Not Just Watches…..

Once the collecting bug bites it can mean that it’s not just the watches themselves, but also some of the related stuff. Here’s a shot to illustrate:

The Cosmotron display stand was an unusual find:

The watches on the stand are an X8 in the centre from 1972 with the 4840 movement, and two Cosmotrons with the 5800 movement from 1974 (stainless steel) and 1975 (gold plated). The 5800 is the super high beat model, running at 12 beats per second, that’s 43,200 per hour.

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2 Responses to Not Just Watches…..

  1. JAY48 says:

    That looks amazing, Stephen!

  2. sweephand says:

    Hi Jay, good to hear from you 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

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