Citizen’s Automatic Chronographs (8100/8110) Instruction Booklet

When Citizen launched their line of automatic chronographs they produced a ‘new product digest’ about them in the form of an instruction booklet to inform their sales representatives. It gives detailed instructions on the use of the 8100 and 8110 models, as well as some technical information and lists of parts. Presumably this was published in 1972 when the chronographs first came to the market, and this example is in English.

Here’s the full document, in .pdf format:

(I’ve added this to the reference page on Citizen’s vintage chronographs)

The cover illustration also gives us two examples of original bracelets, especially the rare one on the 8100:

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2 Responses to Citizen’s Automatic Chronographs (8100/8110) Instruction Booklet

  1. Andre du toit says:

    Hi there. It’s been a long time since we last communicated. My comment – I cannot open the .pdf file you refer to.

    Andre du Toit


    South Africa

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Andre, good to hear from you. I realised there was a problem with the blog software last night, so I re-did the post today. The link should open the file now, which you can download. Sorry about this – please try again. Stephen

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