Restoring the Unrestorable!!

If you’ve browsed this blog in any depth at all you will have seen the work of master watchmaker Brian Leiser – his page that I host here featuring his restorations of the 67-9313 ‘Speedy’ chronograph is a real treat for mechanical watch enthusiasts.

The restoration page (it’s here: also features two of Brian’s project watches. As Speedy parts get more and more difficult to find, Brian presents a couple of his own project pieces – the ‘Speedy Mod’ and the ‘Speedy Mon’. These are numbers 25 and 26 in the list of Speedy’s Brian has worked on. The work he’s done on these is inevitably summarised fairly briefly, however you can now see in more detail how Brian delivered the ‘Speedy Mon’ since he has completed a thread on the Watchuseek (WUS) forum, which now has a Citizen specific sub-forum.  Please hop over there and have a read – you’ll see why I titled this post as I did! Here’s the link:

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Email problem

Had a strange PC issue just now, and have lost a number of recent emails (received since 11th July as far as I can tell). If you have mailed me and not yet had a reply, please re-send.  My apologies for this if you are affected.

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Brian’s Speedy – 67-9313 – Restorations

Just added another Speedy restoration undertaken by the redoubtable Brian Leiser 🙂 It’s #27 on the page:



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More of Brian’s restoration work added….

I’ve added two more watches to Brian Leiser’s Speedy restoration page. One is a customer’s nice black version. The other is…..well….different 🙂 You may have seen already Brian’s ‘Speedy Mod’, and now he has added another piece, demonstrating his skill in breathing life into bits and pieces that most people would throw in the bin!! See here:



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A New Blogroll Link….

I’ve just added a link to my Blogroll – ‘George’s Videos’ – it’s to George’s (aka ‘SkyM’) YouTube channel , who has done some nice videos of vintage Citizens (and Seikos as well). Please take a look 🙂 Here’s a direct link too:

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Rare 8110A variant confirmed….

It’s not often that I’ve added ‘new’ variants to the Automatic Chronographs page, but I have recently been able to confirm one that I had previously been unsure of – and I must thank George, a fellow enthusiast in Ukraine, who recently sent catalogue scans to add to me reference material.

The model in question is the 4-901096 black cased ‘bullhead’ model, which was not given its own model number. I was sure about the green dialled version:


But not so sure there was a gold coloured version – until now:


This is not the clearest of images, but the case number is confirmed. So, as with the 67-9071, the 4-901096 has these two dial colours. I’ve amended the Chronograph reference page accordingly.

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This Week’s Featured Watch #80 – the 67-9054 Chronograph

One of the Citizen’s range of mechanical chronographs, the 67-9054 is usually found to have been produced in 1974 – two years into the 8110 automatic movement’s production run. There were two dial variants, blue and green in colour, which are found in a chunky cushion style case . The all stainless steel case has a good degree of heft, giving the watch a substantial feel on the wrist. The almost ‘TV’shaped tachymeter is unusual, with printed blue numbering on both dial colours – here is the blue variant:

Note the layout of the applied CITIZEN  logo and the printing beneath – I haven’t seen any aftermarket dials for this model, but on other models aftermarket dials can be betrayed by failure to get this positioning right.  The other printing is ’23J’ under the centre at the 6 0’clock position. The blue on black theme of the tachymeter is replicated on the minute and hour sub-dials, giving this blue version especially a nicely harmonised appearance. The original bracelet is a familiar design, since it is also found on both the 67-9011 and the 67-9356 octagonal ‘bullheads’:

The case is a simple but effective design, here are the side views:

The case back is typical of the 8110 range, showing the model number, the case number 4-901070 and in this example, a production date of June 1974:

Now the green dialled version, and immediately we can see the problem with the design of this watch!:

Unfortunately the tachymeter bezel is very susceptible to wear, and these models can sometimes be found with all their markings polished off, or re-painted plain black. It is a shame, but there is no protection for the bezel, as can be seen on models with a steel bezel and tachymeter insert, for example as on the 67-9313 ‘Speedy’.  Although the tachymeter is worn, the rest of the watch case is in nice condition:

This one is from July 1974.

All in all these are good looking watches, but that basic design flaw is real problem, and leaves you apprehensive when wearing them – especially if you are lucky enough to find one with a mint bezel!



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