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If you have a question about a vintage Citizen, please feel free to ask via a ‘comment’ here. I’ll do my best to answer and help with any information I might have.

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  1. RG says:

    Hi, this may seem a little random but I was recently cleaning out my grandparents garage and found a vintage (not sure exactly how vintage) Citizen branded world clock. It looks like the type that used to be found hanging inside travel agents’ offices (back when they had them) but I’m really not sure where it’s from. I e-mailed Citizen USA some pictures but they were unable to help me and Citizen of Japan did not respond. Since you seem to know a lot about the brand I thought you might be able to help me. I would be happy to send you some photos. Mostly I am trying to determine a value (if any) before I sell it or give it away.

    Many thanks!!!


    • sweephand says:

      Hi RG – I’ve had a similar non-response from Citizen Japan when I contacted them! There seems to be a real lack of information about vintage Citizen time pieces, which is why I decided to research them myself. But my focus is on wrist watches, so I don’t have anything on clocks I’m afraid. But I’d love to see pics of your grandparents’ clock – interested to see what movement it uses. I can also see if any of my contacts can help shed light on it.


      • RG says:

        Thanks for the offer to help! I’d love to send you the pics but I can’t see any easy way to post them or attach them in this “reply” form. Can you give me an e-mail address to send them to?



    • Terry Huber says:

      not sure how to ask questions but hope this reaches u – are u interested in purchasing a citizens all original bullshead 4-901177Y; 70702866; GN-4-5; 67-9011; SSB – it has a irridesent medium to dark green face – I got it at an auction and know nothing about it – thanks

      • sweephand says:

        Hi Terry, thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve edited out your email address since this is a public blog, and I didn’t want you to get spammed. I get to see the email address of people who post a comment anyway, when the software asks me to approve them or not.

        Kind of you to ask about your bullhead, but I have an example of that model so I am not looking to buy another. Although you describe it as ‘all original’ the green dial sounds to me like it’s an after-market one. Did the seller describe it as original when you bought it?


        • Terry Huber says:

          I purchased it at an online auction with an old ebel and one other off brand wristwatch – if I took the citizens in for an evaluation and estimate to repair about how much would that cost be in your estimation at a local watch repair place of business – ball park guess will do – Thanks and oh if it was in good running order about what would it be worth, low/high?? thanks again

          • sweephand says:

            Hi Terry, sorry for a late reply. As to service for a vintage chronograph, you’d have to make sure that the watch repairer has the knowledge and
            skills to do the work properly. And if parts are needed, can the repairer source replacements? I avoid trying to give values here since there are many variables which affect value, and I don’t want the blog to become a valuation site. Hope you understand. You can get an idea of values from searching eBay, including completed listings, for similar watches to yours,


  2. RG says:

    Oh, also I should add it measures about 3 by 4 and has 7 separate clock faces each above a metallic (brown/gold-ish) world map divided into the 7 different time zones with major cities also listed for each clock.

  3. Steve Hopkins says:

    Hi I have a citizen handwind date alarm. The case details are:
    I have searched everywhere, It needs a service, and the link cover between the bracelet and watch is missing, Where would I get a replacement

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Steve – the movement in your alarm shouldn’t present difficulties for a competent watch repairer to service. There would be issues finding parts though if they are needed – finding a donor watch is probably the likeliest source. However, this design was used in later Poljot watches so maybe parts can be found, although I don’t know whether that is the case. Finding the end piece for your bracelet is likely to be from a donor watch. Have you any pics of the bracelet?


  4. Brian Doyle says:

    I have a really nice vintage automatic Citizen, tonneau style, para water, with a code numbers 4-600118 Y, 1080221 0, 62-6171. Could you possibly know where I could purchase a new crystal? Citizen will take a look at it but I would prefer to do the work myself.
    Thanks and regards,

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Brian, I did respond to your comment and question back in September – you must have missed it 🙂 Here’s what I said:

      ‘Hi Brian, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. The original part number for the crystal is 54-07230 – Jules Borel (in the USA) list a replacement crystal with this part number for case number 4-600118, so if you can find a watch maker with a Borel account he should be able to order one. I’m afraid visitors can’t post pictures directly here, but you can post a link if you upload them to somewhere like Photobucket. Otherwise I can email you and I could upload them (no need to post your email address, I get to see that when someone posts a comment).’


  5. Brian says:

    Many thanks Stephen. Sorry I missed your original response.

  6. Anne-Marie says:

    Hi – I have come across a Cutlass watch which has an E type movement so I cannot find out much about it. Details on the centre of the back are:
    Around the outside of the back it says: Shockproof, Stainless steel back, antimagnetic,
    On dial – no date/time just hands incl second hand. Says CUTLASS at the top, says 17 Jewels and SHOCKPROOF at the bottom.

    Would you know any further details about this watch?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Anne-Marie, thanks for visiting my blog. I have seen one or two of the Cutlass branded models like yours, which I believe must have been a separate brand since they are not marked ‘Citizen’. It gets a bit confusing since Citizen also made a range of automatic Cutlass models, however they are completely different from the one you have. Your Cutlass is a hand winder, using Citizen’s ‘Homer’ movement. This is Citizen’s best known hand winding movement first produced in 1962 and used for 20 years or so. It is a good quality and reliable movement and in good condition can run reasonably accurately. I presume that ‘E-1210’ is the model number for this watch, but it is not the type normally used by Citizen – the movement number for a Citizen Homer would be 0200 or 0201. The use of ‘anti-magnetic’ also suggests that this was a separate brand since Citizen did not use this on their own watch cases as far as I know. Given the use of a Homer movement, and assuming the serial number (8100798) follows Citizen’s convention, it was made in either October 1968 or October 1978 (from the first three digits of the number). If the watch were marked ‘waterproof’ then I would say 1968 since that term had to be dropped by watch manufacturers in the early 1970s.

      Hope this helps,

  7. Jackie says:

    Where do I find the model # of my ladies citizen watch? It was purchased between 1994-1999.


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jackie – thanks for visiting my blog. The model and /or case number should be stamped on the case back. Are there any markings on yours? Stephen

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