This Week’s Featured Watch #65 – the Adorex 8050

Citizen produced three ‘Adorex’ models in the mid 1970s. It was their first automatic to feature a uni-directional winding rotor, and was launched using the 8000 movement. This had a unique feature, namely a fine tuning mechanism linked to the crown, so it could be adjusted without removing the case back – see here for more info:

A little later on, Citizen used the first edition of the 8200 movement in the Adorex, with an associated change from high-beat (28,800 beats per hour) to a more standard 21,600 bph. See here for info on that model:

In between these two, Citizen also used the 8050, so this example completes the Adorex line-up:

The 8050 movement is high-beat, running at 28,800bph, and retains a fine adjuster on the balance, but the link to the crown found in the 8000 is dropped. A conventional type of adjuster is used:

Although I have generally been pleased with purchases from Japan, it turned out that this example from September 1974  had been in the wars, so it now features a badly dented back – fortunately it screws on securely:

It looks to me that this watch has been in some kind of accident – besides the damaged back, the bezel has been seriously scraped and  the crystal has been replaced. The dial and hands have survived unscathed though (having compared them to other examples of this model they appear to be original). The dial is a pale blue/green with nice black centred hands and hour markers:

The watch is running ok, so although it has taken quite a bash, it is a survivor 🙂


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4 Responses to This Week’s Featured Watch #65 – the Adorex 8050

  1. Elias Micael says:

    Hi Stephen , i will be acquiring an Adorex and the case back has the following details :
    4-380304 Y
    Wanting to send a photo , but could not see how to do it .. thanks Mike

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Mike – thanks for visiting my blog. I’m afraid only I can post pics directly on the blog. You can link to photos if you have uploaded them somewhere. Or I can email you if you wish – let me know if it’s ok to do that. Stephen

  2. Elias Micael says:

    Yes kindly email me so i can forward you the photos , i have the Adorex already and i like it .. thanks Mike

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