The Deluxe

First produced in 1958 the Deluxe was one of Citizen’s most successful lines. Produced in many and varied styles, its production run appears to have been about 5 years. The movement used is the 2B/9200, and was a higher grade (adjusted in three positions at the factory) hand winder with 19, 21 or 23 jewels.

Dials were often patterned or textured, and sometimes coloured and the model line included a ‘second setting’ version (where the watch is stopped when the crown is pulled out to enable accurate synchronization) and the first ‘parawater’ model produced by Citizen. ‘Parawater’ was Citizen’s version of ‘waterproof’, and was used until around 1970 when manufacturers were required to use the term ‘water resistant’.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view:

This is my Deluxe from June, 1959 – the serial number is inside the case back on this model:

Key Information: 

Dial Markings:              Deluxe, Second Setting, Parashock, Phynox, Parawater (1959 model)

Movement Type:          Handwind

Beats per Hour:            18,000

Jewelling:                   19,21,23

Movement Width:          26.60mm

Movement Depth:          3.65mm

Production Start:           1958

Production End:            1963

Original Price:               5,750JPY to 9,300JPY

Notes: A significant watch for Citizen in that sales of the Deluxe exceeded 100 million. It was also Citizen’s first model (from 1959) to carry the ‘Parawater’ (waterproof) designation, and hacking capability (‘Second Setting’), i.e. the second hand stops when the time is set to enable accurate synchronization.

The notably thin movement was well suited to ‘dress’ style watches.

Many dial designs were produced, including texture effects and contrasting colours / textures

Some movements, probably very early in the production run, and possibly those designated ‘2B’since that was the earlier coding, had adjustable weights on the balance wheel:


These weights are not present on other balance wheels, logically those designated 9200:


First ‘Parawater’ watch, 1959, showing original bracelet:

This model emphasises its ‘Parawater’ properties, with the ‘Deluxe’ logo relegated to the 6 o’clock position(see also my example, here:

Whilst on this one the logos are in their more familiar positions:

Diagram of Parawater system:

Here’s an example of the ‘Second Setting’ model:

Citizen used different combinations of colour and texture on many of their Deluxe models, especially in the early years of the production run, as can be seen on the above Second Setting model. Here are a few examples of  other designs:


Here’s a closer look at one of the 1959 models:

The texture is combined with gold hands and hour markers:

The movement, showing the typical movement markings:

On these pre-1960 models the serial number is found on the inside of the case back:



12 Responses to The Deluxe

  1. Thamalka says:


    what is the production date of this deluxe?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Thamalka, the Deluxe was first produced in 1958, and ended production around 1963, so it will be within this time frame. At that time Citizen didn’t usually stamp a serial number on the outside of the back, but it may have one on the inside. For example, I have a Deluxe with case/model number R150803 and a serial number inside giving a production date of 1961. Stephen

  2. Thamalka says:

    Thank you

  3. Thamalka says:

    Oops, I found the serial number

  4. Thamalka says:


    I want some spare parts for my Deluxe. Is there are hard to find?

  5. Daniele says:

    Hi Stephen
    I have bought a deluxe 21j GF double color dial (center black ,white on the edge) but the second hand isn’t correct , is too short.. so I have to buy a donor watch, but do you know if the second hand is the same for 19j, 21j,25j ?
    Thank you!

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