Minor Restoration – Major Improvement….

Sometimes an interesting watch arrives after an exciting search and auction bid. One example is my Seven Star Rally Custom – a model that was high on my ‘I want one of those’ list but took a while to find. Here it is on arrival:

Overall this looked pretty good, and ran well too. But….those hands are not nice to look at! So off the watch went to have them re-painted to their original spec. After an impatient wait, the watch came back looking like this:

Now that looks easier on the eye! And it is how it should be. Well, not quite, since the original has a pale blue second hand – that’s something I could do myself, so here is the final result:

Now I’m happy 🙂

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3 Responses to Minor Restoration – Major Improvement….

  1. Thaweechai says:

    It’s very nice.

  2. paco says:

    Si le tuvieras que poner un precio aproximado.. Cual seria?

    [If you had to put a rough price… What would it be?]

    • sweephand says:

      Hola Paco,
      El reloj no está en venta, pero yo hubiera pensado alrededor $300

      [Hi Paco, the watch is not for sale, but I would have thought around $300]


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