Vintage Diver Page Published!

I’ve now uploaded my article on Citizen’s divers, from the 1960s to 1980. I hope it’s useful – I’ve not seen this information brought together in this way anywhere else.

As I say at the beginning of the article, if you see one of your images in there let me know, so I can acknowledge it properly or remove it if required.

And if you have additional information I would love to hear from you – this is still work in progress so it can be developed and improved over time.

Quick link:

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4 Responses to Vintage Diver Page Published!

  1. Graham Housefield says:

    Hi, wow so much information, it is much appreciated. I bought a citizen divers watch when I first started diving back in 74. It was with my very first paycheck (took most of it). I have worn and used it diving for many years, but it has started to rattle and does not stay working for long, esp after sleeping. Thanks to your blog I now know that it can be manually wound, so I will resume using it. I have sent it away with several jewelers 3 times to get it maintained (glass is now also very scratched – too many rocky reef dives). the jewelers always send it back saying sorry no parts. Do you know of anyone who could reliably service the watch? IT is a citizen 6000, 4-600851 y, automatic 40801565, 62-6198. Thanks for the comparative review with the Seiko, I remember agonizing over the choice of my apparently life long lifesaver…

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Graham, thanks for visiting my blog, and it’s great to hear from someone who has owned a watch from new and has used it well for its proper purpose! It sounds like the rotor is detached – this can happen after years of use and the screw holding the rotor just wears away. I had the same problem with one of my watches, and the repair, done by a master watchmaker, was not easy and needed a ‘donor’ movement to supply a replacement part. It would probably not be impossible (if you are a patient chap!) to find a donor watch if you wanted to get it back to a fully original state, or you could get it serviced as is and use it as a hand winder. I can recommend the watchmaker who has serviced / repaired my watches – he is in the USA – but if that’s not too convenient we can probably find an alternative. I’m pretty sure it is impossible these days to find an original glass (part number 54-50500). There has been a very good replacement made to the original specs, supplied via Alex at ‘Crystal Times’ (see my blogroll for a link) but I don’t think they are available at the moment. However, I might be able to help with that if you are keen to replace the glass.
      If you would like more information please let me know here and I will email you direct 🙂

      • Graham Housefield says:

        thankyou for the reply Steve and yes I would be interrested in getting a new or any replacement glass (part number 54-50500). Also regards mech repair do you know of anyone in the same timezone as Australia?

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