8110A Restoration Page Update

I’ve just added Parts 4 & 5 of Brian’s ‘Speedy’ restoration to the page: https://sweep-hand.org/brians-8110a-restoration-the-speedy-67-9313/

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5 Responses to 8110A Restoration Page Update

  1. Johnny lim says:

    Hi i have a citizen.. which can’t be found in web.. it has got a bird embossed behind n strap.with “diamond” on the rim. Can u help to identified? I send you picture. Tks!

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Johnny, thanks for visiting my blog. First of all can you tell me what is stamped on the case back please, and if you can see it, is there a number on the dial (underneath the 6 o’clock marker? Stephen

      • Johnny lim says:

        Hi Stephen , thanks for your prompt reply.
        On the back; WR50 CITIZEN WATCH CO. STAINLESS
        4-G 40SS1 HSM 89059 GN4-S
        Below the 6;
        Japan N-8210-G40AS1-SK.
        Thanks Stephen.Hope that’s help.
        Regards, Johnny.

  2. Johnny lim says:

    Also the back has got a long flying bird wing like emblem with a “v “like at the bottom which I think symbolise the bird body. Tks.

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