The 67-9071 Chronograph Dials – Close Up & Personal

With many thanks to ‘Marty’, who sent me excellent macro shots, I’ve got some pics to share….and a question or two to ask 🙂  First though, which watch are we looking at? It’s the 67-9071 model from the 1970s fly-back chronograph range, i.e. with the 8110A twin register movement. Sometimes referred to as a ‘monaco’ in style, the lower case is black coated alloy, with an angular steel  upper case. It’s not too common a watch, and to find one in good condition is difficult – mine is not so good, so Marty’s images of his two examples are very useful and welcome in exploring the finer detail. The 67-9071 came with two primary dial colours, green and gold. This is Marty’s green example:


And this is the gold version (not Marty’s):


There was also a gold version with white lettering – this is from a 1974 catalog so definition is not great – it’s hard to see colours on the sub-dials for example, but a great reference for the original strap:


So let’s take a closer look. First the green dial – the textured finish on the main dial and sub-dials is nicely shown, with crisp printing:67-9071green3_zpszmsjmvsa

….and a clear dial code:67-9071green2_zpsmg6ijubr

When we look at the gold dialled example, we get to the questions:67-9071gold4_zps0a9if0zk

The printing is not quite as fine, and there is a slight gap in ‘chrono graph’ – that style can be found at least on one of the 8100 models though. Many of the finish and colours look very good, but there is less texture on the dial and sub-dials. 67-9071gold1_zpsh8llrzm6

Dial code looks good, but the font on the sub-dials is narrower than on the green one and gold reference example, and some of the numbers are positioned slightly further away from the sub-dial track: 67-9071gold2_zpskxjuewxy


I have seen the exact same dial on another model, sold as ‘mint and original’:67-9071mintampstrap_zpsl6xa8st8

Well, it’s not mint, and either the applied Citizen logo or the printing looks to be slightly out of line, but is it original?  Marty and I have considered this issue, and at the moment we think it is more likely to be after market, but we’d like to hear from others, especially if you are an owner of one of these. What do you think……?


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11 Responses to The 67-9071 Chronograph Dials – Close Up & Personal

  1. love the 70’s colorful chronograph style…I wish Seiko and Citizen would reissue a few of these model with modern inner workings. They’d sell a ton of them!

  2. Manikandan says:

    Well Said Mike!!! Even today people will wonder how the mechanism has been made those days, if it comes back then it will ROCK!!!

  3. Rob says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I am trying to find some info about a watch I have.
    It’s a Crystron Citizen Quatrz, with the following numbers stamped on the back.
    4-730194 TA
    Any help or redirection is appreciated. Thanks.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Rob, thanks f or visiting my blog. I’m afraid I can’t help very much since your watch is a quartz model, probably from 1988. There is not vert much information around about quartz watches after the early 1980s once the technology, which was introduced around 1975, got much more common and affordable with mass production. Is there a dial code on the the face (usually just below the 6 o’clock marker) since may help identify which movement is inside. Stephen

  4. asa says:

    Dear Sir,
    Recently i have bouht this model of citizen 67-9071, its a very nice watch but it need full service, and also missing a crown for seting the time, the pusher are there for chronograph. How can i contact you via email to send you some pictures and some more information from me about watch?
    All best

  5. Abdul ngalim says:

    How much the price citizen 67-9072 in grey market

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Abdul, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m afraid I don’t discuss values on my blog since many things affect prices. You should be able to get an idea by searching the internet for sales on auction sites. Stephen

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