Automatic Chronograph Page Updated

With thanks to Mikko, I’ve been able to update the Chronograph page. In particular the section on the 67-9143 (black case / gold dial) model has been amended to clarify that Citizen appears to have used two different case numbers for the same (67-9143) model. At the moment I can’t see any differences – Mikko and I wonder if the coating might have been different but having looked at a number of examples I can’t be sure of that.

The case numbers are 4-901134 and 4-901088. If anyone can help identify any differences, please post a comment

I had previously included this model as an example of a 67-9143 with case number 67-901088:

However, I now think this may have had an incorrect case back. It appears to be a variant of the 4-901096, so I have referred to it in that section, but without verification or case / model numbers:

Here’s Mikko’s 67-9143, a fine example of this model – they haven’t always worn too well over the years!:



Thanks Mikko 🙂

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