Some Unusual Selections From Japanese Auctions

With credit to the sellers on Yahoo Japan for their pictures here are a few of the more unusual watches, which appear to be authentic (to me anyway!) that I’ve seen on the Japanese auctions. First is a Cosmotron, sold recently, and marked ‘Royal Elite’ – this is the only example with this dial that I’ve seen:

Another one-off (so far) is this ‘Elite Special’ Chronomaster:

The case back is typical Chronomaster:

Next is a ‘777’ Autodater – I’ve seen two of these, and this one is in very nice condition  – the ‘HMC’ logo on dial suggests this may be a Korean made model:

The case back is very nice too:

Finally a strap 🙂 This is an original Chronomaster strap, and features a leather insert in the buckle:


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2 Responses to Some Unusual Selections From Japanese Auctions

    • sweephand says:

      Hi & thanks for visiting my blog. I’d seen this sale before, so I’d already checked it out. It looks to me to be an all original piece, rather than something that has been cobbled together, but as the seller says in his description, the dial has been ‘professionally refinished’. Other than the printing the dial looks to be have been done well, but unfortunately the restorer has not paid too much attention (or perhaps did not have access) to the original markings. As far as I know this model would have ’17 Jewels’ ‘parashock’ and maybe ‘nivaflex’ or ‘phynox’ printed in the lower part of the dial. ‘Waterproof’ is completely wrong for this watch – it’s too old for that (about 1956/7) and the case and crystal are not waterproof designs. ‘Incabloc’ and ‘antimagnetic’ are fairly standard markings for Swiss watches, but this one was made in Japan of course and should have ‘JAPAN’ printed at the bottom of the dial. It’s a shame that the restorer failed to get the right logos on the dial – the quality of the printing itself also doesn’t look too good. I imagine it’s hard to get it right on a textured dial like this.


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