Season’s Greetings

Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Best wishes for 2021 and I hope you are able to enjoy Christmas despite the impact of the pandemic.

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6 Responses to Season’s Greetings

  1. Michael Clinton says:

    Have a good and peaceful Christmas, and all the best for 2021

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    sweephand posted: ” Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Best wishes for 2021 and I hope you are able to enjoy Christmas despite the impact of the pandemic. “

  2. Bloody Watches says:

    Merry Christmas to all Citizen collectors

  3. Eduardo Farha says:

    Thank you! For you and your family too!


  4. Dan Spengler says:

    Dear Sir,

    Since getting a B52806 in a grab bag of thrift sale watches I’ve been hooked! I’ve bought 5 more. Piecing together to get a complete and proper piece. Such a challenge!

    Which leads me to an inquiry as a fellow collector / restorer. I am having extreme difficulty in finding some parts and was wondering if I may offer to buy any at market rate. I appreciate all your info that has been publicly shared as well. Thank you.

    1 – conundrum is that my Two B52806s have two completely different dials/second hands. Both proper 5430 movements one branded a D other an H on main plate. Case backs worn smooth 😦 but one shows lollipop second hand and market indices in a soft tan patina. I’ve not seen any B52806 or it’s sister watch have this dial except in your blog.

    Any insight on my detective research is appreciated.
    **Also Rexworthywatches on IG has contracted proper mineral crystal AM crystals for 52-0110 that fixes CT crystals optical failure.

    Dan Spengler (Florida – USA)

  5. David Garrett says:

    Yes I was hoping you could tell me everything you might know about my citizens vintage watch that I have acquired. On the face it is gold and it says citizens quartz underneath the 12, it has a date dial where the three would be long and above the six, seven is written in cursive. Please note they are not actual numbers they are metal bars. On the back of the case in a circle around the outer perimeter it says, stainless steel back, water resistant and base metal top. Then in the center from top to bottom it says CITIZEN in all capital letters directly under that WATCH CO. Beneath that it has 4-068807 SME. Below this there is 1080927. And lastly at the very bottom underneath that it is AY-2028.

    4-068807 SME

    The back of the case also has six notches for a watch tool and when I took the back off I was amazed to see that the battery it takes is the same one that goes inside 1 of my keyless entry remotes for my vehicles!

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