X8 Cosmotron Page – First Updates

As a result of comments and information after uploading the page, I’ve made a few amendments and additions. The amendments mainly relate to the the first paragraph, where I referred to Citizen’s ‘world’s first’ claim in their technical guide. I’ve also included a link to the Watch Forum where there are some interesting and informative comments about the development of electric / electronic watches.

I’ve added an image as well about the 1970 chronometer with a titanium case – that was a world first!

I’ve also added more information on the 78 movement, with a couple of images too.

Further amendments / additions are likely so I’ll let you know here when they happen 🙂

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2 Responses to X8 Cosmotron Page – First Updates

  1. Al Schoester says:

    Hi Stephen

    Sounds like you are the knowledgeable person on older Citizens watches.

    Here is my question; I have a Citizen Automatic watch bought in 1967 in the Caribbean (I lived there at that time). Case markings B2810a – Serial Number 7050469 – Super King 21 Jewels. I am trying to have it fixed; it runs only short time and then stops. Auth Citizen repair shop in Atlanta indicated parts no longer available; Citizen Torrance, CA could not find reference in their database. Any ideas where to may get it repaired.

    Thanks you

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Al,
      great to hear you still have a watch purchased in 1967 🙂 The Superking is an export model and used different movements – I think yours, with 21 jewels, will be the later one rather than the earlier ‘Jet’ type which had a different rotor to wind it and I think has 25 jewels. Photos would be very helpful – do you have any that you can post a link to here?

      Probably the only way to get parts would be to find a ‘donor’ watch since there is unlikely to be any spares around these days. Have you had the watch serviced over the time you’ve owned it? It may be that a thorough clean and service would get it up and running again. Has the repair shop looked at yours and said that parts are needed?

      I am in the UK, but I could try and get recommendations for USA repairers for vintage watches,


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