A Tale of Citizen’s Big Cats – Part 2

With thanks of course to Brian, I’ve just added Part 2 to the page on Citizen’s big cat models. This includes information on the ‘Black Cheetah’, an intriguing 19 jewel hand-winding model…

Here’s a link – if you’ve read Part 1, just scroll down the page to find the latest update: https://sweep-hand.org/a-tale-of-citizens-big-cat-family/https://sweep-hand.org/a-tale-of-citizens-big-cat-family/


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6 Responses to A Tale of Citizen’s Big Cats – Part 2

  1. tyre777 says:

    Amazing info and watches here on your blog. It would be great if you could help me with a particular leopard chronometer. Maybe I can send some pics? I can’t find any info on it. Thanks

  2. Juan says:

    Hi, amazing blog! I am a big of vintage automatic watches.
    I’d apretiate if you can tell me the year of my cristal seven custom 27:
    71203196 GN
    Model: AC55 2932-Y
    I guess is from 1971.
    Thanks a lot

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