‘New’ 100m Diver

It’s rare to come across a watch that I’ve not seen before – but it has happened this week. It’s a complete surprise to me since it is from an already relatively rare range that was produced for only a short time around 1969, with the rather eccentric name of ‘Dandy Seven’. These were part of the ’52’ family using only (as far as I know) the 27 jewel 5204 movement. I have an example of one of these, which were aimed at the younger market and used colour on the dial and with ‘modern’ (at the time) case designs. So a diver version is somewhat remarkable. Although I’ve now included it on the Diver Page, I thought it warrants a post of its own (with acknowledgement for the images to the owner):

My first reaction when I saw this was to wonder whether it was an authentic model, but looking closely at the instruction manual, you can see mention of the external bezel ‘Register Ring and Safety Diving Depth) and the dial is reproduced in the booklet:

As you can see it has tags as well and appears to be in mint condition on its original bracelet, possibly a previously unsold (‘NOS’) piece.

The dial layout, with split day and date windows is the same as my example, which suggests to me it has the 5204 movement inside. The bi-rotational bezel and insert appear to be unique to this model – note the large lume pip is not in a silver triangle – as does the dial design with additional timing measures:

No model number, just case number 4-520688, with a production date of May 1969:

This is what makes Citizen collecting so interesting for me – you never really know what might appear next! This is a very, very rare thing, and I won’t be surprised if I never see another. The asking price on Yahoo Japan reflected that. Needless to say I wasn’t in a position to buy it!

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3 Responses to ‘New’ 100m Diver

  1. Mike Wilensky says:

    Very pretty piece…Iike the dial colors, especially!

  2. Mikko says:

    This is really nice! If these were manufactured +10300 pieces only in May 1969, there must be couple of these around in someones drawer. It’s just hard to know hows drawer it is 🙂

    • sweephand says:

      You’d have thought that one or two would have appeared before now – amazing that the first one I find is a mint example with papers and tags 🙂


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