Production Runs – Citizen’s 2nd Generation Hand Winders

Here’s a list of what can be called Citizen’s second generation of hand wound movements, initiated in the Deluxe range launched in 1958. These models superseded the older designs, first seen in the sub-second and centre second watches after Citizen’s first wrist watch of 1931 and culminating in the Master and Junior models.  With credit to the ‘museum’ book #4 I’ve added the names of the various models in English:


You’ll see two ‘Young Date’ models listed – the first uses the Homer date movement, whilst the ‘G’ version uses the 5000 movement, a simpler design which influenced the 1910 movement seen the in the Excel range.

There are two movement design types in these hand winders, i.e they have ‘directly’ or ‘indirectly’ driven second hands, as follows:

Direct: Newmaster / Homer / Crystate / Young Date / Shine / Chrono Master / Diamond Flake / Date Flake / Excel / Record Master / 25 Series

Indirect: Deluxe / Ace / Hi Line / Chronometer / 26 Series