Movement Table Update on the Way

After only small revisions to Version 2 over the months, taking it to V2.2, I’ll soon be uploading a new version with more movements added as well as minor revisions to existing data. It will also take the time period the table covers to 1977, so as a more substantial update it will get full version status, i.e. Version 3

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6 Responses to Movement Table Update on the Way

  1. Jonathan Hirschhorn says:

    Does anyone have any informtion about the citizen eagle 7, automatic, movement 6650A, case back # 4-663403 k, ser #60100412, GN-4W-U, 31 MM in size – I purchased at reasonalbe price on ebay, from India; at first, very problematic, but then with simple adjustments got it to keep near perfect time s long as I continously wear it; but when it runs down, after 1 day, very difficult to get it working again – the crown can barely be turned clockwise. By pulling it all the way in & out I can change the date, and half out, change the time. I would like to know if there is a way to manually wind the watch safely and if anyone knows how to lubricate it as I only see one jewel that’s visible – no real info on the web, but seems like many are available. Love the small size of it, for a man

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jonathan, thanks for visiting my blog. The 6650 automatic was produced around 1990 I believe so is a fair bit later than the older movements I am more familiar with. It’s a smallish movement originally for use in women’s watches I believe, but may well have been used in men’s models too. It is a high beat movement, running at 28,800 beats per hour, so I guess it was a development of the earlier 6600 (hand winding) and 6900 (automatic) movements which also ran at that speed. Usually Citizen’s automatics can be hand wound, and the 6900 certainly can. If the crown can hardly be turned clockwise, i.e. the winding direction when in the normal running position, then there is clearly a problem so I would advise that you don’t try and force it. Since it is otherwise running, it may be that it is just needs a full service – to be done correctly the watch would be stripped down, thoroughly inspected and cleaned, and then oiled appropriately. You would need to locate a decent watch maker to do this, so you would have to weigh up whether it is worth the cost, compared to either living with it as it is now, or replacing it with a similar one from eBay.


  2. Mike S. says:

    Hi! Among other watches, the Citizen 6650A was used in the seldom-seen 54-0919 Ladies diver, which is a fantastic piece. I’m in the middle of trying to correct the erratic running on my wife’s 54-0919, and was wondering if you might know the lift angle for the 6650A movement? Can’t seem to find in this information anywhere. Thanks, Mike.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Mike, thanks for visiting my blog. The 54-0919 is a very nice watch, and the 6650 movement is a little known Citizen high beat gem. I’m not a watchmaker, but I have done a little bit of research after seeing your question, so I may have found some info which could help. I need to send you a pdf file so I’ll email you.


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Mike, email sent, Stephen

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