This Week’s Featured Watch #29 – The Leopard 7600

Most of the models in the Leopard range featured both date and day windows, whilst a few top of the range ones had date only. But there were one or two that had neither – just plain vanilla dials. These are not seen very often, perhaps most buyers would be looking for date and day features on these quality high beat pieces, and they were given the 7600 movement designation.

The 7600 is a ‘super beat 8’ model, i.e. running at 8 beats per second / 28,800 beats per hour, and the example I have got hold of has the case number 4-760018. Although not in the best of condition it is all original, although missing its original mesh bracelet. The thick mineral glass on this is thoroughly scratched, even after a fair bit of polishing:

It’s good though to see the original radial brushing of the case, and the chunky crown reflecting the hand winding feature on this automatic:

Serial number shows production in March 1971, and the case is still marked ‘parawater’ – it was around this time that ‘water resistant’ was being introduced:

The 26 jewel ‘hacking’ movement is in decent condition – and the inside of the case back shows servicing has been carried out:

The 7600 Leopards were priced at JPY14,000 in 1971, so were an upper mid-range watch at the time.

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