Citizen’s Record Master Chronographs

I’ve covered Citizen’s range of automatic chronographs in some detail, but made less reference to their hand wound models based on the 5700 calibre. I’m now very pleased to bring your attention to a new reference page, put together by an avid 5700 collector, which provides excellent detail about all the hand wound chronographs Citizen produced in the late 1960s / very early 1970s. It is very well put together, with great textual and pictorial information, and can be found here:

The Ultimate Citizen Recordmaster Collectors Guide

I’ve also added a link to my Blogroll

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4 Responses to Citizen’s Record Master Chronographs

  1. Kerry Davy says:

    Wow thanks Stephen.
    I have enjoyed your emails over the last few months and as a Citizen collector the information you provide is so valuable
    When you promote others like you have with this link and the credits you happly pass to others who provide information for you is impressive
    Thanks again

  2. Robbin says:

    Nice post. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing!

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