Before & After Bezel Insert Change

Here’s my 62-6198 Diver from 1976 – first with its original bezel:

And now with a replacement bezel:

Since the old one was missing its lume pip and was moderately worn, I thought a replacement bezel insert was in order. It was easy to do, with care taken not to damage the case when removing the bezel and also not to damage or dislodge the spring when removing the insert.

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2 Responses to Before & After Bezel Insert Change

  1. Manuel Renteria says:

    Could I know where can I get a bezel insert for that same watch?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Manuel, sorry for my slow reply. I’m afraid I don’t know where bezel inserts can be sourced now – it was a few years ago when some were available. Stephen

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