Challenge Timer (Bullhead) – Original Case Finish

In my ‘quick buying guide’ to Challenge Timer (‘Bullhead’) chronographs I have described how the original ‘base metal’ cases have a satin finish rather than being polished and shiny – these are typically the 67-9011 models. The only highly polished finish is found on the one full stainless steel model – the 67-9356, which is easy to spot since it’s an octagonal design.

For reference here are three  images – the first two are  from Citizen’s own historical site and the satin finish is clearly shown (note the original bracelet types and different crown sizes) :


And here’s a third example, this time from what I call the ‘museum’ book:

Sometimes refurbished models have been polished, and there are examples of gold and black coated cases being de-plated and then nickel plated and highly polished.

I’ll add these three pics to the chronograph article.

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6 Responses to Challenge Timer (Bullhead) – Original Case Finish

  1. Bullhead 8110 has gray dial with gray subdials. seconds subdial has orange and blue sections painted with seconds markers of white color through the orange sections. Seconds hand is yellow, subdial hands are yellowy orange. No numbers on the main dial. No Tachimeter writing anywhere. DAY window has Asia hieroglyph marks instead of replaced TUE WED SUN etc. Case is chrome plated highly polished the ring around the crystal is black.

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