Today’s Watch – Citizen 67-9178 Automatic Chronograph, 23 Jewels

Q: What do you do when you see a spaceman?………..

A: ……park in it man!

Or, maybe you wear it on your wrist – because this vintage chronograph is nick-named the Spaceman. It’s one of the rarer models, made with a coated black case and bezel with a beautiful greenish gold tachymeter insert. The model number is 67-9178, and it was one of my first chronographs in my collection. There is an alternative white dial found on this model – if I had to choose between the two I would go for the black dial, which I think blends better with the case and bezel. My example was made in October 1974:

This one of the larger models of its day, measuring about 43mm lug to lug. Here it is alongside it’s hand winding sibling:

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8 Responses to Today’s Watch – Citizen 67-9178 Automatic Chronograph, 23 Jewels

  1. huseyin says:

    hi sweephand i wrote a message. can you reply me please. thank you.
    this is my dads watch. and ill keep it.
    4-285859 kt
    30900 61 9
    gn-4w-s or 5


    • sweephand says:

      Hi – I did reply, here’s a copy:

      In reply to huseyin.
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Your watch has the 8200 automatic movement inside. Have you got any questions about it? Here’s a post which gives a bit more information: Stephen

  2. Mike Wilensky says:

    I love the retro 1970’s era chronographs. They’re so colorful with often unusual shaped sub-dials!

  3. marvin says:

    Have never seen this model before — thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Barry says:

    Hi Stephen.
    Although I do not generally get involved with any social media whatsoever.
    Think you might be interested in seeing my White Dialled Spaceman.
    As obviously its ” What u wearing today ”
    If yes could let me confirm email address that I can send Jpg too.

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