Today’s Watch – Citizen Jet Auto Dater, 21 Jewels

From June 1963, today’s piece is a Jet Auto Dater with Citizen’s rotary geared automatic movement inside. This is the 21 jewel variant, so the calibre is the 1120, the first version of the Jet with no ‘Easy Change’ date mechanism. The movement can be hand wound (only the ‘Rookie’ models have no hand winding), and the date is set by winding back and forth around midnight. A simple dial is typically marked with Citizen’s fine cursive printing incorporating the Jet logo. The watch is running very nicely and keeping good time:

More info on the Jet line is here:

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Today’s Watch – Citizen Dandy Seven Custom, 27 Jewels

Wanted a little colour today, so I’ve been wearing one of Citizen’s querkily named Dandy Sevens. All of these use a 27 jewelled version of the 52 (day/date) movement first seen in the Crystal 7 of 1965. Launched in 1968, the Custom versions have split date and day windows as did the Crystal Seven Customs. They seemed to have briefly preempted the more colourful dials and case designs of the 1970s. Mine is from July 1969 and has yellow on the hour markers, as well of course as the Dandy Seven name, together with a unique applied logo:

This one is running very nicely – and more info is available here:

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Today’s Watch – Citizen Custom V2, 23 Jewels

I’ve gone for Citizen’s first watch with a black coated case today – this model was launched in 1970 and mine is from March of that year. Using the 7290 movement, with 23 jewels and second setting (‘hacking’) this model was offered with two colour schemes, and this is the monochrome version. The case number is 4-720083. The alloy case is 30% lighter than stainless steel, and Citizen described the coating as more resistant to wear than stainless steel. The dial is very easy to read, with its raised hour markers and clearly contrasting hand set:

I featured the other dial variant as a featured watch, but please note that it has incorrect hour and minute hands and day wheel, and the wrong case back – it was an early purchase, before I got better informed 🙂  With more info, it’s here:

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Today’s Watch – Citizen Special Cosmotron

Gone for electrical power today, in the form of a Special Cosmotron, from July 1973. The 7803 movement in these was the last development of the 78 hybrid, electro-mechanical calibre. Running at 36,000 beat per hour, the 7803 has some additional features, indicated by a button at 8 o’clock. This feature is described, along with more info on this calibre here:

This one has a nice one piece case, although other 7803’s have screw down backs. And as with other 78xx movements the day/date change is unusual – more on that can be found on the X8/Cosmotron page:

The watch is running well 🙂


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Today’s Watch – Citizen Auto Dater 777, 27 Jewels

Today’s watch is a very rare piece – I have seen just one other. It’s a special version of a Jet 27 jewel automatic, with an applied ‘777’ logo and a water resistance rating of 40m. That’s achieved by the use of a one piece case. The use of an applied ‘Autodater’ logo above the printed ‘Citizen’ name is also very unusual, whilst the dial also includes ‘DMC’ printed below the depth rating. The case back is unique to this model I think – featuring a kneeling archer. I have previously done a more detailed post about this piece in my ‘Featured Watches’ series,: and another that covers how I managed to get it running – although it is in great condition it was sold as a non-runner, so I got it for a very reasonable price. I am not a watchmaker, but I did have success with this one!:

The other example of this that I have seen so far, has gold tone markers and hands and gold plated bezel and crown. Here’s a closer look at mine:

It’s running very nicely  🙂


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Today’s Watch – Citizen SM Auto Dater 21 Jewels

Back to an automatic today, and like the UNI featured a few days ago, this one is an early oscillating weight movement. The UNI Auto Dater uses the 2400 calibre, whilst the SM uses the 2410, so it is a slightly developed version of the same movement. Two variants were made with either 17 or 21 jewels, and as far as I can decipher, the ‘SM’ name is derived from ‘slim’ – these movement are certainly slimmer than the preceding Jet designs, so that makes sense. The date change is unusual, and maybe unique, on this movement and probably why it is designated 2410 – when the crown is pulled out to set the time the date can also be changed by rotating it backwards – anti-clockwise – something I’ve not seen in any other watch:

More info on the SM models here:

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Today’s Watch – Citizen Custom V2 Alarm Date, 21 Jewels

From June 1971, this is (in my opinion anyway!) a fabulous looking watch – with its standout metallic dark orange rotating ring just shouting 1970’s design. As with some other watch lines, Citizen introduced ‘V2’ designs around 1970 usually using upgraded movements and bolder dial and case designs. With the alarm models, the V2 versions continued to use the 3100 date hand winding movement, first seen in 1964.  My example is one of just two (I think) Custom V2 alarm models. Both have black coated cases, whilst this is the wilder of the two inner ring designs. The light alloy case creates a loud buzzing alarm rather than a ring, and the watch is significantly bigger than many of its contemporaries, measuring about 42mm across:

More info here:

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