Citizen used for their case materials up to the late 1970s. There are rather more than I originally expected! And it’s possible that more were used than I have so far found, so please get in touch if you have information that I can add to the following table. Some of the codes are obscure and rare – I have yet to see quite a few of these ‘in the wild’. I have verified the codes from original Citizen casing manuals, catalogues and adverts, as well as a few that aren’t in any of those sources but are on the back of my own watches.

I hope I have described the codes correctly, bearing in mind that I have used a translator. Where the translation is unclear I’ve added a ‘?’ in the description. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any queries.

CodeFull Description
AAEGP30All Especially thick Gold (30 microns) Plated case

AGFAll Gold Filled case

AGWFAll White Gold Filled case

ARHFAll Rhodium Filled case

ASVPAll Silver Plated case
ααGP or AA-GP‘alpha’ (23K) special gold plated case
BBLBlack (case and bezel) – hard & light black coated alloy

BLGBlack coated alloy case, Gold bezel

BLG-KBlack coated alloy case, Gold bezel, with exhibition back

BLHSBlack coated alloy case, (stainless) super Hard Steel bezel

BLIGBlack coated alloy case, mirror polished titanium nitride gold bezel

BLPDBlack coated alloy case, palladium plated bezel

BLRGBlack coated alloy case, Rose Gold bezel

BLSBlack coated alloy case, (stainless) Steel bezel

BLTIBlack coated alloy case, Titanium carbide bezel

BLUABlack coated alloy case, (stainless) Ultra hard Alloy (carbide) bezel

BLUGBlack coated alloy case, (stainless) Ultra hard alloy Gold (carbide) bezel
CCCPCitizen special thickness Chrome Plated case and bezel

CGPCitizen special thickness Gold Plated case

CGPACitizen special extra thickness Gold Plated case

CLCitizen L? , jewel case – possibly glass case

CRPGChrome Plated case, Pink (rose) Gold bezel

CSPCitizen Special (stainless) Steel Plated
EEGFEspecially thick Gold Filled

EGP30Especially thick Gold Plate, 30 microns
GGFGold Filled

GLG? L?, crystal glass case

GPGold Plated

GPB-KGold Plated case, Black bezel with exhibition back
IIGI? stainless steel case with titanium nitride (i.e. Gold colour) coating, mirror finish

IGGI? stainless steel case with titanium nitride (i.e. Gold colour) coating, mirror finish, Gold plated bezel
JJAJewelry Agate, polished agate case
KK1414Karat solid gold case

K14WG14Karat solid white gold case

K1818Karat solid gold case

K18WG18Karat solid white gold case
NNGFNew Gold Filled case

NWGFNew White Gold Filled case
PPDPPalladium Plated case

PMsolid Platinum case

PMFPlatinum Filled case

PMPPlatinum Plated case
RRHFRhodium Filled case

RHPRhodium Plated case

RNsynthetic Resin case

RN-Psynthetic Resin case with exhibition back

RSGPRose Gold Plated case
SSHASuper Hard Alloy case

SHSSuper Hard stainless Steel case

SLVsolid Silver case

SLVGPsolid Silver case, Gold bezel

SSStainless Steel Case

SSαStainless Steel case with ‘alpha’ 23K gold bezel

SSBStainless Steel case with Black bezel

SSGStainless Steel case with Gold bezel

SSIGStainless Steel case, with I? titanium nitride (I.e.Gold colour) mirror finish bezel

SSSSpecial Stainless Steel case

SSTIStainless Steel case, Titanium carbide bezel

SSUAStainless Steel with Ultra hard Alloy (carbide) bezel

STAINLESS STEELstainless steel case

SVGP30Solid Silver case, Gold Plated 30 microns bezel
TTGPTop Gold Plated

TITitanium carbide (ultra hard alloy) case

TNTitanium Case
UUHAUltra Hard Alloy (titanium carbide) case

UHAGUltra Hard Alloy Gold (titanium nitride) case

UHBCstainless steel case with Ultra Hard Black Coating, mirror polished?

UHCUltra Hard Ceramic case
WWDWooden case

WGFWhite Gold Filled case

WGPWhite Gold Plated case

WGPAWhite Gold Plated All case, and back?

WGPGWhite Gold Plated case, Gold bezel