Today’s Watch – Citizen Rally Custom Automatic

Feeling in a sporty mood? What could be better than a sports watch 🙂  An automatic Rally Custom to be exact – well, actually two! Citizen added the Rally Custom model to its Seven Star range around 1969, using a hacking version of the 52 movement (18,000bph), with 25 jewels it’s designated 5290. My example is from April 1969:

In 1970, Citizen added a Rally Custom to its Custom V2 range – using the same case, but with a 72 movement (21,600bph), this time with 23 jewels. Again it’s a hacking calibre, designated 7290. These are even rarer than the Seven Star version in my experience, and one variant features a nice very dark blue dial. Although looking black in many lights, with sunlight it shows its true colours:

Which do you prefer????

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2 Responses to Today’s Watch – Citizen Rally Custom Automatic

  1. I prefer 7290 – better movement, rarer to find. Specifically, I own Rally Custom 7290 with the same dial color combo as shown on your 5290 piece.
    Great watch to own and to wear too!

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