Today’s Watch – Citizen Leopard Leod’or Special, 28 Jewels

Today’s watch is something of a curiosity – although it’s a Leopard high beat, it does not have the standard dial. Instead it is marked with the logo ‘Leod’or’ – which I believe was a fashion brand at the time, i.e. the early 1970s. When it first came to light, and I don’t think I’ve seen another example, it was checked out in Tokyo by its previous owner. The watchmaker had not seen another, but was convinced that the dial is an original Citizen one – it is certainly of the right quality and has an appropriate dial code. A forum discussion included reference to a pic of shoes with the Leod’or logo, so it does seem that the marking on the watch is a brand name. The watch is from April 1973, and is powered by the 7720 movement with 28 jewels running at 28,800 bph. This is easily distinguished from the earlier 72 range since it has the crown at the 4 o’clock position rather than 3 o’clock. This also means that it has the unusual day and date change mechanism, as found in Cosmotrons with the 78 movement – the date is changed by pressing the crown when the watch is held vertically, with 12 0’clock high, whilst the day is changed by inverting it to 6 o’clock high and pressing the crown. It can also be hand wound of course, and can be ‘hacked’, i.e. the movement is stopped when the crown is pulled out to help set the time very accurately.

The watch arrived with a very scratched faceted crystal, but I was able to find an oem replacement, and show off the sparkling dial and that unusual logo:

For information here is the 77 Movement ‘Family Tree’ with the high beat variants highlighted:

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