Date Flake Movement

Just realised that I had not included a movement shot of the Date Flake in my last ‘Featured Watch’ post. I’ve now rectified that 🙂

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4 Responses to Date Flake Movement

  1. Ronald Yu says:

    Dear Sir, Grateful if you can give me information so that i can acquire a replacement crystal for my Citizen 31 jewels Chronometer CR 1507051? Regards, Ronald

    從我的 iPhone 傳送

    Sweephand’s Vintage Citizen Watch Blog 於 2015年7月4日 上午7:52 寫道:

    > >

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Ronald, thank you for visiting my blog. And very good to hear you have a 31 jewel Chronometer, Citizen’s first truly high grade watch – a hand winder produced in 1962. A valuable piece then, and these days too! The part number for your watch is 54-4286 – I would think it is going to be incredibly difficult to find an original replacement. For information the diameter is 33.80mm.


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