Citizen Hello Cards

From 1969, this pack of cards provides English translation and pronunciation of Japanese phrases. Each card is unique, whilst each suit has a different focus – hearts on general interaction, clubs are about getting around, diamonds help with shopping, and spades with hotels and restaurants:

The cartoon on the side of the box incorporates the older ‘C’ style logo, which fits with the 1960s:

All the cards have the same back:

Here’s an example, one of only a couple that mention Citizen watches directly:

The pack also includes a world time card:

And a currency converter, which gives the publication year of 1969 (bottom right):

I’d not seen these before, so had to get them, and at just over $5 they didn’t break the bank 🙂

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4 Responses to Citizen Hello Cards

  1. JAY48 says:

    Wow, Stephen! Where do you keep finding these treasures?!
    Best regards,

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jay – found these on Yahoo Japan,

      All the best,

      • JAY48 says:

        Hi Stephen,
        Ah, that magical auction site! I’m a frequent lurker there myself but I’ve never come across 8110s! There’s a bigger selection on eBay!

        • sweephand says:

          Hi Jay, it’s interesting that there aren’t many 8110s on Yahoo Japan, and some of them are not correct either. Mind you there’s an incorrect example in the Museum Book of Japanese Watches!!


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