This Week’s Featured Watch #37 – The Cutlass, 27 Jewels

Following the last Featured Watch here’s an example of the 27 jewel Cutlass, again with some interesting features.  First is the slim case, with its brushed finish:

The back on this one is marked ‘Citizen’ this time, rather than ‘Cutlass’ but is the correct one, with case number4-260066. Serial number shows production in July 1969:

Here’s the 5260 movement – these hack and can be hand wound, whilst the movement i.d. is stamped in the usual place:

A further interesting feature is the black hand set which contrast nicely with the pale silver blue dial, with the black also picked up in the design of the hour markers. The applied Cutlass logo is unique to this line – note the main number in the dial code starts ‘260’ as seen in the case number:

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4 Responses to This Week’s Featured Watch #37 – The Cutlass, 27 Jewels

  1. adim1973 says:

    I’ve got this Citizen Cutlass ( and it supposed to have a 5260 movement (day/date). I cannot figured out to open the case so for now I have to assume it has this movement (the owner said it’s all original). But this watch has hacking feature (you can see a one minute footage here: and you said that the 5260 movement has no hacking so now I’m wondering if it really has the original movement inside. Also the hands (especially the seconds white hand) looks to me a bit too modern for the watch age. Any opinions/encouragements?
    Thank you for your time.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Adrian, first I must apologise for misleading you! I’ve just checked my two Cutlass models and they do indeed hack – I don’t know why I said this movement didn’t hack, I must have got confused when I wrote the piece on the 27 jewel model. I shall edit that as soon as I can.

      I think the hour and minute hands are fine – the Cutlass models often have black hands like yours. I’m not sure about the second hand – I’ve not yet seen this type on a Cutlass, although they are found on other models, particularly Leopards which were launched slightly later than the Cutlass. I haven’t seen every Cutlass model of course, so it is possible this is original.

      I suspect that you get into this case by removing the bracelet, then pushing in springs which can be found between the lugs. You can see more here: If yours is like this, watch out for the two part crown if you decide to open it.

      Hope this helps and sorry again for worrying you about the hacking feature.


  2. adim1973 says:

    Hi Stephen,
    That’s great news! I believe you tried to upload a video showing how to open the case but all I see in this page is an error message: “Oops! There was a problem loading the video. (Error code: #120)”.
    Thank you again for the good news!

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