More of Brian’s restoration work added….

I’ve added two more watches to Brian Leiser’s Speedy restoration page. One is a customer’s nice black version. The other is…..well….different 🙂 You may have seen already Brian’s ‘Speedy Mod’, and now he has added another piece, demonstrating his skill in breathing life into bits and pieces that most people would throw in the bin!! See here:



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2 Responses to More of Brian’s restoration work added….

  1. stephen1950 says:

    Hello Stephen

    You are probably aware of the forthcoming release of the Citizen 0100 series with an accuracy of +/- 1 second annually, quite amazing. Also there is a Citizen Glorious for sale on Ebay at present for an astronomical price.


    Stephen Loomes Australia

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Stephen – I had seen the 0100 is due out – quite impressive performance 🙂 I’m not surprised about the asking price of the Glorious, but it has some issues. The outer case back in particular, not sure what is going on there! Stephen

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