Today’s Watch – Citizen Quartz 8600 ‘Blinker’

Citizen moved into quartz technology in a big way in the early 1970s, and their early quartz models are high quality pieces, designed to be serviced, and used for many years. They are collectable things as a result and a few in particular have extra features that make them a little more desirable. And today’s piece is one of them – with the 8600A movement inside it is a ‘blinker’ – a small LED lamp at 12 o’clock flashes every 60 seconds. Rather like the Cosmotron Special, the button at 8 o’clock enables accurate time synchronisation and with a +/- 10 seconds accuracy per month this was of course far more accurate than any mechanical piece at that time. As well as the nice applied CQ logo, my example is marked ‘QUARTZ’, so it’s an early one, since from around October 1974 they were marked ‘Crystron’. It was produced in August of that year, and is running very well, including the LED flashing every minute:

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Today’s Watch – Citizen X8 Chronometer, Titanium

Citizen was the first company in the world to make a watch case fully from titanium. Although common these days, manufacturing challenges made it difficult to work with in the early 1970s. Citizen made and sold less than 2000 of this X8 model, all of which I believe were produced in May 1970. Using the 0820 movement, it is an Officially Certified Chronometer measured against the Japan Chronometer Association’s standards at the time. The 99.6% titanium case is a dull grey, not polished like many watches typically seen today:

You can find more info on this model here:

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Today’s Watch – Citizen Cosmotron, 4-480279

Another Cosmotron today, and one of the more unusual ones – the movement is the 4840 date only version of the 0840 calibre. The unusual bit is the crystal, since it has the ‘Citizen Electronic’ logos and minute markers printed on the inside and not on the dial itself. The plain black dial just carries the applied Cosmotron motif, along with nicely shaped hour markers. Although my example is not in very good condition, these are rarely seen so I grabbed it when I could. I suspect a replacement glass would be rather hard to find! This is one of the middle generation of Cosmotrons, running at 21,600 bph, before the 78xx series replaced them, and was produced in November 1971:

More info on this one here:

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Today’s Watch – Citizen Cosmotron Special

I think we’ll have an electric week this week – starting with the last in the line of 7800 calibre Cosmotrons, the Special version. The Special, calibre number 7803, is immediately identifiable by the button at the 8 o’clock position, which enables accurate time setting of the seconds and minutes hands, i.e. it not only zeros the second hand (to 12 o’clock) but also the minute hand when it is within + or – 3 minutes of 12 o’clock. The quality of many of the Cosmotrons is high, and particularly so on the Special variants. This example is from August 1973, and is an all stainless steel model with a ‘tv’ style case. The white dial features smart polished steel markers and hands, highlighted with slender black centres. There is no ‘X8’ on these later models, with ‘electronic’ printed beneath the Citizen mark and an applied Cosmotron logo above the 6 o’clock marker. The second hand is characteristic of the Cosmotrons, with its coffin shaped tail. The solid link bracelet is a familiar design also seen on a number of the 8110A automatic chronograph models. The case and bezel are generally polished, but it has brushed lug ends to match the bracelet:

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Today’s Watch: Citizen Master, 19 Jewels

Today’s hand-winder is the Master, made only in 1959 as far as I know and was the last in the long line of what Citizen called its ‘Center Second’ watches. The 910/913 19 jewel movement was a higher grade version of the Junior seen yesterday, and was marked as having three adjustments at the factory. Unlike yesterday’s 9 jewel movement the Master does have the para shock system introduced by Citizen in 1956. Good examples of these are hard to find, due no doubt to their very short production run. The dial on mine is not so good, although the case has worn well:

More info on this watch here:

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Today’s Watch – Citizen Junior, 9 Jewels

Back to a nice simple watch for this Hand Wind Weekend. And today it’s the Junior – this was the penultimate in the line of ‘Center Second’ watches Citizen made for many years. It came with 9, 11, 15 & 17 jewels, and although mine is an example of the 9 jewel one, with no anti-shock system, it is still nicely finished and has aged pretty well. These were launched in 1958 and the most sought after are those with fancy dials. There’s no serial number on this, so I can’t be sure of the exact production date, but it will be close to 1958:

More info and pics about this model here:

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Today’s Watch – Citizen Automatic Chronograph, 67-9313, 23 Jewels

The last of the three week auto chronographs series is the 67-9313, nick-named the Speedy due to its resemblance to the Omega Speedmaster. There are two dials found, white and black, both with the external tachymeter bezel. All stainless steel this is a classic design which is very collectable and sought after as a result. My two examples are from November 1976 (black dial) and October 1976 (white dial). Brian Leiser serviced the black one, shown here on an original Speedy bracelet. The white dial is in close to mint condition. Great looking watches, with a design that will stand the test of time well:

Here you can see Brian’s work on various Speedies:

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Today’s Watch – Citizen Automatic Chronograph, 67-9038, 23 Jewels

Today’s watch is the penultimate 8110A model to be featured in the three chronograph weeks – and it is the blue dialled version of the 67-9038. This model also came with white (well silver really) and black dials. Mine is in excellent condition on its original solid link bracelet – one of Citizen’s nicest bracelets in my opinion. The stainless steel case has a polished finish with a black coated bezel. The blue dial is encircled by a white tachymeter ring, whilst the silver sub-dials sport cyan highlights. The orange chronograph hands combine well with the predominantly blue dial – something of a classic combination in fact. The white day/date window frame is also a nice touch – on the white dial this is a black frame. It looks like white and black day and date wheels were available for these – certainly Australian market version all had black wheels in the catalogue I have. Mine is from April 1974:

More on this one here:

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Today’s Watch – Citizen Automatic Chronograph, 67-9151, 23 Jewels

Another very 1970s watch 8110A today – the all stainless steel 67-9151. This is one of the rarer models, again having had a shorter production run than other more familiar ones. It’s eight sided case, with four of them curved, gives it a distinctive and pretty well unique look. The main dial colour is green, shaded lighter in the centre, with (as seen on the 67-9178) hexagonal sub-dials. The main hands are white with lumed centres and black ‘tails’, with white sub-register hands and an orange second hand (one variant has a yellow second hand – more info below). One side of each sub-dial on my example is shaded orange. Mine is on its original solid link bracelet, and is from January 1975:

There were three dial designs for this model, one of which also had a yellow second hand – this scan provides all the info needed to check authenticity:

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Today’s Watch – Citizen Automatic Chronograph, 67-9071, 23 Jewels

Another 8110A auto chronograph given the Brian Leiser treatment is today’s choice. This is the 67-9071, a ‘monaco’ style piece with green main dial straight from the 1970s. It needed a lot of work, but Brian, as usual, did a great job – there’s a link below to a blog page where you can read Brian’s notes and see his pics of the restoration.

This model is fairly rare and it’s hard to find a good one – the black case is often quite worn and the dials can fade and flake over the years. I managed to source new hands for mine which really brightened it up. And what I believe is an original bracelet is a great addition to this one – it’s a laminated resin material, and not for serious use these days since there is some splitting apparent although it remains nice and flexible. Mine is from December 1973, so it’s fairly early in the 8110A production run which started in October 1972. Like other rarer models I suspect it had a short production run – it isn’t listed in 1977 in my casing parts catalogue:

Here’s Brian’s picture rich write-up of his work on this one:

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