Leopard High Beat Auto Marketing Material, 1969

Besides collecting the watches themselves  it is also fun and interesting to find other items that go with them, much of which is very rarely seen. Here’s an example from 1969 marketing material for models in the Leopard line, scanned from Issue 10 (maybe October if it was a monthly publication) of a magazine sent to Citizen dealers, so I believe this was announcing new models at the time :

The featured models use the 26 jewel 7210 movement running at 28,800 beats per hour. The three on the bottom row are also seen in the 1971 catalog, with same retail prices – and same date!:

These images are great for identifying ‘correct’ watches, and are especially useful for checking what bracelets were fitted originally.

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18 Responses to Leopard High Beat Auto Marketing Material, 1969

  1. chemmy Samudra says:

    Hi Stephen.. Nice to share..

  2. sweephand says:

    You’re welcome Chemmy 🙂

  3. Hi Stephen,
    There is now a Citizen “Kyoto” Leopard 36000 bph up on eBay (just search for the words “Citizen Kyoto Leopard”, there should be only one such auction. Would you know anything about it?


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Kal, I’m not finding that one on eBay. I have seen ‘Kyoto’ on a Homer watch before, but I don’t remember seeing it on a Leopard. I have a Leopard marked ‘Leod’or’ which is a shoe company, so it’s possible that Kyoto was also used. Could you post a link to the auction or an image? I’d be interested to see it.


      • Hi Stephen,

        Here is the link: http://r.ebay.com/3frfR6


        • sweephand says:

          thanks for the link Kal – I think that is most probably an authentic model. After a bit more searching in my files I found an example of a ‘moon-dater’ with the same logo:

          (with credit to Yahoo Japan seller for pic)

          The design and font look the same, although it is slightly bent on the Leopard. The rest of the dial and the case are otherwise correct for the model.


  4. skyM says:

    Hello! With great pleasure I read your articles. I love Japanese watches, but most of all the line of Leopard. And I collect all the information on this line. Please tell me, do you have any scanned pages of the sytesen 1971 and others?
    Sincerely. George!

    • sweephand says:

      Hi George, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. If you’ve not found this already via my blogroll link I’ve written an article including scans from my 1971 catalogue of the Leopard pages on the Seikoholics forum. The design of that forum has changed so it’s not so easy to find. I’ve just updated the link so it’s a bit better now. Follow this link and scroll down to the post with an image from a Leopard dial where you’ll find the article with info and scans of the Leopards: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/seikoholics/citizen-brand-master-entry-t74-s10.html
      Please get back to me if you have any questions,

  5. skyM says:

    Thank you, I already saw your amazing article, it was she who initiated my “love” for this watch line. But the more I watch the lots on ebay and Yahoo, the more I understand that the designs of the clock were much larger than the ones in your article. So I asked you, perhaps over the years you have found more images from the catalogs and you have the opportunity to show them.
    P.S. I have a page with leopards, supposedly from 1971, but in your article there is none. And pictures from the 1974 catalog.
    Sincerely. George.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi George – is that image from the 1971 or the 1974 catalog? Some of those models are also in my 1971 catalog. I don’t think that Citizen did any large Leopards – some of the cushion cases were a bit bigger than the more traditional designs though. Have you any pics of the ‘much larger’ ones? I’ll email you some more scans from 1973 and 1974 🙂

      • skyM says:

        Please give me your email, I will send what I have.
        A picture from the catalog for 1971.
        Sincerely. George.

        • sweephand says:

          Hi George – I have emailed you with some scans attached – have you received it? Stephen

          • skyM says:

            Yes, thank you very much, I received your letter and answered.
            I hope now I have most of the photos from the catalogs for checking the authenticity of the clock. And if I doubt, I, I of your permission, will consult with you.
            With respect. George!

  6. skyM says:

    Hi, Stephen, I need your help again. The fact is that I have a lot of leopards with damaged glass. At the auction can be sold for different glass Citizen. Could you show the photo of which glass is suitable for Leopards.
    Sincerely, George.

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