Something to look out for on the 5800

Following on from the last featured watch post on the Cosmotron 5800, I thought I’d point out one of the issues I found with this movement and is something you might want to look out for.

I have three watches with this movement – when I got them two were non-runners, whilst one was in good working order. I found out why two wouldn’t run quite quickly, and it concerns the lower battery connection, which is in the form of a plate located on a plastic base beneath the battery. With the battery removed, the plate is indicated here (this one appears to be bonded in place rather then screwed):

On one of my 5800’s this plate was adrift, on the other non-runner it was missing altogether.  The plate is easy enough to place correctly, since there are two lugs in the plastic base which hold it in place:

Even without a screw to hold it (looks like a screw hole is there for this purpose), and with no glue, the plate is held ok once the battery is in place and tight under the battery holder:

So if you see one for sale as a non-runner, just maybe the lower connection plate is loose and once back in place it’ll fire up just fine as mine did. However, if it’s missing, you’re stuffed of course!

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2 Responses to Something to look out for on the 5800

  1. Great info! What battery are you using?

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