Rare 8110A variant confirmed….

It’s not often that I’ve added ‘new’ variants to the Automatic Chronographs page, but I have recently been able to confirm one that I had previously been unsure of – and I must thank George, a fellow enthusiast in Ukraine, who recently sent catalogue scans to add to me reference material.

The model in question is the 4-901096 black cased ‘bullhead’ model, which was not given its own model number. I was sure about the green dialled version:


But not so sure there was a gold coloured version – until now:


This is not the clearest of images, but the case number is confirmed. So, as with the 67-9071, the 4-901096 has these two dial colours. I’ve amended the Chronograph reference page accordingly.

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4 Responses to Rare 8110A variant confirmed….

  1. skyM says:

    Glad I could help your hobby!
    George from Ukraine* 🙂

    • sweephand says:

      Hi George, thanks again – it’s always good to solve a mystery 🙂 And apologies for getting your location wrong – I’ve now edited my post to correct my mistake. Stephen

  2. Interesting stuff, thank you. I think I saw the green for sale a couple of times, but didn’t pull the trigger because even if it’s original, this shade of green looks a bit “tropical” to me 🙂
    You mentioned reference material – does it mean that there’s a page on the site where catalogs are available for download? I couldn’t locate one. Thanks!

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