Have You Contacted Me?….

I received a message today via the enquiry form, from ‘Marchand’ with an ‘@me.com’ email address. My reply is bouncing back as ‘undeliverable’, saying the email address does not exist or is unable to receive mail.

The query was about the calendar works in a 5470 movement. If you see this can you please contact me again, with a different email address if possible.

18th January – now resolved 🙂

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12 Responses to Have You Contacted Me?….

  1. schillachi61 says:

    Sorry but I’ve had no messages from you what is it I can help you with let me know kind regards Stefan

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  2. foxint says:

    Hi Mate,

    I think it may have been me (Dan from OWC).

    I am doing a clean out and looking at my Citizen collection. I have attached 2 photos. Wondering if these are worthy of restoration?



  3. Al Bauer says:

    It wasn’t me, but thanks

  4. Harry Bradshaw says:

    I received your email about you trying to contact me, which I have not been doing and know nothing about a 5470.

    I haven’t tried to contact you recently , last time was about 3 years ago re a chronomaster 500 meter diving watch which I own.



  5. pdgposta says:

    Ciao Stephen, always nice to read you. no, im not contacted for query. Thank you.

    Inviato da iPad di pdg


  6. Pete Bullivant says:

    Steven, Don’t think it was me as its not my email address. Pete.

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