Today’s Watch – Citizen Custom V2 Yacht Timer #2, 4-720474, 23 Jewels

As trailed yesterday. today’s watch is the last of the three 4-720474 sports watches from the very early 1970s. This one is from April 1970, and is a grey dialled version. Again the movement is the 7290, this time with day and date at the 6 o’clock position. The grey dial with blue highlights, shared with the main hands, is a nice combination and is certainly more legible than yesterday’s version. In common with yesterday’s watch the dial doesn’t carry the ‘Yacht Custom’ name as was seen on the first version, initially made with the 52 calibre. But it has the same features – an inner rotating timing ring, a second setting movement, and a depth rating of 10 ATM. The catalogue also describes it as having a yacht racing register ring. It seems that Citizen dropped model names on its dials for at least some of its second generation watches – it was the same with the Rally Custom, originally a Seven Star model like the Yacht Custom, but it only carried the Custom V2 logo when it was made with the 72 movement. The watch is running well and keeping good time:

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7 Responses to Today’s Watch – Citizen Custom V2 Yacht Timer #2, 4-720474, 23 Jewels

  1. Lionel says:

    This is -in my opinion, the most desirable of the 3. the combination of the blue hands and blue dot indexes with the metallic grey dial is working great and the day-date at six is a very nice touch as well.
    I have recently purchased one (still waiting for it to make its way from Japan with delay due to Covid :() and I am hunting a replacement crystal. I have seen a seller claiming that it is common with the models listed below :
    “Citizen Monthly Yacht Soccer Custom Seven Stars Glass Windshield not used. According to the parts list, ACSS 52704 (4-521897 / 4-520017), 52706 (4-520017) / 4-215315 / 4527151/4721071, 4-721659 / 4720474/4721772 etc. is.”
    What do you think? Is it correct? I though the right crystal was 54-50290 and was only shared between the 4 models 4-720474, 4-721071, 4-721659 and 4-721772. With a selling price of 50€, I don’t want to take too much risk…
    Thanks for your help and for your great website!

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Lionel – thanks for visiting my blog, and I agree with you that this is the better looking model of the three. I’ll email you about the crystal. Stephen

    • sweephand says:

      Lionel – got an ‘undeliverable’ message to my emai, so here’s what I wrote:
      Hi Lionel, about the crystal for the 4-720474 – as you know the crystal part number for it is 54-50290. In my original Citizen case parts manual, it gives 54-5029 as the crystal for the ACSS52704 and the ACSS52706 (their case numbers are 4-521897/520319 and 4-520017 respectively). The manual doesn’t cover the later 4-72xxxx models, but it looks like the seller is right about it fitting those as well as the 4-720474.
      There’s one on Yahoo Japan at the moment, and the size is given as 35.8mm:
      Maybe the seller could check the size for you?

      Also, should the case number 4-215315 in your comment here actually be 4-521315? Is so, than that is the case number for the first generation of Yacht Custom, which uses the same case as the 4-720474.


      • Lionel says:

        Hello Stephen,
        Thanks a lot for the time you spent to help me on this topic.
        Sorry about the e-mail address, it must be a mistake from my side when I typed it. I’ll be more careful this time 🙂
        Thanks for the link to the auction too. It is written that the seller will not answer question, but for 20€, I am more inclined to take the risk this time.
        Regarding the case number 4-215315, I’ve actually copied-pasted the whole text from the seller. But I can see he has amended the description since, with the right number 4-521315 (, so you are right. It let me think that the crystal 54-50290 is the same as the crystal for ACSS 52704.
        If it is not too much asking, I have another question. Is the crown in this auction a correct replacement? The “C” mark looks much smaller that the one on the watch I bought :

        • sweephand says:

          You’re welcome Lionel. I think that is a better crystal – cheaper and a Citizen product. I agree with your concern about the crown. Although it’s the correct part number it is not an original Citizen one – the correct ‘C’ stamp is larger and asymmetric, not just a capital ‘C’. Here’s an example from one of my 4-720474’s: Stephen

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