Citizen 67-9011 (aka ‘Bullhead’) Original Day and Date Wheel Colour

Following my last post asking for help in researching original colours for the 67-9011 models, I think it’s time to publish my theory! I only got five responses to my questions, for which I am very grateful, so I guess this isn’t backed up by extensive data, but I think my theory makes sense. One of the people who replied has the same model I have which is pictured in the previous post, and like mine his has white Arabic / English day and date wheels – and we both believe these are original.

My opinion is that white day and date wheels were original to the 67-9011, for certain language combinations. At the moment this relates for certain only to the Arabic / English combination. This is supported by the part numbers for this model, where the date wheel has two alternative part numbers. If only black were original, then there would only be one part number. And this is backed up when other models are looked at – the 67-9119, the 67-9020 and the 67-9143 also have two part numbers and I know for sure that they were originally produced with black or white day/date wheels. The 67-9020 and 67-9143 are both ‘bullheads’ of course – the part numbers for them are the same as the 67-9011 so they must also be black and white options for that one. Here’s the relevant parts page from a 1977 casing parts catalogue, where you can see the dual part numbers for the ‘date dial’ listed for the relevant models:


I’m confident that this is a correct conclusion – all we need now is to determine whether there any white wheels used originally other than on the Arabic/English combo……

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2 Responses to Citizen 67-9011 (aka ‘Bullhead’) Original Day and Date Wheel Colour

  1. Bert says:

    Fantastic piece of research Stephen. I can confirm that the 67-9011 that arrived here today (the English and Arabic version) has white day and date wheels. But I guess you already knew that ☺️. All the best, Bert

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