Who Says Citizens Aren’t Collectable?

I watched an auction on Yahoo Japan last week with interest, even knowing that the final price would be well out of my league! Collectors, in Japan at least, appreciate the qualities of Citizen’s first true chronometer grade watch. It was first produced in 1962, with movements designated 0400 / 0401, and came with 31 jewels in gold, gold-plated and stainless steel cases. This is one of the very best I’ve seen:


These are very simple watches – hand wound and no complications – but tell the time….accurately 🙂

The case backs carry a medallion, later replicated in the Chrono Masters:


And as you’ll have noticed this one came with original box, papers, hang tag and high quality straps:


(images from the seller’s auction)

So, what did it go for?…..With over a hundred bids it sold for a tasty ¥350,000, that’s just over $3,000 at today’s rates. Collectable? Oh yeah 🙂

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5 Responses to Who Says Citizens Aren’t Collectable?

  1. thaweechai says:

    Classic and cool.

  2. I just got a Citizen Challenge Timer ref. 67-9356 any idea where I can send it to get it checked out? It’s not currently functional and I do have the option to return it, depending on the diagnosis.

  3. CitizenPromaster says:

    This is so much more special than the ‘popular’ vintage watches that people are paying silly money for. And 350,000 Yen is a really fair price considering that today the price of the top of the range The Citizen is about the same (350,000 Yen for Eco-Drive, 300,000 Yen for Automatic). Who needs the date anyway?

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