A Tale of Citizen’s Big Cats – Part 2

With thanks of course to Brian, I’ve just added Part 2 to the page on Citizen’s big cat models. This includes information on the ‘Black Cheetah’, an intriguing 19 jewel hand-winding model…

Here’s a link – if you’ve read Part 1, just scroll down the page to find the latest update: https://sweep-hand.org/a-tale-of-citizens-big-cat-family/https://sweep-hand.org/a-tale-of-citizens-big-cat-family/


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More of Brian’s Speedy Restorations

I’ve just added two more Speedy restorations to Brian’s 67-9313 page. And corrected a spelling error in a previous update – sorry Mr. Merson! Here’s a quick link to the page: Brian’s 8110A Restoration – the 67-9313 ‘Speedy’

And I’ll soon be adding the second instalment of Brian’s ‘Tale of Citizen’s Big Cat Family’, so please watch this space 🙂

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Chrono Master Problem……resolved

The only problem with my Chrono Master Chronometer…..

…..is the case back medallion:

I did manage to find a replacement recently:

And today I got to work – after taking advice from Brian (aka 31 Jewels) I placed the case back in hot water for a short while. I used tap water as a gentle start to what I thought would be a tough process, but in fact it popped off easily. Helped I would think by the moisture getting behind the medallion and weakening the bond:

The new one has gone in with epoxy so should be a permanent addition! :

Pleased to have an undamaged example now 🙂


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Citizen 8100A & 8110A Chronographs Instruction & Parts Booklet

I’ve added scans of Citizen’s booklet covering their 8100 and 8110 chronograph movements to the Automatic Chronograph page. It’s in .pdf format so you should be able to download it if you wish. The cover gives two great reference watch images, especially for the band used on the black cased 8100’s:


As a ‘new product digest’, and given the detail it provides including parts diagrams and lists, I presume this was given to dealers in 1972 when these movements were first produced. The link to the booklet will stay on the chronograph page, but here’s the link as well: CitizenChronographBooklet

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Automatic Chronographs Page & the 67-9038

Just done an update on the Chronographs reference page – I needed to make a couple of small corrections to the 67-9038 section, and add new images from a 1970s catalogue. The models in that catalogue, which I think was for the Australian market, shows slight variations.

Before going to the page, test your knowledge first 🙂  Can you spot what’s different between these two?

67-9038catalog1973  67-9038blackdialcatalog1970_zpsjml9xpyl

Find the answer on the page here:  https://sweep-hand.org/citizens-vintage-chronographs/

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Big Cat Restorations – a New Page!

I’m delighted to let you know that I have just uploaded a new page featuring more of the work of Master Watchmaker Brian Leiser. This time he is showing us restorations of early 1970s automatics – all members of Citizen’s big cat family 🙂

It promises to be a fascinating page to follow – if you already know Brian’s work, you’ll also know he doesn’t shirk at what to many may seem impossible challenges! The first instalment tells us that he will work on seven watches and introduces four of them – one of which, I am pleased to say, is my Leopard Highness which required some significant mechanical work to get back to a fully functional state.

This page will provide a great insight into Citizen’s craftsmanship and quality, and most of all, a window into the world of a great watchmaker. Although the page – ‘A Tale of Citizen’s Big Cat Family’ – is pinned to the Home Page, here’s a direct link: https://sweep-hand.org/a-tale-of-citizens-big-cat-family/

Further instalments will of course follow, so be sure to bookmark it and I welcome your comments 🙂



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More Speedy Restorations By Brian

I’ve just added three new restorations carried out by Brian Leiser (aka 31 Jewels), to his Speedy (67-9313) Restoration page. It’s great to see the results of his very skillful work, especially on those examples that others might easily have given up on. Here’s the link:


The new ones are #10, #12 and #13

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