Today’s Watch – Citizen X8 Cosmotron, 4-480040

I noticed yesterday that there was a watch ready to run with today’s date, so effectively it chose itself 🙂 This is an X8 Cosmotron from January 1971, with the date version of the 0480 movement, the 4840. This model, also produced with a silver dial, has a black dial which contrasts nicely with the orange second hand, and the wire framed hands work well over a dark background. The case is a chunky curvaceous steel affair, and has a very solid feel since it is quite deep. It’s comfortable to wear, and the dial is easy to read, with a date window placed, unusually but effectively, at the 6 o’clock position. Although the bracelet is a Cosmotron one, the catalogue pic I have of this model shows it on a mesh bracelet:

The silver dial version and more information is here:

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2 Responses to Today’s Watch – Citizen X8 Cosmotron, 4-480040

  1. carl3989 says:

    What would the best battery be for a Cosmotron 7802 4 870395Y please. Great article, Carl

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