This week’s featured watch #1 -The Crystate

Here’s one of Citizen’s lesser known hand winders – the Crystate. First produced in 1967, I believe production ran to about 1971. Two models were produced, the Crystate and the Crystate Deluxe. Uniquely using the 0911 movement the standard version had 21 jewels, whilst the Deluxe version featured 22. Interestingly, Citizen’s hand winding Chrono Masters were also launched in 1967/8 using the 0920 and 0930 movements with 22 and 25 jewels. This clearly suggests that the Crystate shared the same base movement as the high grade Chrono Master.

Here’s my Crystate:

The watch is on its original solid link bracelet as far as I know, and its original retail price was 9500JPY (12000JPY for the Deluxe), which was about twice the price of a basic Homer model, and half the price of a Chrono Master. The hands have black centres, and the dial features the unique Crystate logo. The deluxe model would also carry that name of course and a small printed star at the 6 o’clock position.

The back has the name engraved in the same font and style as the dial, as well as the serial number showing production in December 1967 and standard ‘Parawater’ marking. I’ve yet to decipher what the ‘HOOS’ marking indicates on this and other watches in citizen’s line-up although this combined with ‘2901 – C’ would describe the model:

The 0911 movement runs at 18000 beats per hour, and carries the same finish as the 0920 & 0930 Chrono Masters, again suggesting these used the same base movements and parts, with the Chrono Master being adjusted for greater accuracy, to ‘superior chronometer’ grade on the 0930. The movement also ‘hacks’, i.e. the watch is stopped when the crown is pulled out to enable accurate synchronisation:

One feature of this watch is the second hand, which is quite short yet has a long ‘tail’ – this style is verified as authentic for this model though, see this pic from the relevant ‘museum’ book:

The Crystate then is a hard to find mid to high grade hand winding watch, that is not only interesting in its own right but is also of note in that it is in the same line as Citizen’s hand winding Chrono Masters.  The deluxe version would be a nice addition to the collection! Here’s an example from the museum book:

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6 Responses to This week’s featured watch #1 -The Crystate

  1. skyM says:

    Hi, Steaven! We haven’t communicated for a long time. I recently bought Citizen Crystate here, but as often happens with me – I buy first, and then doubts about the “franenstein” come. Please look at the photo, especially I do not like the back cover (although it says CITIZEN in italic font) and the crown. From SW. George.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi George, good to hear from you. I reckon that is an authentic Crystate. The case number – 4-020316 – is correct for a Crystate. The hand set and particularly the relatively short second hand are also fine. The back is no problem – the later models had this simpler style so no need to worry about it. This shape of crown was used by Citizen, although the ones I’ve seen on Crystates are usually flat rather than domed – so it’s possibly a replacement although it looks old and somewhat worn. Stephen

  2. HappyLove says:

    Hi Steaven,
    Can you give an advise that should I buy this Crystate one? Its dial is rather different color that make me wonder.
    Thank you a lot.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I believe the black dial is an original one. However, it is in poor condition so probably not a good buy other than as a spares or donor watch. Stephen

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