Latest Restoration Added to the Speedy Page

Brian Leiser’s latest restoration is now added to his page – this time a white dialled example. More evidence that Brian is the man to send you watch to if your Speedy is in need of some TLC 🙂

Here’s a quick link to the reference page:


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Just A Little Reminder…..

This notice is permanently visible on my home page:


© Stephen Netherwood and Sweephand’s Vintage Citizen Watch Blog, 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of images and material without permission is prohibited. I am happy to consider giving permission for use of images and other material, but I would like to be asked before it happens!

Seems reasonable enough to me, but not everyone takes proper notice of it….

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Message for ‘Musings of a Watch Addict’

I sent an email in response to a question you had about a Deluxe, but it’s not deliverable – mail box is full. Can you please let me have an alternative email address if you have one – thanks, Stephen

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Restoring the Unrestorable!!

If you’ve browsed this blog in any depth at all you will have seen the work of master watchmaker Brian Leiser – his page that I host here featuring his restorations of the 67-9313 ‘Speedy’ chronograph is a real treat for mechanical watch enthusiasts.

The restoration page (it’s here: also features two of Brian’s project watches. As Speedy parts get more and more difficult to find, Brian presents a couple of his own project pieces – the ‘Speedy Mod’ and the ‘Speedy Mon’. These are numbers 25 and 26 in the list of Speedy’s Brian has worked on. The work he’s done on these is inevitably summarised fairly briefly, however you can now see in more detail how Brian delivered the ‘Speedy Mon’ since he has completed a thread on the Watchuseek (WUS) forum, which now has a Citizen specific sub-forum.  Please hop over there and have a read – you’ll see why I titled this post as I did! Here’s the link:

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Email problem

Had a strange PC issue just now, and have lost a number of recent emails (received since 11th July as far as I can tell). If you have mailed me and not yet had a reply, please re-send.  My apologies for this if you are affected.

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Brian’s Speedy – 67-9313 – Restorations

Just added another Speedy restoration undertaken by the redoubtable Brian Leiser 🙂 It’s #27 on the page:



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More of Brian’s restoration work added….

I’ve added two more watches to Brian Leiser’s Speedy restoration page. One is a customer’s nice black version. The other is…..well….different 🙂 You may have seen already Brian’s ‘Speedy Mod’, and now he has added another piece, demonstrating his skill in breathing life into bits and pieces that most people would throw in the bin!! See here:



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