This Week’s Featured Watch #39 – Crystal Seven Custom 33 Jewels

Not too long after the introduction of the Crystal Seven, Citizen added a line of Custom models. Using what were then more modern designs compared to the more traditional Crystal Sevens, the Customs (as with the Dandy Seven) trailed the way for the early 1970s designs with greater use of colour and bolder design of the case and detail, such as hour markers.

Using the 5200 movements with various jewel counts, the cases were typically of the ‘cushion’ type. This example boasts 33 jewels, and is on its original bracelet:

The case back shows production in August 1969:

The clasp is signed with the older ‘C’ type mark:

A closer shot of the dial:

Finally, here’s a scan from Citizen’s marketing material from 1969, showing three Crystal Seven Customs:

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6 Responses to This Week’s Featured Watch #39 – Crystal Seven Custom 33 Jewels

  1. T Thomas says:

    I recently bought an old crystal seven watch at a boot sale in france. On the back it says para water ac553007 y its a 33 jewel automatic movement. The watch is in need of servicing/repair but other wise is in fair condition. do you think it would be worth the cost of repair and if so where do you think i should take it? if you are interested i could take some photographs and send them to you. Thanks. Yours Tim from Berkshire.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Tim – the Crystal Sevens are nice watches, and of Citizen’s automatics they are the most seen for sale on the auction sites. I’d suggest you search completed and active listings on eBay to get some idea of value. Ignore stupidly high start or ‘Buy It Now’ prices though. I’ve just had a very quick look and most seem to sell below what it might cost to service / repair one, bearing in mind as well that parts are going to be hard to come by if needed – usually a donor watch is the only / best approach.

      This is your decision of course, and sometimes fondness for a particular watch, say through long ownership or inheritance, or you just simply like it and want to keep and use it for the foreseeable future, may well override economic considerations. As far as I recall, when I asked a year or two ago at my local watch repairer, his charge for a service (with no parts required) would cost about £60 to £70.


  2. Brian V Elliott says:

    Hi Tim. It took quite some doing but I finally found your blog and some much appreciated information on the crystal seven 33 jewels watch my grandfather left me. Thank you! The case reads: 91210351 and below that: 61-1174 it also has a burnt-orange colored face. I’m not sure how to tell the date it was made or anything else. Any information was be great. Thank you.

    -Brian Elliott

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