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Today’s Watch – Citizen Diamond Flake

It’s the weekend so today’s watch is a hand winder 🙂 The Diamond Flake was Japan’s thinnest watch when it was launched in 1962. The 25 or 31 jewels 0700 movement was a mere 2.75mm deep, beating the Seiko Gold … Continue reading

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Diamond Flake problem….solved – Part 2

‘Ninja01’, a redoubtable member of the Seikoholics forum kindly contacted me about the Diamond Flake movement and the difference between the donor movement I’ve used to resolve the problem with my Diamond Flake. Ninja01 is a Seiko expert and told … Continue reading


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Diamond Flake Movement – The Thinnest of its Day

Sorting the problems with my Diamond Flake gave an opportunity to get a side shot of the 0700 movement. According to Citizen, when this was first produced in August 1962, it was the thinnest watch movement in the world – … Continue reading

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Diamond Flake problem…..solved

Some time ago I found that I wasn’t able to set the time on my 1963 Diamond Flake hand winder https://sweep-hand.org/2013/05/15/this-weeks-featured-watch-51-the-diamond-flake/. The stem was loose and wouldn’t relocate in the correct position although the movement could still be wound and … Continue reading

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This Week’s Featured Watch #51 – the Diamond Flake

In 1962 Citizen introduced the beautifully named Diamond Flake based on the 0700 movement. Why this name? well a diamond flake would be thin, and at the time the 0700 movement was the thinnest Japanese design, measuring just 2.75mm deep – … Continue reading

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