This Week’s Featured Watch #16 – 67-9038 Chronograph

Many people who know about vintage chronographs are familiar with the Citizen ‘bullheads’, since they are the models most usually seen on the internet auction sites. However, Citizen made a number of other models using their 8110a twin sub-dial movement, some of which are rarely seen and are difficult to find in really good condition. So to mark the first ‘featured watch’ from the chronograph model lines, I’m starting off with one of the less seen models which I was fortunate to acquire in close to pristine condition – the 67-9038:

This model was also made white and black dials, it seems to me that the one most likely to appear has the blue dial. From examples Ive seen for sale the dial looks prone to fading, and the black bezel can get chipped so is sometimes polished back to shiny metal, so this one stays in its box when not in use:

The 8110a automatic movement is a fine piece of engineering – it is compact in size, can be hand wound and has ‘flyback’ functionality (i.e. can be reset to zero and instantly restarted without stopping the chronograph function first). 

I haven’t taken the back off this one, to minimise the risk of damaging the back, so no movement shot as yet. Typically the back is  marked with case material code (SSB – stainless steel with black bezel), case number (4-9010371A) and model number (67-9038). The serial number shows production in April 1974:

The original solid link bracelet is very comfortable and is signed on the clasp:

The colour combination on this model, especially the bright orange hands on the blue background certainly give it impact on the wrist:

I’ll be doing a separate page in the not too distant future on the chronograph models, to provide as much reference material as I can on these excellent time pieces.

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8 Responses to This Week’s Featured Watch #16 – 67-9038 Chronograph

  1. JAY48 says:

    Wow, that is immaculate! I am very fond of these 8110s, but my favourite is the 67-9119. I’m trying to locate a good one but they don’t come up that often!

    • sweephand says:

      Thanks for your comment – I wish you luck in your search for a good 67-9119, you’re right that they don’t appear too often, especially good ones. I originally picked up a rather beaten up one, it had a replacement upper sub-dial hand, tatty hour and minute hands and the bezel was polished back to metal, but it ran perfectly! I later managed to get a better example, on original bracelet but it took a while to find.


  2. ArnoldC says:

    I am green in envy. Such a beautiful watch. I have one but the dial is faded and the hands are not right.

    Thank you for providing a pristine reference for us.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Arnold, thank you – I was pleased to get hold of this one 🙂 The dials do often get rather faded, so it’s hard to find a really good one.


  3. Here is my 67-9119, not as good as your 9038, but good enough for me:)

    • sweephand says:

      That looks pretty good Kuan, thanks for the link 🙂 – it’s nice to see that the bezel is black as it should be. Often the bezel is polished on these because they can get very worn and chipped over the years.

  4. Aris says:


    I recently acquired a 67-9038 in decent shape but definitely not as pristine as yours. I have been on the lookout for one quite for some time now and I jumped on mine for sentimental reasons.. My dad used to wear one of these…
    I am a bit confused as far as the case finishing is concerned. Mine features the correct back mentioning SSB and the finish is shiny. Very similar to yours but obviously in worn condition with some scratches here and there. From your articles it is my understanding that stainless steel models came with a polished shiny finish. However I have seen some in the web with what seems like sandblasted or brushed finish.
    What would be the correct finish for these cases then?

    Btw congratulations on the work you have been doing so far. Amazing posts and attention to detail! Please keep it going.

    Warmest wishes for the new year. Btw it is 2016!!

    Kind regards,

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Aris, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments and wishes. The 67-9038 original case finish is indeed polished. The 67-9356 octagonal model, which is also all stainless steel, is the same. The well-known 67-9011 ‘bullhead’ originally has a satin, finely brushed finish. Although the case code for that is ‘SSB’, like your 67-9038, the case on those is actually a nickel alloy.


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