Never Give Up Hope! – Part 2

They say that ‘patience is a virtue’ – well that’s certainly true when it comes to looking for parts for vintage Citizens! A while ago I acquired a  Leopard Chronometer which was not without its problems. It went off to our renowned master watchmaker Brian Leiser in the USA, and he did a splendid job with it. A new crystal was needed, since the original faceted glass was deeply scratched, and although Brian managed to source an original replacement it was the flat version.  So the search was on for the faceted type, a part I’d not seen anywhere for sale….but….as they say ‘hope springs eternal’……

This has just arrived 🙂



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6 Responses to Never Give Up Hope! – Part 2

  1. Ronald Yu says:

    Search in Yahoo Japan and you will probably find what you need.

  2. Manuel says:

    Beautifull crystal!

  3. Mikko says:

    Sweet! it will rise the look of the watch to level it should be.

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