Citizen Diver Page – Minor Update

Just done a quick edit of the diver page – first, the movement number for the B52806 and 62-5370 models is now correct (i.e. 5401, not 5410) and second I now have reference material that confirms the B52806 is an export version of the 62-5370.

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7 Responses to Citizen Diver Page – Minor Update

  1. frae25 says:

    Hi,I have recently fell air to a citizen watch,it keeps time well & is comfortable,I’ve never had an automatic watch before.
    I was wondering if you could give me an age on it please?or just any info on it really.

    On the case it has citizen watch company
    Water resist
    Base St steel
    4-R30185 RW
    Your blog is brilliant.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment, much appreciated 🙂 Can I please just check with you what is on the dial – is it marked 21 jewels? And does it have a stylised eagle logo with the number 7? If not, can you please describe the dial design. Sorry I am replying by asking questions, but I’d rather be sure about it first, thanks


      • frae25 says:

        Hi,yeah it has 21 jeweles just above where the 6 would be,the 12,6 & 9 marks are squares with 4 little squares within but the 12 mark is two squares,it has day date where the 3 would be,long thin rectangles inbetween with small luminous dots at the end & says citizen automatic at the top.
        Thanks for the quick response.

        • frae25 says:

          Hi,I forgot to say,it also has an offset bezel,it’s lower round where the 4 would be rather than at the 3.
          Thanks for your help.

          • sweephand says:

            Hi, and thank you for the additional information. It sounds like a rather unusual design. What you have is an automatic with citizen’s 8200 movement inside. This was their ‘workhorse’ movement for over 30 years, first produced in 1976. This long production period makes it difficult to accurately date each model, since this is done from the first digit in the serial number, for the year (090121), and we need to know which decade it was made in to then get the exact year. It may be a little easier on yours though, since it begins with ‘0’, so it’s going to be 1980 or 1990 – I don’t think it would be as recent as 2000. The model number (4-R30185) and the six figure serial number indicate later production, so I would rule out 1980 which was quite early in the production run, when older style model numbers and 7 or 8 digit serial numbers were used. I would think, therefore, that it is from 1990. Does this fit with what you know of the watch’s history?

            The other numbers on the back – GN-4W-S – indicate the case type, namely a water resistant type with a screw on back. Although the 8200 is an automatic, it can also be hand wound which is useful to get the watch up and running. In fact a few hand winds is recommended to give best performance, see these instructions:

            Click to access 8200__E.pdf


            • frae25 says:

              Hi,thanks very much for all the information,it’s very much appreciated,I have no history on the watch,other than it was my uncles,so with your information I can assume he bought it for himself in or around 1990 & I’m now the proud second owner of it.
              I own two other citizen watches,both would be more modern pieces as I had bought them myself,one is a citizen Eco drive & the other is a navihawk world time blue angels one.
              Thank you again for your help.

              • sweephand says:

                It’s great that you have your uncle’s watch, it’s a nice contrast to your modern pieces – the Blue Angels piece is a modern collectable I believe. Wear your watches in good health 🙂


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