This Week’s Featured Watch # 46 – The Super Jet Autodater, 39 Jewels

Citizen’s automatics of the early 1960s used a circular geared rotor, and the line was known  as the ‘Jet’. Three movements were used from 1961 until about 1966 or 1967 when more conventional rotors took over. More detail on the series can be found on the Jet Automatic page:

Higher grade ‘Super’ versions of the two earlier movements were produced, a no date model with 35 jewels (0340 movement) and a date model with 39 jewels (1150 movement). The week’s watch is my example of the 1150 Super Jet Autodater, from 1963:

The Super Jet carries the usual rocket emblem for the Jet models and the three stars logo is added, which Citizen used on their higher grade models:

Typical of its time the case is gold filled (although there were stainless steel models) and again in line with its high grade the gold is thicker than was found on lesser models – this one is 100 microns (for comparison the Super Deluxe has 80 microns of gold). The watch was a presentation and has fine engraving around the outside with cruder marks on the centre of the press on back. The production date of December 1963 coincides with the date of engraving:

Inside is the gold plated Jet movement:

The Jet rotor has a distinctive sound as it rotates, and in my view has a more pleasing aesthetic than the more common swinging weight type. I understand it was dropped because it was less efficient than the centrally mounted rotor.

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4 Responses to This Week’s Featured Watch # 46 – The Super Jet Autodater, 39 Jewels

  1. Tom says:

    Very nice, and a birth month watch for me! Please let me know if you are willing to sell it. I just got a Seiko birth month watch, now I’m searching for a birth month Jet.

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