Today’s Watch – Citizen Cosmotron GX

Today’s piece is another battery powered model, and although it’s a Cosmotron, it’s something of an anomaly. Unlike any other Cosmotron this one does not have a magnet driven hairspring – in fact it is a ‘hummer’ – a tuning fork watch. I don’t know why Citizen branded this as a Cosmotron – my only theory is that the design of the single coil 3701B movement was their own, and not made under licence from Bulova as was seen with their Hisonic range. There’s no mistaking it’s a hummer either – it hums very loudly, and is not the best thing to have on your bedside table if you want a good night’s sleep! I’m not a great lover of roman numerals on watch dials, but they work well on this one in my opinion. The finely printed black hour markers contrast well with the clear white dial (not very well shown in today’s photo), whilst the slender hands also have a fine black centre line – it’s a very smart look. The GX is a fairly rare watch, so a nice one to add to any collection. This one is from November 1975:

More on this one here:

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