Movement Table Updated to v3.1

Just uploaded a new version of the Movement Table. With thanks to information from Craig, I was prompted to do more work on the 8000 movements, including separating out the ‘skeletonised’ 8060A from the others. This also led me to review the earlier 7600 line, which had skeleton versions too, so they’ve now been similarly amended.

Finally I’ve done more work on the Hisonic models, so I think there is now a complete summary.

Access the table via the Blogroll Link.

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3 Responses to Movement Table Updated to v3.1

  1. Prem Dave says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for citizen collectors and constantly updating. I have recently been given a citizen skeleton watch which I am trying to establish whether genuine or not! The watch is an automatic 25 jewel with the numbers 760182TA on the back.
    The movement table suggests it could be a 7610 model if anything, what do you think?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Dave, thanks for your comments, very much appreciated 🙂

      The jewel count and case number look correct for a 1970s skeleton model. I’ve got to dash now, but later this evening I’ll upload a scan of the skeletons from Citizen’s 1973 catalog, so you can compare with yours. If yours is authentic and especially if it’s in good condition then it was a very nice gift!


    • sweephand says:

      Dave – here are a couple of scans for you to compare your watch with: first from the 1971 Catalog, with stainless steel cases:

      And another from the 1973 Catalog with black coated and gold plated cases:

      Unfortunately none of these have the same case number as yours (4-760182)


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